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Posted on 11 Mar, 2023
Closing on 20 Mar, 2023

Job Description

1- Identification 

  • Job Title: Hotline Assistant (Female) 
  • Location: Ibb Office 
  • Reports to/Position Title: Technically  : CO CFM focal point,
  • Directly : Accountability Officer ,

2- Purpose of Position:     

The hotline assistant works under the responsibility of the Accountability Officer and manages the  Hotline established by  TYF . The purpose of the position is to receive, register and respond to beneficiaries' complaints and feedback related to the TYF-UNCHR project in Ibb governorate. The holder of the position should communicate TYF’s ethos and demonstrate a quality of spiritual life that is an example to others. she is responsible for handling beneficiaries' complaints and feedback through phone calls, SMS, emails, or chats (WhatsApp). she must have excellent communication skills to listen to beneficiaries' concerns and provide appropriate solutions or escalate the issue to the project manager if necessary. The assistant should also maintain accurate records (and their electronic databases) of all complaints and resolutions for future reference. Additionally, they may need to collaborate with other departments within the TYF to resolve complex issues and ensure beneficiaries' satisfaction. This position is full-time, based on a 40-hour work per week, but varies from week to week as humanitarian need constantly oscillates according to the unstable conflict environment and funding availability.

3- Major Responsibilities:    

  • General Considerations and tasks.
  • Beneficiaries Calls
  • Beneficiaries Call Analysis
  • Coordination and Collaboration
  • Reporting, Communication, Archiving, and Representation.

4- Responsibilities/Task Description:

General Considerations and tasks:

  •  Comply with TYF’s guidance and procedures particularly Code of Conduct, PESA, Child Protection, Safety and Security, and other relevant policies.
  •  Contribute to the development and implementation of TYF MEAL systems and policies.
  •  Ensure the respect of the principle of confidentiality (especially toward beneficiaries) and not disclose any information acquired by performing her/his duties.
  •  Report any incident or act that causes any harm to a beneficiary or to others.
  •  Develop and maintain effective working relationships with other departments of the organization
  •  Commit to the humanitarian principles of strict neutrality, religious and political impartiality, and non-discrimination.

Main Responsibilities: 

  •  Answers all calls by beneficiaries reaching through the TYF hotline, treating all callers with respect, courtesy and confidentiality and sensitivity. 
  •  Ensure timely and appropriate direct response, whenever possible, to satisfy the queries of the beneficiaries, based on knowledge and material (Q&A) developed by UNHCR and TYF (on critical topics related to activities, assistance, programs of the Community Centers). 
  •  Ensure accurate and timely recording of all hotline calls using the standard form/ log according to the CFM SOPs 
  •  When the answers could not be directly provided to the caller, liaise with the various staff of the Community Centre for proper follow up and referrals of queries reported through the Hotlines. 
  •  Liaise with the Accountability Officer for all complaints reported through hotlines. 
  •  Consult any complicated and serious complaints including allegation of violation of CoC and SEA, recommendations, and feedback with the Accountability Officer in a timely manner, who needs to immediately report serious complaints to TYF’s management .
  •  Response to beneficiaries in a timely and professional manner.
  •  Share periodic weekly and monthly reports on beneficiaries' calls.
  •  Identify and analyze common calls from beneficiaries and provide a summary. 
  •  To coordinate and closely with the project field teams to ensure beneficiaries' calls and feedback are shared.
  •  Come up with referral procedures shared with beneficiaries for cases outside the project scope.
  •  Ensure project documentation is up-to-date and audit compliant.
  •  Perform any other duties as required by the Accountability officer or his/her designee.    

Follow-up and manage the quality services of CFM:

  • Track of trends of complaints/feedback reported through all channels of the CFM system continuously at the program/project level in all districts of intervention to ensure the effectiveness of functioning using all the necessary tools such as quality checklists, and that emergency cases are forwarded to the respective program/project team and MEAL Unit.
  • Validate and triangulate complaints/feedback received for accurate and effective resolution.
  • Ensure effective and satisfactory resolution of complaints and handling them within a specified timeframe according to TYF’s CFM guidelines and SOPs.
  • Reporting, Communication, Archiving, and Representation:
  • Share the complaints trackers and logs with the MEAL Officer(s)/Assistant(s) of the projects and the CFM Investigation Committee and relevant program/project teams on a regular weekly basis.
  • Support the accountability officer in writing various internal/external accountability-related reports (CFM, AAP…etc.) as required, and presentation of findings/learnings to relevant team members.
  • Coordinate the collection, storage, analysis, and sharing of the CFM data from sub-office field areas.
  • Assist the Accountability Officer in the archiving and documentation system related to the accountability mechanism (complaints, suggestions, solutions developed…etc.), ensure that all the documents are properly filled and kept, and hard copies filed in the office.

5- Job Requirements,

  •  University degree in social science or other related field ,
  •  Previous experience in a related job working with INGOs or NGOs .
  •  Full adherence to TYF PSEA , Protection, Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies ,
  •  Excellent communication and inter-personal skills ,
  •  Fluent in Arabic (speaking and writing) and an acceptable level of English ( speaking and writing ).
  •  Strong skills in Microsoft office(word, excel ..etc)  especially database and MS Excel and reporting writing skills.
  •  Strong interpersonal, communication skills and cross-cultural sensitivity to interact with staff and beneficiaries.
  •  Ability to cope and work under pressure.
  •  Well-organized, self-motivated, solution oriented, independent and ability to work in a team. 
  •  Self-disciplined with good time management skills.
  •  The ability to produce clear and well-organized documents (* Quantitative data analysis and * Office-based position).
  •  Excellent facilitation skills, and strong understanding of how to collect feedback safely and accurately from all members of a community regardless of their age, gender, or other diversity ,

How to Apply

How to apply has been removed becuase this job has ended. If this is a special case, please contact us and we will help.

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