Ended Country Director Assistant

The Job

Solidarités International seeks to recruit:

Country Director Assistant

I. Presentation of organization

Solidarités International (SI) is a French humanitarian organization, which has been committed to provide aid in the event of conflicts and natural disasters. SI mission is to provide aid as quickly and as efficiently as possible to endangered populations by meeting their vital needs: drinking water, food and shelter.

SI has opened a mission in Yemen since mid-September 2017. The mission is currently running emergency projects with an integrated FSL and WASH approach mostly in Lahj and Taiz governorates.

The position will be based in Aden.

II. Responsibilities and Tasks:


The Country Director Assistant (CDA) provides support upon request to the Country Director (CD) with all tasks related to the latter’s role.

The CDA assists the CD in security management at national level and humanitarian access in accordance with SI development strategy in Yemen.

The CDA is also in charge of local authorities’ relationship.

List of main tasks:


  • Participate or accompany the CD at meetings for humanitarian coordination / security;
  • Represent the CD by delegation with aid workers, administrative authorities, local politicians and civil society;
  • Facilitate the proper circulation of information on the mission.

Local authorities / humanitarian watch

  • Research and collect any useful information and data relating to the strategic development and positioning of Solidarités International;
  • Prepare the minutes of meetings the CD attends;
  • Collect and compile the minutes of meetings for programs as well as activity reports on the missions and send them to the CD;
  • File and archive documents related to the CD’s responsibilities;
  • Maintain the good relation and be proactive with local and national authorities;
  • Liaise with the projects’ line ministries in order to get certifications, introduction letters, MoUs, submission of reports;
  • Make sure that all official documentation related to the projects is up to date;
  • Translate from Arabic to English (or inversely) important documents;
  • Be the translator during internal or external meetings;
  • Monitor and analyze the political and geopolitical contexts.

Security management

  • Establish and maintain informal relations and a network of contacts permitting the collection of information, and the monitoring and analysis of the political, security and geo-political contexts in the countries and areas of intervention;
  • Monitor and analyze the security contexts in the country, in areas of intervention and any other area where SI intend to implement activities;
  • Participate in the security and contextual briefing of new employees, nationals and expatriates;
  • Conduct security assessment and participate to the organization of needs’ assessments when required;
  • Participate in the mission’s strategic exercises to provide inputs related to humanitarian access and security;
  • Promote SI’s Code of Ethics and Conduct among employees and external stakeholders and communicate on the organisation mandate;
  • Monitor potential risks during times of instability and keep concerned employees alerted;
  • Set and ensure the adherence to required protection and security regulations for all employees and facilities;
  • Enforce compliance of all security regulations by employees;
  • Make sure that Field Coordinators (FC) or Base Managers and Security Focal Points (SFP) put in place the last updated security plans;
  • Conduct daily security assessment of the situation and validate the movements accordingly;
  • Update on monthly basis (or when required) the security plans of all SI bases and send the monthly security pack to SI Head Quarter;
  • Ensure that the internal security event follow-up is up to date;
  • Participate in the writing of all relevant documents regarding the context and security;
  • Facilitate the proper circulation of security information within the mission.

The list of tasks above mentioned is not exhaustive; the CD may add tasks according to the evolution of the mission.

ORG CHART POSITION (reporting and functional interlocutor)

Line interlocutor: Country Director

Line supervisor(s) on base: Field Coordinator, Base Manager, Security Focal Point

How to Apply

Please submit your application (CV, cover letter) to Solidarités International by email to:  

NB: Title of the related position must be written in the email subject in English.

NB: The vacancy may close before the deadline. Thank you for your comprehension.

Final date for applications: 14th of September 2019.

  • Employer: Solidarites Int'l
  • Category: Development/Non-Profit
  • Location: Aden
  • Posted on: 2 September 2019
  • Deadline: 14 September 2019