Ended Consultancy Service: Online Web Portal

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Consultancy Service: Online Web Portal

Organization: YLG - Yemen Loan Guarantee Program

No.of post:1

Date Announced : 25/07/2019

Deadline: 15-08-2019



The Microfinance industry in Yemen is an important tool in the overall expansion of the Yemeni economy. The medium, small and micro enterprises have played a significant role in income generation, poverty eradication, job creation, as well as the overall expansion of the economy. Unfortunately, a large percentage of entrepreneurs cannot provide required guarantees, in whole or in part, though they are capable of paying installments and performing subsequent obligations in order to secure the service.Hence, the need for a service that provides a conducive business environment that allows micro and small enterprises to take advantage of opportunities in the economy has become urgent and essential. In July 2017, the Social Fund for Development, establish the Yemen Loan Guarantee Program (YLG), as a not-for-profit guarantee provider, aiming to increase the facilitation of credit to enterprise owners for growth and expansion. The YLG provides guarantee products and services to a micro and small enterprise borrower on loans made by a lender (banks and microfinance institutions MFIs). The expectation is that the banking community will be able to serve a larger number of micro and small enterprises, which will create jobs and expand the local economy.

YLG seeks the services of a qualified consultant to develop, design and built YLG official website. The consultant will work under the guidance and supervision of the YLG management and MIS department to finalize this task.  


Under this consultancy service, the YLG aims to develop and communicate a corporate identity and brand that supports following set objectives:

  1. Communicate YLG’s corporate identity to all stakeholders.
  2. Increase visibility and awareness of YLG’s role and its social & economic impact among all stakeholders, including government agencies, financial institutions, borrowers, and Yemen development partners.
  3. Support the mobilization of technical and financial resources from public and private sector partners, as well as from the donor community that ensures sustainable growth of the YLG.
  4. Build capacity of the YLG Communications team to manage communications, corporate identity and effectively utilize online platforms and social media outlets.


Based on YLG brand and identity guidelines, the consultant is expected to develop an online web portal (website) of which needs to be created in both Arabic and English languages. Those outlets should serve as platforms for interaction and information sharing with all stakeholders of the YLG. The Consultant will be responsible for the following tasks:.

Website Development: The consultant is expected to fully design and develop the content of the YLG website. The website will need be aligned with the branding and communication strategy, and integrated with the YLG CRM system to facilitate interaction with the YLG clients. The website should be able to auto capture content from other digital media outlets of the YLG (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc). The website should have appropriate security features, be optimized with search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc), able to render appropriately on different bowsers and devices (Desktops, smartphone, pads, etc), and have an appropriate site load-time.

In addition to having a professionally designed website, the consultant should ensure that an easy to use, user friendly, C Panel (Control Panel) is designed that enables the YLG’s Identity and Communications team to manage and update the website on a regular basis. The C. Panel should also serve as a one-stop administration panel for updating the website and the YLG’s social media accounts (where possible). It should also accommodate the inclusion of video content into the website. Such C. Panel should not require an expert web developer to manage the website, rather a content manager to update and upload information as they arrive.

Website hosting and Email creation: The consultant is expected to ensure appropriate webhosting for the YLG website and should ensure that email account creation is not limited and that a suffusion storage is allocated by the webhosting company for both the website content and email accounts. The system should also provide a feature to allow authorized content administrators to facilitate the dissemination of newsletters through email communication. The webhosting should provide an automated challenge system that reduces the number of spam comments/posts that either need moderation or slip through filtering mechanisms.

Management of online portal: The consultant is expected to manage the website administration during the first 2 months after website launching to assure quality control and further development (if needed).


  • an open-source website both in English and Arabic with full control panel
  • Provide technical assistance on new feature development and control panel to YLG staff


The consultant is expected to fully deliver all components of this consultancy within a period of 2 months upon signing the agreement.


The Consultant will work under the overall supervision of the program. The Consultant will prepare regular progress reports and communicate on an ongoing basis. The Consultant will provide updates of implementation progress by email to the YLG. These should include:

  • Reporting on activities scheduled for the period covered by this consultancy, and describing any change to the schedule or activities
  • Flagging findings, lessons, or emerging evaluation issues of interest.
  • Identifying issues or problems that have affected or may affect task implementation.


  • Strong SQL Server concepts, SQL / MySQL / Stored Procedures and Database Design, Security Principles.
  • Proven Web Designing & Development experience (Essential).
  • Strong with CSS3/HTML5
  • Excellent understanding of JavaScript
  • Very good Experience on ASP.NET MVC, PHP or Python
  • Good Experience on web service integration xml & JSON
  • Good understanding of Web APIs
  • Good background on using Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Can build website either from scratch or by customizing WordPress, Joomla.
  • Excellent Front-end and back-end programming knowledge


  • Good knowledge of written and spoken English
  • Fluent in Arabic
How to Apply

Interested individuals or companies Should send full technical and financial proposals together with a full proofing experience profile of web application developed or URL of live applications to the following email address: lgphr@sfd-yemen.org

Kindly mention the following Title in your Email subject: Consultancy Service: Online Web Portal 

Note: Only short list candidates will be contacted.

  • Employer: YLG
  • Category: Consultant
  • Location: Sana'a
  • Posted on: 25 July 2019
  • Deadline: 15 August 2019
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