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The Job

Consultant / Research Assignment

Assessment of productive sectors that flourished because of the crises

1. Background

Yemen is currently experiencing exceptional circumstances because of the ongoing crisis/turmoil, which in turn has resulted in socioeconomic issues, and increased unemployment rate. Yemen Microfinance Network seeks to develop small projects by stimulating microfinance programs and institutions to target and support new kind of projects in the local market. In this regard, Yemen Microfinance Network seeks to study the productive projects that have flourished because of the crisis, and the key factors that help this type of enterprise to succeed, to achieve financial and institutional sustainability of microfinance programs and institutions.

2. The Consultation Assignment


To identify the projects/business activities that have emerged recently because of the crisis, and taking samples of these projects to study the reasons of their emergence, identify the factors that stimulate this type of activities, and the most important attributes that enhance those projects, to provide the requirements for their sustainability, which contributes to the recovery of the sector and the creation of new jobs and opportunities.

Scope: Collect, review and analyze data on the projects that have flourished because of the crisis in several governorates of Yemen including urban and rural parts of the country.

More specifically, the consultant will carry out the following tasks:

  • Study the market in the areas reached by Microfinance institutions, to know the types and the requirements of these activities.
  • Describe the environment that influences these activities positively or negatively, including economic, cultural, and market trends.
  • Identify the economic and social factors that have led to the emergence of such activities.
  • Measure the contribution of these activities in raising the living standards of people and creating new employment opportunities.
  • Develop a vision for proposed solutions to tackle the problems and obstacles facing these activities that will create suitable environment for their development and prosperity.
  • Study the income generating activities carried out by small, medium and micro entrepreneurs in the targeted areas and the difficulties encountered by these activities.
  •  Examine in detail the credit risks involved in each sector.
  • Identify how these sectors are compatible with the objectives and strategies of microfinance programs and institutions.
  •  Conduct group and/or individual interviews with MFIs clients in the cities that are part of this study
  • The consultant will avail himself/herself of primary data from the field (such as questionnaires, group discussions, individual or group meetings.
  • Assess the demand for credit among the entrepreneurs that will be studied in the field and their types of financial services required.

3. Methodology:

To get to the summary assessment of the flourished projects the following tools will be applied:

Content analysis: where this methodology relies on the collection of all of the studies and reports on relevant studies assessing the flourished projects; the steps are:

  • Review secondary sources by reading all known studies and by collecting all available information from similar projects & NGOs that are working in recruitment of young people, including all previous l assessments for the labor market & studies.
  • The content of each source will be documented and will be written in summaries, lessons learned for each source.
  • To get to the A list of current flourished sectors, subsectors’ professions & activities  in (Sana’a, Aden, Hodeida, Ibb, Taiz , Mareb and Hadhamout) the following tools will be implemented:
    • Focus group discussion:  focus group discussions will be required then a comprehensive report about the results of these discussions will prepared.
    • In-depth interviews : The study team will design  open-ended questions form for in-depth interviews to be conducted with flourished owners who work in sectors or sub-sectors that will became clear to the team it contains opportunities for microfinance clients , assessment team will use voice recorders to register  all answers so it can be transferred later to preset forms.(it is necessary to take permission for this activity from targeted individuals)
    • Mix model methodology (Qualitative & Quantitative) will be adopted for conducting the survey. Therefore, appropriate tools will be developed, tested and interviews carried out in 5 governorates (Sana’a, Aden, Hodeida, Ibb, Taiz , Mareb and Hadhramout (Sayiun)).
  • This study will be integrated in the program Baseline survey that will be conducted in all areas selected. The consultant will lead data collection in all selected areas.
  • The identified research consultant will develop relevant data collection tools and identify the appropriate means for collecting the data which will be discussed and agreed with YMN and prior to the data collection exercise. The data will be analyzed using appropriate and latest data analysis packages such as SPSS or other conventional means. The data should be presented in a logical, meaningful, reader friendly and simple language on a date agreed with YMN.
  • Conduct workshops (2-3) to discuss the qualitative and quantitative data tools with YMN and member MFIs when necessary in order to have the most effective and efficient information and data gathering tools (including questionnaires, surveys...etc).

4. Key Deliverables (description and deadline):

The consultant will submit a comprehensive assessment study report in both electronic version and signed hard copy. The document should be very precise and address each specific objective The consultant is expected to submit the following deliverables, in addition to providing regular briefings to YMN:

  1. Details implementation plan approved by YMN
  2. Data collection tools and draft survey report approved by YMN.
  3. Presentation of the key findings to the stakeholder’s final baseline report
  4. A draft report includes all the findings, including data collected, analysis of the data, findings from interviews, discussions, and other meetings, conclusions, and practical recommendations for these new projects.
  5. After an initial evaluation by YMN, compile all the contents into a comprehensive and publishable report.
  6. A market study showing what are the kind of these projects and the areas in which these projects have emerged.
  7. A study report on the problems faced by these projects in those areas and opportunities, risks and entrepreneurs wishing to adopt these type of projects.
  8. The report will be evidence-based, complete with referencing and supporting documents, reports, and other related materials attached.
  9. The Yemen Microfinance Network will be the legal owner and copyright holder of the report, holding the right publish it in whole or in part, whilst acknowledging the role and contribution of the consultant.
  10. The report shall be provided in clear and understandable English.
  11. The draft and final report will have the following structure:
    - Executive Summary - Introduction
    - Methodology, including sampling.
    - Analysis and findings of the study in regard to the project outcomes.
    - Conclusions and recommendations.

- Annexes:

  • Relevant maps and photographs of the study areas.
  • Bibliography of consulted secondary sources.
  • Finalized data collection tools (in English and Arabic).
  • List of key informants.
  • Raw data in an agreed format.
  • The final report will be written in both languages English and Arabic.


  • The assignment shall take place locally in Yemen, covering the main cities of Sana’a, Aden, Hodeida, Ibb, and Taiz.
  • The assignment will last over a period of (50 days),
  • The draft report will be submitted no later than approximately 30 days after signing the agreement), while the final version shall be submitted no later than approximately 35 days from signing day   
  • The assignment shall be considered accomplished when the report is approved by YMN according to the aforementioned objectives and expectations.   

6. Coordination and supervision:

This consultancy shall be coordinated and supervised by YMN’s team.  Whenever possible, and within the limits of its capacities, YMN shall try to arrange for the meetings necessary to carry out this consultancy, provision of relevant materials, data, and other useful sources to facilitate this undertaking.

7. Consultant profile:

7.1. Primary areas of expertise:

  • Experience no less than 5 years in conducting researches and studies Advanced analytical and report writing skills in both languages English and Arabic.
  • Experience in developing the tools for baseline studies A post-graduate degree in economic development, Finance, Social Sciences or a related field; a doctorate degree will be an added advantage.
  • Ability to interpret results and provide practical recommendations.
  •  Previous work experience with national and international organizations or donors.
  • Excellent communication, both written and verbal, in English, is a requirement
  • Familiarity with microfinance and financial services environments and development.
  • Professional fluency (both written and oral) in Arabic and English.

7.2. Core competency

  • Strong communicative skills and cultural sensitivity.
  • Ability to travel across the targeted locations.

8. Payment Rate & modality

The consultant will be paid in $USD currency, for period of (50) in consultancy fees

20% upon receipt of the methodology and tools accepted by YMN and an invoice for payment.

 30% upon receipt of the draft report accepted by YMN and an invoice for payment.

 50% upon receipt of the final presentation and final reviewed report accepted by YMN an invoice for payment.

  • FEES will be negotiated with the consultant/consulting firm. The consultant covers the travel and accommodation cost associated with the implementation.
  • Remuneration:

The table below shall be used in the financial proposal, it must  illustrates the cost of remuneration in accordance with current terms of references.

Expert /consultant name


Working days



Rate per day




Full time/part time






Full time/part time



How to Apply

Eligible applicants can send copies of their CVs, testimonials and a copy of a report of

  • Technical proposal including a detailed outline of the proposed team of consultants and their relevant expertise
  • Financial Proposal in US Dollar
  • Samples of previous work to this email: survey@yemennetwork.org
  • Bids must be submitted in sealed envelopes.
  • The deadline is 22/09/2019
  • Employer: YMN
  • Category: Consultant
  • Location: Multiple Cities
  • Posted on: 11 September 2019
  • Deadline: 22 September 2019