Consultant/Consultancy Firm (Strategic Planning)

The Job

Yemen Red Crescent Society

Terms of reference for hiring a consultant / consultancy firm

to support documenting and producing YRCS Strategic Plan 2021-2025


1. About Yemen Red Crescent Society

Yemen Red Crescent Society (YRCS) was established in 1968 as part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. The YRCS is a voluntary humanitarian organization, which works to alleviate the pain and suffering of society members without discrimination in times of peace and war, during natural and man-made disasters. The YRCS operates independently thought the country as an aid organization for official bodies in the filed of humanitarian services in accordance with the provision of the Yemeni Constitution, the Geneva Convention and the fundamental principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

2. Background

The YRCS’s current Strategic Plan 2016-2020, ends by this year. In mid of 2019, YRCS has conducted mid-term review of its current strategic plan. The YRCS has developed the roadmap of development of its new strategic plan 2021-2025 and established (1) Strategic Advisory Group (SAG), consists of five members from board members, is responsible for advising and provide direction to the development and (2) Strategic Working Group (SWG) led by National Programme Coordinator and consists of Executive Director and programme heads, is responsible on development of the strategic plan. A production team of mainly three members is established, led by the consult who will be hired and supported by the YRCS reporting and communication officers, who’s responsibility will be facilitate the process of the YRCS’s strategic plan development as per the process planned by the YRCS and capture all discussions, help in analyzing data and presenting a strategic document as YRCS’s Strategic Plan 2021-2025.

3. Objectives

Overall objective of this consultancy is to facilitate and support the planned development of YRCS’s Strategic Plan 2021-2025 and support the development process. Specific objectives are:

  • As a lead of production team, produce strategic plan 2021-2025 of the YRCS, both Arabic and English at the same time.
  • Support YRCS in developing country context analysis by compiling inputs from the branches, vulnerability capacity assessments (VCAs), branch assessment, need assessments by other key stakeholders and the local authorities as a part of the strategic planning process.

4. Scope of work

The scope of work for the Consultancy will include but not limited to:

  • Review relevant YRCS documents including policy documents, reports and all publications, inputs from branches & departments on the questionnaires, and the IFRC Strategy 2030, SDGs and other related documents.
  • Support in capturing key elements from the interviews of some board members, program staff, Movement partners, and other stakeholders (interview will be taken by the YRCS comms and National Programme coordinator)
  • Assess and analyze data and produce it in graphical and reporting format as a part of the strategic plan.
  • Draft and finalize (together with the SWG, OD department and National Programme Coordinator) the Strategic Plan 2021-2020 (English and Arabic)
  • Design relevant tools for the monitoring and evaluation of program implementation.
  • Support National Programme Coordinator in co-facilitating some strategic sessions.
  • Support in facilitating the necessary process for the development of the strategic plan 2021-2025.

5. Methodology

As a part of production team, the consultant / consultancy firm will join all the process of the development of the strategic plan and apply its methodology accordingly to capture all discussions during individual interviews and workshops, analyzing inputs from the branches and different assessments by the YRCS and other key stake holders. The consultant will produce the document both in Arabic and English simultaneously.

Methods should include but not limited to review individual interviews, and direct observation. The consultant / Consultancy firm will review relevant program documents and reports, publications and inputs from the branches and departments on the questionnaires. The process and questionnaires are already defined by the YRCS. The YRCS soon will receive inputs from the branches and departments. The major work for the consultant / consultancy firm will be to compile that information.

6. Deliverables

a. Produce final strategic plan 2021-2025 of the YRCS, both in Arabic and English

b. PowerPoint presentation based on the strategic plan, both in Arabic and English

7. Duration

6 months from the contract awarded

8. Budget and payment

To limit costs, all reports, publications, inputs on the questionnaires from branches, departments and partners will be provide handy to the consultant/consultancy. The consultancy will include time to time meeting with YRCS Working Group, YRCS OD department as well as IFRC OD delegate and attend the workshop in April. This means the only costs of this consultancy will be based on the task completed.

Payment to consultant will be in four installments: 1) 10% advance 2) 20% after the development of the first draft 3) 30% after incorporating inputs from the Movement partners and 4) 30% after the finalization of the strategic plan and its design/layout.

The penalty will be charged from 5% to maximum 15% based on the unjustified delay, which will be agreed by the SAG.

9. Eligibility of the consultant / consultancy firm

YRCS will consider the following aspects in selecting the consultant/consultancy firm to support in this MTR:

  1. Able to capture the discussions and produce the strategic document
  2. A very good knowledge of YRCS activities and services
  3. Experience in strategic planning and management
  4. Experience in evaluating / reviewing projects that deal with the issues of governance, transparency, aid accountability, aid effectiveness, advocacy, networking and collaboration and capacity building.
  5. Experience in participatory methods of research, gathering and synthesizing the perspectives of various stakeholders and resource persons
  6. Fluent in English and Arabic (both written and verbal) and able to produce document in both the language at the same time.
  7. Some background in the financial analysis will be an advantage.

10. Competence and selection of the consultant / consultancy

The consultant / consultancy / reviewer(s) will be selected through competitive bidding in accordance with prevailing regulations and walk-in interview. The selected Reviewer/s should comply with the following qualifications:

  • Professional work experience in conducting strategic planning process, i.e. development of strategic plan on an organization
  • Relevant educational background and training in evaluation
  • Broad knowledge of bilateral and multilateral development cooperation
  • Knowledge of Financial Management and the work of YRCS
  • Fluency and exceptional drafting and reporting skills in English is required. Proficiency in Arabic is desirable.

The Contract will be awarded to the tender offering the best value for money, which will be the one with the best price-quality ratio, considering the criteria listed in the evaluation matrix below:



Maximum Score


Propose methodology for strategic planning process

10 points

Experience of conducting at least three strategic planning process

20 points

Experience of data capturing and analysis and producing it in visual/graph format

20 points

Knowledge of YRCS, contemporary context of Capacity Development of YRCS

10 points

Demonstrated Drafting and Reporting Skills of strategic plan in English & Arabic

20 points

Interview performance

10 points


Total proposed fee excluding Tax

10 points


100 points

How to Apply

To respond to this expression of interest:

Please send a letter of interest no later than 25th February 2020 saying:
1. What is your understanding of this project,
2. Why are you the right person/company to do it,
3. will you commit to produce the strategic document Arabic and English at the same time, and
4. What it will cost you to do it (total cost in YER).

Please send the letter and your CV, plus a piece of comparable work that you have done that illustrate your capacity in this area to:

“Please mention the Position and Duty Station on your email Subject”


 Any proposal after 25th February 2020 will not be considered. The Walk-in interview will be conducted on 4th March 2020.

  • Employer: YRCS
  • Category: Consultant
  • Location: Sana'a
  • Posted on: 14 February 2020
  • Deadline: 25 February 2020