Ended Asset Building Group (ABG) TOT Consultant

The Job

Job Title:  Asset Building Group (ABG) TOT Trainer

Department:  Economic Recovery and Market Systems

Reports To:   Economic Recovery and Market Systems Officer

Location:   Aden, Yemen


Building upon our success in implementing the Yemen Early Recovery Support (YERS), and continued humanitarian assistance and early recovery needs of vulnerable and conflict-affected populations (CREATE) Global Communities (GC) has designed the 18-month,  Integrated Modalities to Promote Agricultural, Cash-for-Work, and Training in Yemen (IMPACT Yemen) program to address the urgent multi-sector humanitarian needs of 74,908 unique vulnerable, conflict-affected Yemenis in Sana’a, Ibb, Taiz, Dhamar, Aden, Lahj, and Dhale governorates. IMPACT will achieve this by:

  • Objective 1: Improved household food security and livelihoods by restocking critical agricultural inputs including seeds, tools, inputs for composting, fodder and livestock;
  • Objective 2: Increased household income for vulnerable households through market-driven vocational training, cash-for-work opportunities that simultaneously rebuild critical community infrastructure, and support to asset building groups.
  • Objective 3: Improved access to safe water supplies, sanitation facilities, and improved hygiene practices in targeted communities.

Asset Building Group Formation and Support: Under the YERS and CREATE programs, ABG Formation proved to be a successful method to build resources and assets among female community members. Of the 16 ABGs formed under YERS, 300 women participated and initially self-capitalized their groups at the value of $593,480 (individual contributions ranged from as little as $14 per person to $ 300 per member, and during the program period, they realized $3,886,500 in savings/profit, a 555% return on their investment. The ABGs formed under YERS helped women participate in economic activity such as selling clothes, sheep, mobile phones, and cooking gas and opening a small grocery.

Building off this successful model, Global Communities will establish 17 female-only asset building groups (ABGs) consisting of approximately 20 members each. ABG members will participate in a series of trainings that will cover three critical areas – asset incorporation, business management, and savings and lending. IMPACT Yemen will guide ABGs through the process of establishing management and operational procedures, determining contribution amounts and loan terms, and electing leadership, and will provide ongoing support tailored to the needs of each individual group.

Global Communities will conduct a round of training-of-trainers (TOT) in each targeted governorate that will provide a cadre of approximately 17 individuals with the knowledge and skills to identify and establish 17 ABGs in the targeted communities. TOT will not only familiarize participants with relevant training content, but will also allow them to develop the requisite leadership and facilitation skills to conduct effective trainings in their communities.

Following the TOT, IMPACT Yemen Community Mobilizers and CVC members will hold open meetings in the targeted communities to inform community members about ABGs and their benefits. IMPACT Yemen will not provide any seed money to ABGs, but will only support the formation of self-capitalized ABGs.  ABGs will be open to all community women as long as they provide an endorsement from a fellow community member who guarantees the individual requesting to join the ABG will make contributions and repay loans as determined by the group.

ABG members will participate in a series of trainings that will cover three critical areas: asset incorporation, business management and savings and lending. Our consensus-based methodology is designed to strengthen group management and reduce conflict. For example, with training and coaching, ABG members agree on their bylaws and savings schedules, and can choose to rotate leadership as one way of reducing the potential for conflict. Community Mobilizers will guide ABGs through the process of establishing management and operational procedures, determining contribution amounts and loan terms, and electing leaders, and will provide ongoing support tailored to the needs of each group. Once ABG members have completed trainings, we anticipate they will begin by pooling their funds to help members cover food and other critical household expenses, while eventually lending to members for income generating activities. By helping ABGs reach agreement on the rules and procedures that work best for them rather than imposing pre-determined conditions, we will ensure that these rules and procedures are appropriate for the particular group—thereby promoting local ownership and sustainability.


  • Develop the concept of the TOT and teaching aids (including agenda, working methods and procedures, handouts/materials and evaluation forms) which will be shared with and approved by Economic Recovery and Market Systems Officer
  • Develop the list of equipment’s and materials which are necessary for carrying out training sessions
  • Advise on background materials to be read/distributed
  • Consult with the ERMS Officer and other GC Staff for the development of ABG TOT Manual
  • Draft the final TOT program
  • Conduct ToT for 17 participants
  • Submit the final report on the TOT

Period and duration of consultancy:

The duration of this assignment is 14 working days. 

  • Two days for preparation and development of training agenda, modules and handouts (see below deliverables for Phase I).
  • Two days for consultations; finalization of the training materials, agenda, detailed modules and handouts, drafting of the ABG Manual and preparation of final report (see below deliverables for Phase I and II)
  • Ten days of actual delivery of the ToT workshop (see below deliverables for Phase II);


The Trainer shall deliver the following:

First set of deliverables to be submitted three days prior to commencement of the workshop (Phase 1):

  1. Overall training plan & justification of the methodology & duration
  2. Detailed Agenda for the 10-days TOT
  3. Training modules and handout materials for participants;
  4. Power point presentations, videos, forms, exercises, etc. for training sessions;
  5. Background reading material for the participants.
  6. Training guidelines for the 17 trainees (as part of TOT).
  7. Developed evaluation-templates (Pre & Post Test) for gathering feedback from participants regarding their knowledge, training modules and workshop.

Following the review of the first set of deliverables by the GC Staff and based on the satisfactory delivery, the Trainer will provide a second set of deliverables.

 (Phase 2):

  1. Facilitation and delivery of the training sessions;
  2. Incorporation of the feedback from participants and GC Staff in the final version of the training materials and ABG Manual;
  3. Training workshop report with recommendations.

All documents should be provided in Arabic in electronic and hard copies. If the first set of deliverables will not be satisfactory, GC has the right to terminate the contract and not engage the Trainer for the second phase of the assignment.


The Report shall include the followings:

  • Concise presentation of the training sessions content and the applied methods, including the most important, attractive ideas of participants on the discussed subjects;
  • Assessment of participants as well as the Pre and Post training evaluation performance.
  • Conclusions and recommendations based on lessons learned for future interventions;
  • Training program evaluation forms filled in by participants;
  • Other relevant materials.

The Trainer shall submit an electronic version as well as hard copy of the Report on the TOT program along with the developed ABG Manual not later than 5 days after the of end of training.


  • 3-5 years of experience in developing and delivering participatory training sessions in the areas of microfinance, business management or any other related subjects.
  • Documented experience in conducting TOT.
  • University degree in, finance, economics, business, social sciences or relevant fields.
  • Good knowledge of microfinance and income-generating activities is an advantage.
  • Skills in developing analytical and informative materials as well as reporting.
  • Excellent computer skills.
  • Adaptability and flexibility in working within complex and dynamic environment.
  • Excellent knowledge of Arabic and English.


  • Excellent training skills
  • Excellent in the foundation and methods of the training
  • Excellent training in the following subjects:

Topics on Core Basic Skills

Topics on Human Development and TOT skills


Effective communication skills

Group Formation

Negotiation skills

Savings and lending

Time management

Leading businesses

Principles of Training

Project management

Matching training methods to objectives

Successful leadership

Developing training material

Financial Literacy and Promotion

Effective training delivery

  • Ability to prepare clear and concise reports in Arabic and in English.
  • Demonstrated computer and typing skills, Word skills are essential.
  • Native Arabic speaker; written and spoken English preferred.


How to Apply
  • Application should consist of a one page cover letter and detailed resume or CV.  Cover letter should include the applicant’s earliest date of availability to begin work with the IMPACT program.  Resume or CV should include the applicant’s detailed work and Educational history background.
  • Applications should be submitted to https://podio.com/webforms/21463955/1491567
  • Applications submitted after 13 October, 2019 will not be considered.  Only short listed candidates will be contacted.
  • Employer: Global Communities
  • Category: Consultant
  • Location: Aden
  • Posted on: 7 October 2019
  • Deadline: 13 October 2019
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