Ended Supply Chain Assistant – Warehousing

The Job

Job title: Supply Chain Assistant – Warehousing

Employment category:  Band NMI

Reporting to:   Supply Chain Team Leader - Emergency

Direct reports: N/A

Unit/department: Emergency               

Location: Amran

Authorization level: As per IDRA


Overall purpose of the role

To ensure smooth and effective running of warehousing activities and to handle receipt/dispatch and verification of commodities in order to maximise quality of warehouse operations and mitigate losses, and to support the best storage management practices in compliance with DRC warehouse standards and established guidelines.

Key Responsibilities

Under the direct responsibility of Emergency Supply Chain Team Leader who is in charge of the warehousing, the Warehouse Assistant will perform the following tasks:

Stock and Warehouse Management

  1. Supervise the warehouse store Keeper and managing the stock in the warehouse with ensuring adhering to DRC stock management procedures (records, filing, and identification), and ensure all documentation of receipt, issuance, and dispatch of goods are maintained properly as per DRC warehousing policies and regulations.
  2.  Ensure up-to-date records on all stock flows on paper and electronics according to the approved systems. Follow up stock defects, irregularities and shortfalls as required and either take necessary actions yourself or bring it to the attention of the Emergency Team Leader.
  3. Ensure that all items issued from the warehouse, purchased or received for onward transportation are appropriately documented and accompanied by the required waybills with Ensuring proper identification of all received/issued goods (quantity, quality, and delivery), and the Warehouse Register Book regularly for every receipt or issuance of goods updated without any delay.
  4. Carry out close inspection of Project items/materials delivered to the warehouse, to ensure that they are the right quantity, quality, and follow-up with special attention on expiry date of stock especially for food and hygiene items, and notifies the concerned department at least two months before expiry date.
  5. Ensure maintenance, proper state of cleanliness and order in the warehouse.
  6. Ensure correct supply request documentation for items/materials produced with an approval from the departments.
  7. Ensure that program staff provides details of when and where project items are needed and ensuring that they are delivered to the correct location safely and within agreed time frame.
  8. Ensure proper storage and maintenance of all  equipment in the warehouse;
  9. Maintain and update stock and asset inventory list on a weekly and monthly basis in the Warehouse with conducting weekly physical inventory of stocks and ensure that Bin/ stock cards are up to date, and are accurate.
  10.  Ensure proper reconciliation for the goods distributed with goods issued from different DRC’s warehouses through completing and submitting complete signed distribution list/s.

Cargo and Dispatch Management

The Warehouse Assistant will work in collaboration with, and under the guidance of, the Emergency Supply Chain Team Leader:

  1. Ensure all cargo and shipping documents (GRN, RO, Waybill etc) in place before dispatching the goods for programmes.
  2. Ensure safe preparation and loading of cargo onto transportation vehicles, and also safe and proper unloading and receipt of goods in the warehouse.
  3. Perform Logistic procedures for procurement of transportation Services for the dispatching and distribution of goods from/to the warehouse and any other relevant procurements including the preparation of all payment documents assigned by the Logistics and Warehousing Management in compliance with DRC procurement and Logistics policies and regulations.


  1. The Warehouse Assistant shall provide the Logistics Department with required regular monthly and periodically reports as requested.
  2. Report any shortages, damages, losses, or any incidents in the warehouse immediately once whatever happens.

Required experience and competencies                                                                                                                   

All DRC roles require the post-holder to master DRC’s core competencies:  

  • Striving for excellence: Focusing on reaching results while ensuring efficient processes.  
  • Collaborating: Involving relevant parties and encouraging feedback.  
  • Taking the lead: Taking ownership and initiative while aiming for innovation.  
  • Communicating: Listening and speaking effectively and honestly.  
  • Demonstrating integrity: Upholding and promoting the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct in relation to DRC’s values and Code of Conduct, including safeguarding against sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment.                                                                                          

Education: (include certificates, licenses etc.)

Required experience and competencies

  • Minimum 1 year of relevant work experience.
  • Experience in administrative tasks, including filing systems.
  • Excellent IT skills, including experience in MS-Excel, MS-word and Outlook express.
  • Experience in supply chain management including procurement, transport and distribution, warehouse and stock management
  • Experience with standard procurement procedures and documentation.

Languages: (indicate fluency level)

  • Good English language (written and spoken)
  • Excellent report writing skills including editing the work of others
  • Fluency in Arabic language (written and spoken)

Key stakeholders: (internal and external)

  • Emergency Department
  • Supply Chain Department
  • Cluster Partners and Suppliers





Striving for excellence


Taking the lead


Demonstrating integrity

Find the definition of DRC’s Core competencies here



Inventory Manager

Inventory Specialist

Inventory Controller

MDM SC Requester

Procurement Assistant

Procurement Officer

Procurement Manager

Asset Manager

Asset Officer

DRC Employee





















¨Basic: I master the essentials, but may at times need help from others

¨Advanced: I can work independently at full professional level.

¨Expert: I am the go-to person when others need help.


How to Apply

Application Process

CVs of qualified candidates are invited at the below link by 30th June 2019. Due to the urgency of this hiring, interviews will be on a rolling basis; and a candidate might be selected even before the closing date. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.


  • Employer: DRC
  • Category: Logistics
  • Location: Amran
  • Posted on: 17 June 2019
  • Deadline: 30 June 2019