Ended Activity Coordinator –protection

The Job


National Consultancy Position


Position:          Activity Coordinator –protection

Job site:           Hajja (with continuous movement in Qafl Shamer and Ku’aydina districts)

Report to:         Project Manager (national & expat), Protection Coordinator and Head of Mission

Status:             Full-time Staff  

Supervises:      Senior Social Worker, Social workers, Lawyer and Community Outreach volunteers (COVs)                                                                                                         



The Activity Coordinator is responsible for the overall qualitative and timely implementation and report of the protection activities for the DG ECHO funded project in his/her work area.

The activities coordinator, based in Hajja, is responsible for all activities’ coordination on a day to day basis, supervises the team, ensure weekly and monthly planning of the activities and is also responsible for data management and weekly/monthly compilation and reporting to PM.

The activities coordinator also ensures smooth communication and coordination with local authorities and community leaders and other humanitarian actors on the ground.            

Project component:

INTERSOS is implementing a DG ECHO funded project entitled: : “Provision of emergency primary & secondary health & nutrition services, with integration of protection services, for conflict and displacement affected people, in Aden and Hajjah Governorates”.

INTERSOS will continue its support inside Hajja with emergency protection services for the most vulnerable, targeting Persons with Specific Needs, Child Protection and Women Protection cases, providing individual case management services and collective PSS. INTERSOS will run 2 protection teams linked to the catchment area of the health facilities who provide individual case management - ICM (Psycho-Social First Aid - PSFA, Psycho-Social Counseling - PSC, referral and follow-up), legal services and cash for protection.

INTERSOS will provide legal assistance and awareness with a focus on PoCs in lack of valid documentation (access to services and assistance to be facilitated). Community awareness sessions will focus on protection related topics. The sessions will be tailored per target, age and gender group.

Community volunteers (CHVs for H&N and COVs for protection) will ensure community acceptance, and work on cultural barriers mitigation towards all urgent needs and risks in both protection and H&N. Community awareness will be tailored per target, age and gender group.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Program Management:
  1. Supervision of case management activities, monitored by the Senior Social worker. Ensure quality assistance and collect information in order to report on trends and changes in protection concerns.
  2. Monitor internal and external referral mechanisms, including links with other stakeholders in the area.
  3. Supervise the distribution of the financial assistance, reporting to the Project Manager
  4. Monitor women protection and social reporting (i.e. Intake Form and IMS database), including the safe and confidential data management.
  5. Assure the lawyers are providing quality legal assistance and support the legal information and awareness session on relevant topics, including documentation.
  • Community-based Protection:
  1. Supervise and support the identification and mobilization of COVs, the engagement with local civil society actors and stakeholders and promoting integration and referral with other sectors.
  2. Assist the Mobile protection teams with training and coaching of the Outreach Volunteers and Community-Based Protection Networks (CBPNs).
  3. Ensure the smooth relay of information to and from the CBPNs for referral of cases and information on the protection issues of the community.
  • Coordination:
  1. Attend any coordination meetings at the level of Hajja and liaise regularly with OCHA hub focal point(s).
  2. Attend external coordination meetings on Protection, Cash and NFI assistance, CP and women protection on behalf of INTERSOS.
  3. Provide input for external coordination meetings and feedback on issues raised to the Project Manager and Head of Mission.
  4. Ensure regular internal meetings with all program staff to listen to staff feedback and inform them of ongoing activities or changes (weekly and monthly).
  • Staff management:
  1. Assist on the hiring of all staff, collaborating with the Project Manager, HR and Protection coordinator, and participating in interviews
  2. Follow HR procedures for all staff, ensuring that all details are sent to the administration in Aden before contracts are signed and staff begin work.
  3. Assure training staff on INTERSOS procedures and their role within the organization so they are clear on their role and responsibility.
  • Finance:
  1. Provide weekly cash requests according to the PN to the Project Manager on Thursdays.
  2. Take responsibility for the spending of cash and the closure of pending items.
  • Logistics:
  1. Take responsibility for the running of the program and the procurement of all small items, such as refreshments for awareness in collaboration logistician and admin assistant with the prior authorization from the Project Manager.
  • Reporting:
  1. Collate and managed databases professionally: data collection, insertion, data processing and analysis;
  2. Prepare/update monthly overview of cases (gender, age, typology, referral, follow-up and cash assistance info to be included) using IMS system and internal database for PwSN and ensure a regular analysis of this data;
  3. Provide weekly and monthly reports on activities conducted in base, removing all names to ensure confidentiality. This should include details of actions taken by INTERSOS staff and male/female etc. breakdown of beneficiaries for all activities.
  4. Maintain a database of beneficiaries in a confidential way.
  5. On an informal basis, report to the Project Manager on trends established and protection concerns raised.

Qualification and requirements:

Studies & professional experience:

Education: Hold an advanced degree in social science, law or any protection related field.


  • Minimum 2 years relevant working experience in humanitarian service delivery with INGO
  • At least 3 years of professional experience working in Yemen on protection related issues, in particular case management for women protection and CP cases and/or PwSN
  • Demonstrated familiarity with case management principles, standards and procedures, include relevant roll-out of SOPs for different protection typologies.
  • Demonstrable experience in team management, supervision of team and motivation of team

Most relevant other requirements:

  • Native Arabic - Excellent written and spoken English
  • Strong collaboration, representation and negotiation skills.
  • Demonstrated leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent computer skills (proven computer literacy)
  • Demonstrated experience in staff supervision
  • Strong experience with monitoring tools and systems relevant to case management
  • Readiness to commit and adhere to the values, mission and vision of INTERSOS
  • Strong understanding of humanitarian principles and protection guidelines

Other requirements:

  • Strong team spirit, comfortable in a multi-cultural environment
  • Excellent analytical skills, observation and analysis capacity
  • Attention to detail and structured way of approaching tasks
  • Ability to plan ahead and output oriented
  • Able to ensure quick quality delivery in stressful environment
  • Ability to adhere to deadlines and respect line management
  • Very strong interpersonal skills: strong communication and diplomatic skills
  • Practical and problem-solver
  • Ability to deal with heavy work pressure
How to Apply
  • Deadline for submission of application: 11 September 2019
  • Documents to be submitted: CV and Motivation Letter (incomplete applications will be not considered), in addition to contact details for minimum 2 reference persons (include position and relation)
  • How to send the application: by e-mail to job.intersos@gmail.com (applications delivered by hand will be not considered)
  • Clearly mention the job and location that you are applying for in the subject of your e-mail!


  • Employer: INTERSOS
  • Category: Development/Non-Profit
  • Location: Hajjah
  • Posted on: 2 September 2019
  • Deadline: 11 September 2019