Ended Water and Sanitation Network Consultant (3)

The Job

Vacancy reference no.: VAC-2507

Position: Water and Sanitation Network Consultant x 3

Place of performance: Aden, including Sana’a, Hodeida, Mukalla , Zungbar , Sada’ah , Amran , Dhamar , Amran , AL-Dhala’a, Yemen

Contract duration: up to 6 months (@22days/month)

Starting date: 1-Jul-2019


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The main objective of this TOR is to hire three short-term Water and Sanitation Network Engineer (consultant) who shall prepare the needed technical designs and BoQs of Transmission and primary distribution water network and /or  Sewer Trunk Line and wastewater collection network  and supply of needed essential materials such as water pipes, valves, fittings and household meters to be provided to the maintenance department of LWSCs for the purpose of maintenance: of target facilities


Role objective:

The scope is to prepare technical designs, BOQ, and tender documents of transmission and primary distribution water network and /or sewer trunk Line and wastewater collection network and supply of needed essential materials such as water pipes, valves, fittings and household meters to be provided to the maintenance department of LWSCs for the purpose of maintenance in accordance with client guidelines and standards. This will include but not limited to:

  1. Carry out field visits to target facilities/ location.
  2. Inspect and verify the actual needs by consulting with the facility’s management and administration about the expected needs.
  3. Carry out the topographic survey for the areas are to be connected.
  4.  Prepare / Review / recalculate hydraulic analysis using appropriate software.
  5. Consultant under client direct supervision to conduct new and or update the existing study taking in consideration all the options when the new consultants selected the feasible path considering several criteria (project purpose, technical, and landscaping, social, environmental factors, cost, the implementation period, the availability of the equipment, capability of the contractors, and environment, implementation period effect on daily citizens life, ......etc.)
  6. Prepare a complete and comprehensive final design including all computation
  7. Sewer Trunk Line length or /and wastewater collection network, diameter, and material of the portion of the network that needs to be maintained or replaced.
  8. Prepare clear specifications for the pipes material and scope of work for the distribution network for the contractor to repair and/or replace the damaged portion.
  9. Provide technical and administrative support throughout all stages of designing processes by executing/administering a variety of technical design transactions, preparing materials/documentations, complying with client processes and procedures.
  10. Prepare required BOQ and tender documentations to facilitate review and approval processes.
  11. Working in coordination with Client Water and sanitation Coordinator, City Engineers and Social Safeguard Officer.
  12. The consultant will prepare and deliver the required documents in a professional way during the specified working period.

Expected output:

Project reporting:

The following reports (all in English and Arabic) shall be submitted by the Consultant(s):

  1. An inception report after the first initial field visit.
  2. The Consultant(s) shall provide a short report of his/her visit for each local water and sanitation corporations including the electromechanical status of the local water and sanitation corporations in addition to a technical analysis of the system
  3.  Final design must include the following documentation:1.Design report. It provides a background to the development of the design, and a concise synopsis of the design issues and the design philosophy applied, including information on user requirements, site surveys, and relevant codes and standards

2.Construction Documents. At the final design stage, drawings must be “constructible” that is, sufficiently detailed and informative to allow a contractor to build the desired structure to the performance requirements. It will be necessary to include the following:

2.1.         Location plans/site information

2.2.         Earthworks ( Excavations)

2.3.         Temporary works and diversion plans.

2.4.         Construction details suitable to local capacity.

2.5.         Plans and Profiles for sewer pipes line.

2.6.         Manholes details.

2.7.         Standard details if any.

2.8.         Pipes special arrangement details.

2.9.         Structural work details

2.10.       Signage plans.

3.Technical specifications & schedules. At the final design stage, detailed specifications and any associated schedules specify the requirements to be satisfied by a material, product or service incorporating any special provisions and constraints. Technical specifications shall be provided with a full description of work for every BoQ work activity. All relevant standards, manuals, and guides should be cited, as these will be used as the basis for quality assurance, control and payment for completed works.

4.  Structural calculations and Hydraulic calculations the source and the basis for formulas, figures and reference used in the calculation process shall be made easily understandable

5. AutoCAD drawings and other version of PDF drawings for the facility’s / network and available areas presenting the south direction and azimuth, illustrating the proposed Path  for the network system(s).

6. Bill of Quantities (BoQ) with cost estimate for the construction works. The BoQ shall include all relevant applicable work activities and quantities, description of work, material, methods of QA/ QC measurement, and basis of pricing. The BoQ will generally include a preamble that indicates the inclusiveness of prices and the methods of measurement used to arrive at the BoQ. Items should be grouped into sections to distinguish those parts of the works that may give rise to different methods of construction, phasing of the works, or considerations of cost. General items common to all parts of the works may be grouped as a single section. Quantities should be computed from the drawings, and ground and excavation levels identified and noted. Cost estimate for all construction works activities must be provides and should be based on the local market prices      

Team management: To be advised



  • Master's degree in in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Water and /or Sanitation Engineering..

Work experience:

  • Minimum of 5 years of demonstrable relevant Construction experience.

Geographical experience:

  • Minimum of 5 year of experience in Middle East (essential).


  • Fluency in Arabic and English are essential.

Key competencies:

 Excellent communication and reporting skills

 Good written skills in English and Arabic

Other relevant information:

  1. LOCATIONS: Nine cities, Aden including Sana’a Hodeida, Mukalla , Zungbar , Sada’ah , Amran , Dhamar , Amran , AL-Dhala’a
How to Apply

Interested candidates should create a profile and apply on CTG careers website through below link AND send their CV to: ctg.yemen1@gmail.com


Please refer to the vacancy number:  VAC-2507.  Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

  • Employer: CTG
  • Category: Engineering
  • Location: Multiple Cities
  • Posted on: 17 June 2019
  • Deadline: 1 July 2019