Ended WASH Mechanical/Civil Engineer (2)

The Job


Tamdeen Youth Foundation is a leading non-profit, & non-governmental humanitarian agency with a mission to fighting poverty and hunger, assisting people in crisis-affected areas and contributing effectively in promoting the sustained peace and developing local communities

Tamdeen Youth Foundation would like to announce that the following position is currently open for recruitment:

Position   :  2 Mechanical/Civil Engineer.

Contract Type: Service contract

Location: Dhamar governorate.

Reports to:  Project Manager and Area Manager.


Under the supervision of the Project Manager and indirectly under the Area Manager, mechanical/Civil Engineer directly supervised by Project Manager, is responsible for designing, revising and supervising the mechanical works in the WASH project targeted 3 districts in Dhamar governorate. The Mechanical/Civil Engineer will be responsible for handing over the mechanical/ Structural works, reporting on regular basis and providing the required technical support to the team and implementing contractor(s).


  • Under the direct supervision of the Project Manager, Mechanical Engineer will prepare the BoQs, drawings and specifications for the mechanical works including the generators and /or water pumps' types, power limits and number of needed units considering the economic, environmental and geographical circumstances and conditions.
  • Provide estimated costs and verity of alternatives of required generators and water pumps.
  • Check the accuracy of provided information of previous studies and provide technical justifications.
  • Mechanical/Civil Engineer will work together with Project Manager and Logistics Officer on preparedness of tender(s) documents, analysis of quotations, selection of best commodities meeting the required quality in specifications and mechanical/civil engineering manuals and codes.
  • Check the selected items including the generators and/or water pumps are fitting the surrounding environment of the project location to ensure the best performance of items.
  • Conduct field visits to monitor the progress and ensure the quality of delivered mechanical items in compliance with specifications, international codes and standards with checking the quantities are met with approved contracted BoQs and specifications.
  • Prepare the progress reports of the implementation, document the reports and archive them on regular basis in coordination with Project Manager and M&E Officer.
  • Issue the payment certificates for the contractor(s) based on the progress ratio of the implemented activities and installed mechanical items.
  • Prepare the progress and technical reports as per TYF MEAL policy of weekly and monthly as well as final reports.
  • Deliver any tasks required by the direct manager, the WASH Project Manager when applicable.

Required Qualifications/Education:

Competed Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Water Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or any specialty in the field , Three years of relevant experience.

Skills and Experience Requirements:


  • At least three years of working in mechanical engineering implementation with reliable company/organization.
  • Experience in working in the field within a team and supervision of contractors.
  • Work experience in issuing payments certificates for contractors as per implementation progress on the ground.
  • Preferable experience in working in project location.


  • Preferable excellent skills of English in both written and verbal communication
  • High flexibility with excellent negotiation skills in dealing with difficult and conflict situations.
  • Good administrative and technical skills of people management and delivery of activities in emergencies.
  • Strong ability to use computer programs including engineering software and email.
  • Good background and clean history of corruption, violence or health problems.
  • Ability to work under pressure and long working hours in emergencies.
  • Willingness to travel and conduct extensive field visits.
How to Apply

Please note that Tamdeen Youth Foundation is an equal opportunity employer.  As a result, Tamdeen Youth Foundation recruits staff members based on the qualifications for the position, without regard to tribal affiliation, race, color, religion, age, national origin, gender, disability, HIV status, marital status, or any other characteristic that may be protected by law.

Qualified and Interested individuals are required to apply for this position via the TYF Career at the following link : https://ee.humanitarianresponse.info/x/#9iDuPkC7 no letter than 1- September  -2019

Only selected candidates will be contacted and invited to participate in the process of recruitment.

  • Employer: TYF
  • Category: Engineering
  • Location: Dhamar
  • Posted on: 8 August 2019
  • Deadline: 1 September 2019