Ended Consultant (Baseline Survey)

The Job



The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is implementing a three year education program with the goal of restoring education opportunities for out-of-school children (OOSC) in Al Dhale’e, Sana’a and Hodeidah governorates. The program seeks to increase access to safe and quality education through improved service delivery at all levels and will expand equal access to education that meets the needs of crisis-affected OOSC. It will improve the quality of teaching and learning, increase the wellbeing of children and teachers, provide teacher training, ongoing school-based support and professional development, and raise the knowledge, skills and abilities for inclusive education of local and education district government officials, caregivers and community members.  
At the community and school level, the program is working with Father Mother Councils (FMCs), relevant civil society organizations (CSOs) and other community groups to support functioning schools, reopen and reactivate those that have closed, and, where schools cannot be reopened or remain inaccessible, coordinate the formation of community-based alternative education spaces that, linked to formal schools and offering as far as possible official curricula, can be integrated into the wider formal system as functionality is restored. Communities will be trained and mobilized to ensure accessible, equitable and conflict-sensitive education services. The psychosocial needs of crisis and conflict-affected children will be met through training and continuous support for teachers, so that they can better provide an enabling and nurturing environment in their classrooms where children especially formerly OOSC, feel included and nurtured, and where social and emotional learning (SEL) as well as academic needs are addressed. Parents and caregivers will receive skill-building trainings to create healthy and supportive relationships with their children, encouraging both a safer school and home environment. To ensure sustainability at the district and governorate level, service delivery systems will be strengthened and supported through targeted technical assistance and training. Implementation of activities in Al Dhale`e governorate started in early 2019 whereas Sana`a and Hodeidah are just getting on board. Taking a three-pillared approach to engaging with communities to increase educational access, safety and quality, creating an enabling environment for recovery and learning, and strengthening the system to ensure sustainable outcomes, the program will achieve the following results and sub results:

Result 1: Education service delivery is ensured and strengthened

  • Sub-result 1.1 FMCs established and/or reactivated
  • Sub-result 1.2 Community Scorecards and Joint School Improvement Plan established
  • Sub-result 1.3 Access and learning facilitated

Result 2: Teachers are trained and supported

  • Sub-result 2.1 Teachers create a safe and enabling learning environment responsive to children’s needs

Result 3: Children are provided with effective psychosocial support

  • Sub-result 3.1 Teachers deliver explicit activities building children’s SEL competencies in executive function, emotional regulation, positive social skills, conflict resolution and perseverance
  • Sub-result 3.2 Children’s psychosocial wellbeing strengthened through recreational and creative activities
  • Sub-result 3.3 Child-caregiver relationships are healthier and home environments safer. (2,025 parents trained in parenting skills)

Result 4: Education service delivery is ensured and strengthened

  • Sub-result 4.1 Government partners are engaged and participate in program implementation
  • Sub-result 4.2 District-level government partners have improved capacity to support and sustain education services
  • Sub-result 4.2 District-level government partners have improved capacity to support and sustain education services

Purpose and Objectives

The IRC seeks to hire a consultant to lead a baseline survey that will generate disaggregated data on a number of key indicators as listed in Annex A extracted from the donor approved monitoring, evaluation and learning plan. Where possible district-specific baseline values and overall average baseline figures for each governorate will be generated. Baseline survey findings will be used to inform programming for children affected by conflict in targeted governorates of Al Dhale`e, Sana`a and Hodeidah.

The main objectives of the survey are to;

  1. Generate baseline values for key indicators that will be used to measure program performance at end line in order to determine the extent to which the program contributed to restoring education opportunities for OOSC in Al Dhale’e, Sana’a and Hodeidah governorates 
  2. Assess the  capacity of targeted schools to provide quality education according to Ministry of Education (MOE) guidelines and standards
  3. Assess community driven systems and norms in place and how they affect access to education opportunities for out of school children
  4. Provide recommendations for developing, refining, and prioritizing the program interventions based on specific needs/gaps identified

Proposed Methodology

The consultant will use mixed methods including a sample survey to collect data for selected outcome indicators and observation using simple checklists to collect data on a number of parameters. A comprehensive desk review exercise focusing on IRC Yemen Education program documents, data collected and assessments conducted during the program inception period, available MOE data at national, governorate and district level and analysis of secondary data from other reliable sources will be conducted. Analysis will involve both statistical and content analysis methods using appropriate packages as deemed fit by the consultant. The analysis should as much as possible be disaggregated by gender and age. A more detailed study approach and methodology will be developed by the selected individual consultant.


The consultant will undertake the following tasks among others;

  • Design the baseline survey including developing a detailed methodology and data collection tools. Incorporate feedback from the IRC
  • Conduct meetings with key Education, Grants and MEAL staff to further understand the assignment
  • Undertake a detailed desk review of program documents including available secondary data with MOE
  • Train enumerators and lead field data collection, management and analysis
  • Report writing and submission of drafts for review
  • Make a presentation to the IRC Senior Management Team for their input into key findings and recommendations
  • Incorporating feedback from IRC reviewers and submission of a final report

Key deliverables

The consultant will be expected to submit the following;

  • A detailed inception report and data collection tools after signing the consultancy agreement
  • A draft report for review by the IRC Yemen Country Management Team, the Education Coordinator and Technical Advisors and the MEAL Coordinator
  • A PowerPoint presentation covering the study background, objectives, methodology, key findings and recommendations
  • A final report after incorporating comments from the IRC Yemen team
  • A clean dataset 

Qualifications and Experience of the Lead Consultant

  • An advanced degree in education, social sector planning or a development related field
  • At least 5 years’ work experience in education, social sector planning or a development related fields at national and sub-national levels
  • Experience in leading education program reviews and evaluations in Yemen or any other developing  countries
  • Excellent report writing skills
  • Fluent in Arabic

The consultant is expected to recruit other resource persons if deemed necessary to support survey implementation.  

Management of the Consultancy

The survey will be directly implemented and managed by the selected consultant in collaboration with IRC Yemen.  The MEAL Coordinator with technical support and guidance from the Education Coordinator will monitor its implementation and provide quality assurance throughout the process.

Duration of the Assignment

The entire exercise is expected to last 20 working days from the date of signing the consultancy contract. The final report is expected not later than October 24, 2019. Below is a breakdown of the allocated time;

Key Tasks

Allocated days

Development of the inception report and data collection tools

4 days

Training of enumerators

2 days

Data collection phase

7 days

Data analysis and report writing

5 days

Revision of the draft report and submission of the final version

2 days

Terms of payment:

Payments will be split as follows;

  • 30% upon receipt and approval of an inception report by the IRC
  • 30% upon receipt and approval of the draft report by the IRC
  • 40% upon the final presentation and final report accepted/approved by the IRC

For any payment to be processed, an invoice will need to be submitted by the consultant.

Application Process

Qualified candidates are requested to submit;

  • A curriculum vitae showing how the consultant meets the required qualifications, experience and related assignments conducted in the past. This should include contact details of organizations where the assignments were conducted.
  • One example of a report for a similar consultancy assignment that was accomplished by the applicant
  • A technical proposal of not more than 6 pages,
  • Highlighting how the applicant`s previous experience in this kind of work, understanding of TORs and how they will address each of the objectives
  • A more elaborate methodology that the consultant will utilize and the proposed survey plan

A financial proposal will also be required and should not be longer than one page.

Annex A: List of selected indicators to include in the survey



Data source

Number of OOSC enrolled in primary schools

Location, age, sex, disability status

School and CBE attendance registers and enrollment records

Number of OOSC enrolled in community-based learning spaces equivalent non-school based settings

Location, age, sex, disability status

School and CBE attendance registers and enrollment records

Attendance rate in program supported primary school and community-based learning spaces

Location, age, sex, disability status

School and CBE attendance registers

Percentage of students progressing from one term to next through length of program (retention)

Location, age, sex, disability status

School and CBE school enrolment records

Teacher attendance rate in program supported primary schools and community-based learning spaces

Location, sex

School and CBE school administration records

Other interesting indicators to add for programming purposes – although not part of the approved MEL plan          - picked them from the IRC Indicator Selection Tool (draft)

Percentage of care givers with knowledge and skills to deliver developmentally-appropriate, play-based, and inclusive early literacy, numeracy, and SEL activities

Location and sex


Percentage of surveyed caregivers participating in a parenting program who can identify 3 strategies for providing appropriate support to children who have experienced adversity, harm, or neglect

Location and sex


Percentage of school-aged students enrolled in the program whose score increases on a standard literacy assessment

Location and sex


Percentage of school-aged students enrolled in the program whose score increases on a standard numeracy assessment

Location and sex


Percentage of students with a zero score on a standard literacy assessment

Location and sex


Percentage of students with a zero score on a standard numeracy assessment

Location and sex


How to Apply

Qualified and Interested individuals are required to apply for this position via the IRC Career at the following link:


Deadline for Applying: September 11, 2019.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

IRC is an Equal Opportunity Employer IRC considers all applicants on the basis of merit without regard to race, sex, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status or disability. 

  • Employer: IRC
  • Category: Consultant
  • Location: Multiple Cities
  • Posted on: 3 September 2019
  • Deadline: 11 September 2019