Ended Community Engagement Coordinator

The Job

National Position

Position:          Community engagement coordinator

Job site:           Aden with frequent travels to Lahj and Hadramout governorates

Report to:         Project Manager  

Status:             Full-time Staff

Program Title: Enhancing protection and assistance to refugees and asylum seekers in the Southern Region - Yemen

The project aims to reduce the vulnerabilities and improve the living condition of vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers targeting especially prevention and response to SGBV, CP, PwSN. INTERSOS is providing case management for unaccompanied and separated children (UASC), The target population is refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. Through this project:

  • PoCs (persons of concern) are provided with increase access to legal assistance and awareness on their rights and duties, and gain better overview and understanding of the conditions of the protective environment of refugees/asylum seekers and migrants throughout the Southern governorates in Yemen. Collected information feeds analyses and contributes to better inform programming decisions and advocacy efforts on refugee rights in Yemen.
  • PoCs at risk or survivor of SGBV are provided with timely and effective access to a comprehensive and quality SGBV case management package, contributing to a decreased risk of abuse, exploitation and violence.
  • PoCs/communities gain increased awareness on SGBV and CP prevention and response measures.
  • INTERSOS staff/team will improve skills in case management (SGBV, CP and PwSN).
  • PoCs in detention are identified; their detention conditions are monitored and are provided with legal assistance. Children in detention are also identified and provided with assistance.
  • UASC and children at risk are provided with timely and effective access to a comprehensive and quality CP case management package aimed at the improvement of their psycho-social well-being, contributing to the decrease of risk and abuse.
  • Vulnerable PoC with specific needs are identified, counseled and provided with financial assistance and suitable referral and follow-up.
  • Refugees are provided with support for self-reliance and increase their skills and ability to generate income.

The Community Engagement Coordinator will work in a program where the team has the task to do case management of vulnerable cases delivering directly a package of services such as cash assistance, PSS, alternative care, legal assistance, prevention activities, referral to other services. The community engagement and mobilization part of the program will be a complementary part of the program to reach the same aim (refugee protection) but pushing for more community level engagement in providing community protection.

The community engagement coordinator is responsible to engage with refugees’ committees, local NGOs, volunteers and other stakeholders. The aim is to improve protection community-based in the locations where INTERSOS works, giving a strong importance and valorization to the local capacities, mobilize them to become changes actors in their communities for community based-protection and social cohesion (inter-communities).

The community engagement coordinator will be responsible to develop and oversee a capacity building (technical and management) component for the refugees committees and local NGOs identified with the collaboration of the PM and UNHCR. Departing from a capacity assessment, a capacity building plan will be developed for each local NGO/Refugees committee. The community engagement coordinator will work closely with the protection officer for the capacity building exercise, following the best practice of the sector and the protection guidelines.

Responsibilities and duties:

  • Do and update once per year a stakeholder analysis
  • Identify possible local NGO, INGO, schools, refugees’ committees that can be engaged in the INTERSOS work with different level of engagement.
  • Engage the relevant stakeholders in agreement with the PM and Protection officer
  • Promote the volunteer’s engagement in the INTERSOS activities (i.e. recreational activities) starting from the refugees’ student supported by INTERSOS with incentives. (done in accordance with the DAFI PM and self-reliance coordinator)
  • Define a work plan with clear objective according with PM and other coordinators inputs, the work plan will be for 3 months (quarterly).
  • Support or lead the 16 days of SGBV campaign in agreement with the PM
  • Support the develop of new awareness campaign if request by the organization
  • Assess the capacities of the selected local NGO/refugees committees
  • Develop a capacity building plan in cooperation with the protection and M&E officers (technical part protection mainly and management)
  • Ensure the implementation of the plan under the supervision of the PM
  • Develop the skills and capacities of the engaged volunteers with a specific capacity building plan
  • Organize the awareness sessions with the support of refugees’ committees, volunteers to engage the community
  • Coordinate the organization of the awareness session within INTERSOS asking the support of technical profiles like social workers, protection officer or other.
  • Prepare a 3 months’ work plan for awareness sessions on CP/GBV
  • Ensure continuous information collection from the relevant stakeholder engaged to support the INTERSOS team in protection monitor/context analysis/assessment
  • Ensure a strong coordination with the other coordinators and with the protection officer.
  • Ensure the coordination among the relevant stakeholder engaged (local ngo, refugees committees mainly)
  • Ensure that the community engagement work and social cohesion work will be done in coordination with the INTERSOS team that work with local community.
  • Provide daily updates to the PM about the development of the activities.
  • Provide to the PM a weekly report of the activities done and the activities planned for the week after
  • Provide monthly, quarterly, annual report of the activities in accordance with PM
  • Be available to participate in meetings and trainings in the country or abroad.
  • Participates weekly staff meeting
  • Follow the organization of efficient and relevant trainings to increase the capacities of the refugee committees/local NGO relevant stakeholder.
  • Lead a monthly community engagement meeting with the key INTERSOS staff involving the PM and PM’s assistant.
  • The volunteers or social workers (from 5 to 40) during the implementation of punctual activities. On daily basis no staff to manage.

Minimum requirements

  • Hold a BA in social sciences/international relations/sociology/anthropology or relevant field.  
  • At least 2/3 years of professional experience working in the social sector or within NGO/INGO
  • Demonstrated familiarity NGO works.
  • Demonstrable experience in establishing partnerships, coordination of different stakeholders, coordination with peer staff, planning and organization of activities.
  • Ability to make analysis and develop plan
  • Excellent management and organization skills for capacity building on management
  • Excellent capacity to do coaching on the job and develop training packages.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent computer skills (proven computer literacy especially, PPT, Word, Excel)
  • Readiness to commit and adhere to the values, mission and vision of INTERSOS

Other requirements:

  • Native Arabic – Advance written and spoken English, knowledge of Somali can be considered as asset
  • Strong team spirit, comfortable in a multi-cultural environment
  • Excellent analytical skills, observation and analysis capacity
  • Attention to detail and structured way of approaching tasks
  • Ability to plan ahead and output oriented
  • Able to ensure quick quality delivery in stressful environment
  • Ability to adhere to deadlines and respect line management
  • Very strong interpersonal skills: strong communication and diplomatic skills
  • Practical and problem-solver
  • Ability to deal with heavy work pressure
How to Apply
  • Deadline for submission of application:  19 January 2020 COB
  • Documents to be submitted for application: CV and Motivation Letter (incomplete applications will be not considered)
  • How to send the application: by e-mail to job.intersos@gmail.com (applications delivered by hand will be not considered)
  • Subject reference to be used is ‘35XY – Community engagement coordinator”
  • Employer: INTERSOS
  • Category: Development/Non-Profit
  • Location: Aden
  • Posted on: 7 January 2020
  • Deadline: 19 January 2020