Ended Project Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Assistant

The Job

AMIDEAST Nahdhat Shabab Project Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Assistant (Aden)


The AMIDEAST Nahdhat Shabab MEL Assistant will support AMIDEAST Aden in training youth in a variety of vocational, professional, and business skills; in linking youth to partners and mentors in their communities; and in enabling participants to become involved in community rebuilding, restoration and recovery.


  • Support program management in monitoring the progress of trainees;

  • Conduct regular quality assurance site visits to training locations;
  • Support focus group discussions, informal meetings and interviews with trainees, mentors and interns, among others;
  • Distribute project information to trainees using social media resources;
  • Conduct DDFs and project data entry into AMIDEAST Yemen project systems, including its tracking documents on SharePoint, IRIS, and other resources on a regular basis;
  • Arrange for the translation of materials into English;
  • Support community engagement activities;
  • Commit to compliance with work plans;
  • Adhere to AMIDEAST and U.S. Government policies and procedures;
  • Complete purchase orders and other administrative documents as required;
  • Support collection of pre- and post-assessments;
  • Curate project resources;
  • Complete project documents tracking achievements on the project;
  • Work closely and coordinate with the Project Director, Project Coordinator, Project Officer, Project Consultants, and with AMIDEAST colleagues; and
  • Undertake other activities as needed to support the successful implementation of the Yemen Youth Restoring Hope: Nahdhat Shabab Project.


Required: (1) A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in any field of study; (2) excellent Arabic and English; (3) proficient in Office package; and (4) at least one year of prior work experience.

Preferred: An ITP TOEFL score of 450 or higher; good/fast typing skills; positive attitude; and willingness to learn.

How to Apply

Interested candidates should submit:

(1) a statement of interest (listing specific name of position);
(2) an up-to-date resume (with your contact information);
(3) university certificates; and (4) one letter of recommendation to officer-nahdhat@amideast.org

by Monday, July 22, 2019.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews at AMIDEAST Aden