Ended Health and Nutrition Officer (9)

The Job

Action Contre la Faim is an International Humanitarian Organization which is private, non-political, non-denomination and non-profit making. Action Contre la Faim vocation is to save lives by combating hunger, disease and those crises threatening the lives of vulnerable men, women and children. Action Contre la Faim currently operates in 46 countries including Yemen globally and conduct programs in nutrition, food security, health, water and sanitation.

 Health and Nutrition Officer ( 9 )

Department: Nutrition and Health

Location:  Alzuhra  / Aljarahi

Duration: 31st of December 2019


Overall responsible for nutrition and health service delivery through the ministry of health facilities including technical capacity building and reporting.

Objective 1: Needs assessment, planning and joint capacity assessment of nutrition and health service provision

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Identify out of reach areas with catchment population by villages under each health facilities in collaboration with health workers/community health volunteers
  • Conduct mass screening through community health volunteers/workers to identify quick needs based on MUAC, diarrheal and ARI cases whenever needed
  • Support Nutrition and Health team to maintain a database of operational villages by health facilities and update regularly.
  • Liaise with community health workers/health facilities for needs identification whenever needed.
  • Mapping of health facilities, health workers, community health workers/volunteers in the targeted areas
  • Facilitate the quarterly assessment of CMAM/health services provision in the health facilities and communities
  • Support health and nutrition survey teams whenever required

Objective 2: Systematic capacity building of the health workers on Community Based Management of Acute Malnutrition including IMCI through the health facilities

  • Support nutrition and health team in iidentification of training needs and facilitate the trainings on CMAM/PHC/ANC/PNC in close collaboration of District/Governorate Health office.
  • Facilitate to organize refreshers training, in close collaboration with DHO and with support from Sr. Health and nutrition Officer and Deputy Program manager on CMAM
  • Provide adequate technical support on the use of regular reporting tools and beneficiary registers monthly reporting
  • Plan monthly on-job coaching sessions for each health facility workers based on specific gaps identified through CMAM/Health quality assessment checklist.
  • Work together with health workers on identified gaps on CMAM, IMCI, ANC/PNC and PHC service provision
  • Organize monthly meetings with responsible health workers and provide feedback on improvements, gaps and standardization of the service provision and reporting

Objective 3: Ensure smooth implementation and proper functioning of CMAM/IMCI/ANC/PNC and PHC service provision in health facilities

Detection, referral and assessment of acute malnutrition or medical complication

  • Work with health workers to establish crowd control mechanisms in the health facilities
  • Ensure that facility based screening, diagnosis, detection of acutely malnourished children/sick children is in place by the trained heath workers/ACF staff
  • Ensure that the referred acutely malnourished/sick children from community health workers/volunteers are re-diagnosed and documented as referred by community health workers/volunteers
  • Ensure that health workers are following appropriate protocol for diagnosing and classifying childhood illnesses including defining acute malnutrition among children
  • Ensure that adequate health checkup is done to identify medical complications according to IMCI/PHC protocol
  • Ensure that appropriate referral of children is maintained within the CMAM components (OTP, SFP, SC and IMCI) based on anthropometric and medical assessments
  • Facilitate the cases with medical complication cases on referrals to the district health hospital/governorate health office.
  • Facilitate the complicated delivery cases or pregnant woman with dangerous sign to the next level of the facility in area.

Ensure that health workers are administering appropriate protocols for treatment of acute malnutrition (SAM/MAM, management of common childhood illnesses, primary health care and ANC/PNC. Follow up on the immunization activities:

  • Ensure that mothers/caretakers are given adequate information regarding their child health status and importance of the treatment needed
  • Closely monitor and ensure that health workers are following admission and discharge criteria in line with the national CMAM  protocol (international in case there are no valid national protocol available)
  • Closely monitor and ensure that admission and consultation procedures are respected in line with the CMAM/IMCI, ANC/PNC and PHC national guidelines
  • Closely monitor that appropriate systematic treatment protocol is respected in the health facility for SAM/MAM and common childhood treatment
  • Provision of adequate information to the mother and caretakers on the feeding practices of acutely malnourished children
  • Closely monitor that beneficiaries are receiving adequate therapeutic supplies, medicines according to the CMAM/IMCI guideline
  • Ensure that appropriate documentation is done – CMAM treatment registers, BNF cards, individual child monitoring cards, IMCI register, cards, ANC/PNC register, PHC OPD registers etc.
  • Ensure that medically complicated SAM cases are referred to stabilization centers or next level of the health facility; discharged SAM cases are referred to MAM treatment program
  • Ensure that absentees, non-responder cases are referred to community health workers/volunteers for follow up using home visit forms
  • Advocate and guide health workers/counsellors to facilitate IYCF counselling sessions during each distribution day in the health facilities for the caretakers, PLWs
  • Liaise with responsible Medical doctor from District/Governorate level and ACF medical doctor for technical support required
  • Follow up on immunization schedule and activities for children and PLWs as per national protocols.

Objective 4: Support Health manager for establishment of trained community outreach team and linkage with CMAM, PHC and ANC/PNC program

  • Support health manager/district health office to select community health workers/volunteers in the respective catchment areas of the respective health facility in close collaboration with health facility workers and communities.
  • Support Health manager in organizing and facilitating training sessions for community health workers/volunteers on detection and referral of common childhood illnesses and acute malnutrition among children, PLWs
  • Follow up with community health volunteers on appropriate referrals of acutely malnourished children and PLW; sick children to health facilities
  • Follow up with community health volunteer on home visits of non-responders, absentees, death cases, defaulter tracing and ensure proper documentation
  • Facilitate the monthly meeting with community health volunteers and provide orientation and guidance in planning, reporting
  • Closely monitor and observe the community based detection, referral and awareness activities and provide feedback to community health volunteers through formal and informal sessions.

Ensure maintenance and hygiene for all equipment and premises.

  • Ensure adequate hygienic conditions of the facilities and provide adequate means (soap, water) for hand washing of SAM beneficiaries, caretakers during appetite test
  • Ensure that all equipment is used in an appropriate manner by those present at the centre;
  • Verify the availability of clean drinkable water for patients and activities. In case of any problem liaise with WaSH team through line manager.
  • Liaise with WaSH team for appropriate removal procedures for sewage, solid waste and medical material
  • Liaise with WaSH team and update a check-sheet for each point (quantity, quality, water chlorination).

Objective 5: Information management, reporting and coordination 

  • Update data collection template for health facility tracking, health workers training tracking and share with appropriate persons.
  • Maintain record for refresher trainings, supportive supervision visits and any visit to health facility.
  • Follow up CHVs to collect monthly reports and analyse them before sharing with the senior health and nutrition officer.
  • Ensure that data collection template for CMAM database is filled and shared with line manager/data entry officer every month.
  • Collect monthly report for SAM treatment, MAM treatment, PLW treatment, IMCI, ANC/PNC, PHC and EPi service provision from the health facilities and share it with line manager
  • Analyze compiled reports and performances for the targeted health facilities and share summaries with line manager
  • Follow up and support log program assistant on the consumption report and closing balance stock at the end of the month.
  • Closely coordinate with WaSH team to ensure appropriate WaSH facilities in the targeted CMAM sites
  • Regularly report and coordinate with line mangers regarding challenges, issues faced in the field for timely and appropriate decision making.

Objective 6: Working with emerging needs in other operational areas for emergency responses or with another mobile teams in case of any gaps


  •  Bachelor in nursing/nutrition/public health or social science
  • Diploma in nursing or in relevant sector with 1 year or more experience in nutrition and health program implementation

Requirements & Skills:


  • Team management experience with similar programs
  • Capacity to facilitate and lead team meetings
  • At least 1 year experience in the field of management of nutrition/health project (CMAM, SFP/OTP/SC preferred or IMCI/PHC, care & feeding practices), 
  • Organisation skill is necessary.
  • Ability to observe and to provide feedback on the activities
  • Ability to understand and to interpret the nature of human behavior
  • Ability to cope with any challenging situation
  • Ability to show active and creative in working environment
  • Ability to manage staff  according to local culture and organization policies
  • Ability to read, write, speak and understand English is an asset


  • Experienced in CMAM/IMAM/health program implementation
  • Team management experience with similar programs
  • Capacity to facilitate and lead team meetings
  • Ability to observe and to provide feedback on the activities
  • Ability to manage staff  according to local culture and organization policies
  • Ability to read, write, speak and understand English


  • Experience in implementing IMCI/Health programs including CMAM is a plus
  • Organisation skill is necessary.
  • Ability to use fluently Word, Excel, Power Point is a plus
  • Ability to understand and to interpret the nature of human behavior


  • Level of the position: Technician
  • Basic salary in accordance with our National Salary grid.
  • Transportation allowance.
  • Eid bonus: a full basic salary per year.
  • Medical and life insurance coverage: Including the employee, spouse, children and parents.
How to Apply

ACF offers equal opportunities, however candidates who are residents of “ Hodeida ( Alzuhra / Aljarahi ” will be considered first and priority given to qualified female and/or persons with a disability.

Application Process: Send application comprising a detailed CV and Cover Letter in English, clearly mention the position you have applied + the location of the position, to recruitment-ho@ye-actioncontrelafaim.org or in a sealed envelope dropped at ACF office latest by 29-07-2019.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

  • Employer: Action Contre la Faim
  • Category: Programs
  • Location: Al Hodaida
  • Posted on: 16 July 2019
  • Deadline: 29 July 2019