Ended Area Safety & Security Assistant

The Job

CARE International is currently seeking Area Safety & Security Assistant is to provide expertise, knowledge and specialist support where his main tasks is to support Area project / program and minimize risks to personnel, assets and program resources, while fostering best practices in respect to safety and security.

The Position: Area Safety &Security Assistant

Location: Taiz

Main Responsibilities:

Security Management:

  • Supervises guards in Area Office/Guest Houses.
  • Reports to Area Safety and Security Officer.
  • Keep close monitoring of the situation and all incidents in operations areas.
  • Communicates to the Area Safety and Security Officer and project officer the need to update the Area Safety and Security Plan whenever changes in the situation or circumstances occur. In consultation and support with the Area Safety and Security Officer.
  • Collects relevant information to support the teams in the field and advise them on change of routes to avert being targeted.
  • Participates in networking with other INGO security focal points or security officers.
  • Prepare all incident reports in coordination with SSOs at the field level
  • Ensure that all CARE Safety & Security policies are implemented and report any violation to Area Safety and Security Officer.
  • Drafts, edits and distributes routine security updates.
  • Prepares stirpes a short weekly and monthly update/report on Safety and security situation for the Area Manager, to be approved by the Area Safety and Security Officer before being sent.
  • Promotes the completion of CARE Academy Safety and Security Modules by all CARE Area staff.
  • Continuously update HOT spot areas in areas of operations supported by SS team across the country.
  •  Prepare maps with updates as required. Using Google Earth keep updated information about all staff houses and CARE premises locations. Also include hospitals and hotels; including any other important location as needed.
  •  Keep updated contact lists for Staff / companies / guards - Emergency numbers for police/hospitals/ Actors/ Community leaders/ government departments, etc. Keep records of all information and action taken, in the daily log sheet.

Safety and Security Monitoring and Policy Implementation:

  • Continually monitor and assess the context and situation to determine the extent of risk and vulnerability of CARE Field office personnel and resources in all area operations, advising the area manager & Project Managers.
  • Maintain a daily tracking register of staff movement for both departure and return in the area of CARE activities and programming areas.
  • Follow up on staff movement plans, incidents updates and tracking on the areas of activities /operation
  • Manage all communication means this includes: update the lists, carry out regular tests and be in charge of handover/takeover process.
  • Provide daily security advice and support to field staff in order to ensure safe passage in the field by monitoring and gathering information on a daily basis
  • Regularly monitor the implementation of all safety and security policies, planning and procedures, ensuring they are well understood and fully adopted by all staff in Care offices and all project bases.
  • Promotes the development of a security culture.
  • Provide assistance in Area Office risk assessments and maintains the Area risk register.
  • Maintain Communication Trees. Ensure that all trees are up to date in coordination with Area Safety and Security Officers at the field level.
  • Supervises the procurement of equipment related to safety & security upgrades and training.
  • Oversees the implementation of all Standard Operating Procedures

All Safety and Security Procedures are in Place and Functioning:

  • Prepare and arrange individual security briefings for all visitors and new staff
  • Communicate with Yemeni local authorities to coordinate the movement of CARE staff at checkpoints, reducing related risks and delays
  • Ensure all hibernation kits lists are updated in coordination with SSOs.
  • Perform regular checks to ensure that first aid kits and fire extinguishers are located appropriately in all CARE Area offices and vehicles and meet standards, replenishing and calling extinguisher specialists as needed.

Providing Planning and Coordination Support:

  • Support the Area Safety and Security Officer to update & review the Area Office contingency plans and Safety and Security documents on a quarterly basis.
  • Provides updated staff contact list and other external contacts to enable operations functions.
  • Support and coordinate the effort for the monthly risk assessment review.

Position Requirements:

  • bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or related field
  • Specialized training in safety and security.
  • 2-3 years of experience working with INGOs
  • Strong background and related professional experience in safety, security and emergency preparedness, logistics and planning with an INGO or similar organization.
  • High level of interpersonal skills and patience
  • Experience in liaising with communities, de facto power and local authorities.
  • Excellent computer skills – including Microsoft Office.
  • Very good written and oral English and Arabic skills.
  • Excellent organizational and coordination skills.
  • Ability to relate effectively with a range of audiences and individuals to ensure confident planning and implementation of duties.
  • Demonstrated ability to work under difficult conditions and pressure.
  • Highly competent in collating and analyzing advice and information, particularly related to safety, security and emergencies, while acting appropriately.
  • Demonstrated high attention to details.
  • Demonstrable commitment to gender-sensitive practices
  • Comply with all relevant CARE policies and procedures with respect to child protection, workplace environment, employee code of conduct and all other related subjects.
How to Apply

Application Procedure: Interested applicants should send a CV (English) by March 28th, 2020 to yemvacancytaiz@care.org with the subject and location heading ‘Area Safety &Security Assistant, Please do not apply unless you meet minimum application requirements, otherwise you will not be considered. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

  • Employer: CARE
  • Category: Security
  • Location: Taiz
  • Posted on: 16 March 2020
  • Deadline: 28 March 2020