Ended Sr. Contract Specialist

The Job

Job Title: Sr. Contract Specialist

Division: Commercial Business Unit

Department: Procurement and Legal

Section:  Contract &Legal

Reports to:  Procurement and Legal Manger

Location: Field (Block18)

Work Rotation: 28/28

Monthly Gross Salary: 1,644,000 YR (Including Allowances)


Responsible for writing, reviewing, negotiating and executing a wide variety of the company contracts and agreements before sending them to contractors, explaining and interpreting the legal language to company department managers, providing them with legal advice on certain contractual issues and directing them on contract status, legal risks and business terms of various deals. Responsible for providing guidance with joint ventures and strategic partnership deals, ensuring the company is operating within the law at all times by monitoring company’s contract staff, pre-assessing the legal issues and overseeing local lawyers and offering them the proper guidance particularly those related to oil and gas. Responsibilities may include participating in international arbitrations, creating counterclaims and replying to claims, performing and participating in mediations with other parties, reviewing and updating company procedures in compliance with law.


Contracts and Agreements:

  • Drafts and negotiates main commercial contracts in support of major capital projects, business development.
  • Drafts and negotiates commercial contracts with third parties and co-ventures across a broad range of matters, operations, transactions and business activities.
  • Participates in the development and implementation of measures for improving the contractual, financial and labor discipline in the Company.
  • Drafts gas supply agreements with commercial local companies.
  • Drafts, reviews and updates employment contracts with nationals and expats.
  • Reviews contracts and agreements and provides conclusions on them.
  • Makes significant amendments in the current contracts and/or custom-made or model contracts where appropriate.
  • Participates in the development, coordination and execution of contracts and local regulatory and international law acts with regard to functional responsibilities.

International Arbitration:

  • Provide assistance by legal advice and legal services while working and managing largely international issues (including extrajudicial dispute resolution), such as assistance with contractor claims, supervision of formal (international) dispute resolution processes (e.g., mediation, arbitration, and foreign court proceedings settlements).
  • Creates counter claims and replying to claims in the international court.


  • Performs or participates in mediations and informal solutions with other parties to avoid courts and risk exposures.  

Overseeing Lawyers:

  • Monitors company local lawyers and pre-assesses the cases they are handling before sending to the court.

Company Procedures:

  • Reviews and updates the company procedures in accordance with the Yemeni law

Guidance and Interpretation:

  • Provides guidance to executives on contract status, legal risks and business terms of various deals to support various groups within all the Business Units and departments of COMPANY, with primary focus on Commercial, Value Creation, and agreements related to current and new developments and major projects.
  • Offers counsel on a variety of legal issues to company management when required.
  • Offers general corporate and legal advice on compliance requirements, regulatory matters to minimize risks and maximize legal rights
  • Assists the senior management in, Contracts & Dispute Resolution in all spheres of the activities including with third parties.


  • Participates in the meetings of Tender Boards when needed as a representative of the Legal Department.
  • Gives consultation on corporate, transactional and contractual legal issues related to business ethics and liaison with governmental bodies, as these issues emerge in the process of the Company activities.
  • Ensures the company is operating within the law constantly.
  • Provides legal advice on high risk issues
  • Drafts and updates legal policies and procedures for internal use.
  • Oversees cases handled by lawyers working for on contract basis.
  • Handles disputes caused be contractors like lack of fulfillment.
  • Negotiates ions with contractors and reacting to their feedback especially in meetings.
  • Selects of the proper legal terminology while drafting contracts and agreements.


  • Bachelor Degree in Law from a well know university
  • Diploma in Oil and Gas is highly desirable.

Other Skills:

  • Excellent Command of English language.


 Minimum five years.                        

How to Apply
  • The deadline for receiving applications is Dec 20, 2019
  • Interested candidates are requested to submit their application by sending their CV to og.legal.yemen@gmail.com
  • Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.
  • Employer: Confidential
  • Category: Programs
  • Location: Ma'rib
  • Posted on: 20 November 2019
  • Deadline: 2 December 2019