Ended Consultant/Expert in Peacebuilding (أستشاري سياسات عامة في مجال السلم والتعايُش)

The Job

إعلان إبداء اهتمام

تعلن مؤسسة أوآم التنموية الثقافية عن رغبتها بالتعاقد مع خبير أستشاري رسم السياسات العامة (مجال السلم والتعايُش).


Term of Reference for consultant / expert in peacebuilding



As part of the UN Women youth support activities under organizational standards and polices with support from the Peace building fund, UN Women Yemen is undertaking the project “Furthering the Youth, peace and security agenda in Yemen” which is focusing on youth empowerment and effective participation at all levels of peace efforts including negotiations, conflict resolution and peace-building, with a strong emphasis on gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Youth are often perceived as either victims or agents of violence in contexts of fragility. While these negative or passive roles have been documented and are found in policy responses, their positive roles have not been thoroughly examined nor understood. Policies tackling insecurity in fragile and conflict-affected states are often not designed with a view to enable young people’s participation in building peace and strengthening security.

This project aims at creating mechanisms for inclusion of young women and men in peace processes that will shape the future for the coming generations. The overall goal/impact of this project is that young women and men are empowered to participate in and influence the peacebuilding process in Yemen and further the YPS agenda. The overall outcome of the project addresses the needs of individual young people, strengthen youth-led institutions and improve the strategic engagement of their efforts in peacebuilding.

 In this project, under output 2 (A national YPS dialogue structure including Government, UN and civil society is established with clear governance mechanisms and decision-making processes) AWAM Foundation for Development and Culture (as implementing partner) will conduct two face to face meetings with youth in Sana’a and Aden. Then AWAM will receive all data collected from the online survey, dialogue (conducted by other partner), and the consultation meetings to create consultation papers detailing the findings. A policy brief based on the research findings will be used to influence international and local policy makers to encourage them to adopt policies which are inclusive of the needs of young people in fragile contexts and enable them to participate actively in building peace in their own communities.

Main responsibilities and Deliverables:

The expert shall:

  • Support and contributes in the on-line survey, dialogue & face to face meeting content.
  • Develop 5 consultation papers on the Pillars of YPS priority topics based on data delivered by the online survey, dialogue and the consultation face to face meetings.
  •  Develop consultation paper results from the consultation meetings and data collected in the on-line survey about the priorities topics to advocate with strategic actors in the peace processes including Track I actors.
  • Develop Conceptual and strategic framework and action plan for UNSCR2250
  • Deliver Final report of the project (Arabic-English).
  • Perform any other Job-related duties assigned by the Head office.

Required skills and qualification

  • A relevant bachelor's degree from an accredited university. Postgraduate degrees in peace and conflict studies (peacebuilding) is usually an added advantage.
  • A minimum of 5 years of professional work experience (with references) in peace building
  • Sound knowledge of and experience in conflict sensitivity/DNH, conflict analysis, alternative dispute resolution and dialogue processes
  • should has an experience at least 3 years in developing and preparing policy papers.
  • Result orientation and commitment to produce high-quality outcome
  • Excellent proficiency in English (spoken and written)
  • Excellent proficiency in MS Office Suite (word, excel, power point, outlook)


Three months October -December 2019

How to Apply

فعلى الراغبين بالتقدم أرفاق هذا الإعلان برسالة تغطية مع الوثائق والبيانات التالية:

  1. السيرة الذاتية عربي/أنجليزي.
  2. وثائق المؤهلات والخبرات السابقة.
  3. الجهات المعنية التي يمكن الرجوع إليها للتأكد من الأعمال السابقة.
  4. تسجيل وتعبئة بيانات استمارة تسجيل استشاري والمرفقة بهذا الإعلان.
  5. الإطلاع على مدونة السلوك المرفقة بهذا الإعلان والمصادقة عليها.
  6. الإطلاع على الشروط المرجعية المرفقة بهذا الإعلان والمصادقة عليها.

وأرسالها في ظرف مغلق إلى مقر المؤسسة الكائن بشارع حده – جولة المصباحي – عمارة النزيلي – شقة رقم (6).

وبالإضافة إلى أرسالها نسخة الكترونية على الأيميل التالي: Awam.foundaion1@gmail.com

وذلك خلال الفترة من 9 - 16 أكتوبر 2019

يرجى تنزيل المرفقات في الأسفل للإطلاع على الشروط المرجعية و إستمارات التقديم

  • Employer: AWAM
  • Category: Consultant
  • Location: Sana'a
  • Posted on: 8 October 2019
  • Deadline: 9 October 2019
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