Ended Country Safety Manager – Liaison

The Job

Job title: Country Safety Manager – Liaison

Employment category:  MF1

Reporting to:  Country Director

Technically reporting to: Regional Safety Coordinator

Direct reports: TLs and Officers.

Unit/department: Safety              

Location: Sana’a - CO

Authorization level: As per the internal ADRA


Overall purpose of the role

The Country Safety Manager (CSM) will advise and assist the Country Director (CD) and Senior Management Team to implement the DRC Safety Risk Management (SRM) system for DRC Yemen Programme.   

Under the direct supervision of the CD and guidance from the Regional Safety Coordinator, the CSM in consultation with local safety staff, the Head of Programme, the Head of Support Services, Area Managers, Base Managers and the Sector Managers/Leads, is expected to pursue the following objectives in the daily work:

  • Providing safety technical guidance while setting DRC Yemen strategies  
  • Oversee the Safety Risk Management (SRM) process 
  • Develop country and areas safety management policies, protocols and procedures
  • Facilitate Safety Risk Assessments (SRAs) and support the implementation of mitigation measures
  • Analyse, manage and report relevant information at the country and areas level 
  • Maintain relevant safety documentation, data and records for the areas of concern
  • Support and deliver safety-related trainings
  • Mentor and provide technical supervision to local safety staff
  • Develop the capacity of, and coordinate, relevant Incident Management Teams (IMTs)
  • Work liaisons with local authorities to enhance acceptance and facilitation.

Geographic scope: Country Office with frequent travel to the field locations             

This role has a geographical focus and ensures compliance to DRC procedures and guidelines within the country. The role contributes to the development of country strategies, which are translated into actions and day-to-day tasks. The role provides support, guidance and/or assistant to the country operations while overseeing activities.

Main responsibilities                                                                  

Responsibilities and Tasks (Safety)

To achieve the position objectives, the CSM will perform the following tasks and undertake the following responsibilities:

Oversee the development and implementation of the SRM process in consultation with the Regional Safety Coordinator. Specific tasks include:

  • Lead and monitor the development of country and areas-specific SRAs; supervise the assessment of Safety Levels and provide recommendations to CD and SMT
  • Advise Sector Managers/Leads, Area Managers and Base Managers on available safety management strategies, including the transfer/share, avoidance, acceptance and/or control of risks.
  • Lead in the development of area-specific safety plans, including Local Safety Rules (LSR); Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); Contingency Plans (CPs); mitigation actions; Minimum Operating Safety Standards (MOSS).
  • Support the implementation of safety management plans and other related functions; and assist in the implementation of staff capacity training plans, including the delivery and prioritization of training modules.
  • Monitor and evaluate the SRM process throughout Yemen, providing regular updates on the quality and progress of SRM implementation.
  • Providing support and guidance to the SFPs while working on the online safety system (RED, I/TCRs, SIR, OPESCA and SMS system)

Facilitate Programme access and continuity through the provision of dependable advice, including

  • Regular analysis, statistics and reporting on key developments within the country
  • Tailored analysis and assessments, including RAs, on specific areas, themes, issues or scenarios
  • Maintain a register of negotiations and developments related to access and humanitarian space
  • Establish and maintain a list of contacts throughout the region
  • Maintain and update the incident tracker for Yemen, and provide trend/pattern analysis
  • Provide advice on Programme development and implementation, including Programme assessments
  • Identify potential scenarios, indicators of change, and key decision points

Represent the country Programme within inter-agency forums as related to safety issues, including:

  • Focal point for safety co-ordination among relevant actors within the area of operations
  • Attend UN and other relevant external forums
  • Establish a network of contacts and represent DRC at relevant meetings

Capacity building of all staff, consultants, and implementing partners, including:

  • Provide safety briefings and orientation to all new and visiting staff 
  • Brief new international and non-local staff on specific cultural norms and behaviours
  • Train local safety staff in the delivery or establish safety training modules
  • Organize and coordinate the delivery of Personal Awareness and Safety Training (PAST) on a biannual or as needed bases to cover all DRC staff as per the Global, Regional and Country Safety Polices.  
  • Training the safety team on SRMS, SRA, reports writing, advisories …etc
  • Building the capacity of the safety team in the country in safety management, using online systems such safety incident report, Record of Emergency Data, Internal Travel Clearance Requests, Safety Level System, and OPESCA.  
  • Providing guidance while conducting safety drills in the different duty stations

Incident and crisis management and response, including:

  • Support the establishment of Area and Country IMTs (Incident Management Team)
  • Coordinate the Yemen IMT in the event of a critical incident or crisis
  • Develop the country level Critical Incident Management Plan and support area-specific Contingency Plans
  • Brief IMT members on their responsibilities and ensure alternate members are available and briefed
  • Assist in the management of safety incidents and provide timely and accurate incident reports

Quality assurance of safety-related policies, protocols, procedures and regulations, including:

  • Regular MOSS & SLS audits of all Programme areas 
  • Assess the implementation of physical and asset protection protocols and regulations
  • Ensure that appropriate access controls are in place for all DRC facilities as per the SOPs
  • Conduct regular site assessments and advise on mitigation measures

Act as the main focal point for the procurement and installation of safety-related equipment, facilities and other resources, including:

  • Maintain a list of vendors and prices for safety-related equipment
  • Assist logisticians and administrators with the procurement, delivery and control of safety equipment
  • Act as the focal point for telecommunications systems, including radios and satellite phones

Key Responsibilities (Liaisons)

  • Act as the main focal point in obtaining visas (visit or business), residence visas, work permit, and other documentation required by DRC/DDG staff and visitors.
  • Monitor the visas record and follow up with the team to request or renew visas.
  • Support the Country Director to ensure that MOPIC, NAMCHA sub-agreements are processed in a timely manner and that all documentation and processes requirements relating to DRC’s registration are effectively met.
  • Establish a network of contacts with relevant government offices, including MOPIC, NAMCHA, NSA, Immigration and other units, and represent DRC/DDG at safety meetings, including active participation.
  • Coordinating with governorates level authorities for high level meetings. 
  • Managing the road travel permits for Expats travelling inside the country and act as the main focal point during emergency. 
  • Build strong required relations with government entities to ensure safe and smooth implementing interventions.
  • Receiving generalizations circled by the authorities and share them with CD for discussion and response. 
  • Assisting in drafting projects reports, annual reports and submission to the authorities in timely manner. 
  • Raising up to CD’s attention any requests from local authorities for a discussion and feedback. 
  • Carry out other activities as requested by the Country Director.

Required experience and competencies                                                                                                                      

All DRC roles require the post-holder to master DRC’s core competencies:  

  • Striving for excellence: Focusing on reaching results while ensuring efficient processes.  
  • Collaborating: Involving relevant parties and encouraging feedback.  
  • Taking the lead: Taking ownership and initiative while aiming for innovation.  
  • Communicating: Listening and speaking effectively and honestly.  
  • Demonstrating integrity: Upholding and promoting the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct in relation to DRC’s values and Code of Conduct, including safeguarding against sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment.                                                                                        

Education: (include certificates, licenses etc.)

Essential qualification

  • Bachelor degree in safety/security management, military or police studies.
  • Diploma in public relations or similar
  • Excellent skills in MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Previous experience in safety & security within humanitarian field is required
  • Excellent skills of GIS (Geographical Information System)

Languages: (indicate fluency level)

  • Fluent English language (written and spoken)
  • Excellent report writing skills including editing the work of others

Key stakeholders: (internal and external)

  • Internal
  • All DRC staff including SMT
  • Regional Safety Coordinator
  • External
  • Other NGOs & UN agencies
  • LNGO





Striving for excellence


Taking the lead


Demonstrating integrity

Find the definition of DRC’s Core competencies here



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¨Basic: I master the essentials, but may at times need help from others

¨Advanced: I can work independently at full professional level.

¨Expert: I am the go-to person when others need help.

How to Apply

Qualified candidates are invited to apply no later than 13 June 2019 through the below applicant link. Due to the urgency of this hiring a candidate maybe selected even before the closing date.


  • Employer: DRC
  • Category: Development/Non-Profit
  • Location: Sana'a
  • Posted on: 31 May 2019
  • Deadline: 13 June 2019