Ended MEAL Manager

The Job

Duration: up to 30 November 2020

Salary and Benefits: Gross monthly salary: 1747 $ - 2088 $ based on salary calculation

Medical and Life insurance: Including the employee, spouse, children and parents


Grade: M1

Primary job location: Aden

Department / Service: MEAL

Reporting: Deputy field coordinator


  • Senior MEAL Officers (3)
  • Casual Worker MEAL staff as necessary

Scope of intervention

Area of activity: Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning Action Contre la Faim programs

Qualification/level of study:

  • Bachelor Degree in Social Science, Management or relevant Sectors (Nut, WASH, FSL) with at least 2 years of professional experience in monitoring and evaluation with international organizations;
  • Experienced in working collaboratively to design and implement performance monitoring plans, standardized M&E tools and reporting systems for multi-million projects; demonstrated experience in designing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating projects’ interventions;

Skills required:

  • Well-versed in developing and managing the implementation of information dissemination strategies;
  • Demonstrated experience in capacity building and leading diverse and effective teams;
  • Willingness to travel to project sites in targeted districts when required;
  • Good Computer skills and ability to use Microsoft Office required with proven working experience using Statistical software, advanced Excel, and Internet GIS software;
  • Strong analytical and writing skills;
  • English fluency required.

Overall objective of position

  • To lead monitoring, evaluation, accountability and
  • learning activities on the base and contribute to
  • improving Action Against Hunger programming

 Mission 1: Team Management & Capacity-Building

  • Ensure the Human Resources management of your team (recruitment, job description, introduction briefing action plan, individual follow-up meeting, individual support, appraisals, etc.);
  • Manage the planning, task sharing and coordination of your team’s work;
  • Ensure the daily management of your team (leave, attendance, meeting, weekly objectives);
  • Ensure conflict resolution (personal and professional) within your team and inform your line manager of any issues;
  • Working out and monitoring individual action plans for team members as necessary;
  • Carry out disciplinary measures if necessary according to the internal regulation and in collaboration with your line manager, the Field Coordinator and the HR Department;
  • Provide on-the-job training to the staff under your supervision and develop their skills to empower them;
  • Identifying the training needs of team members, and recommend trainings

Mission 2: Support program monitoring and evaluation activities on the base in line with the mission M&E strategy

The MEAL Manager is responsible for:

  • Support Program Managers for developing a base Monitoring and Evaluation plan, with technical support from the MEAL HoD
  • Provide technical support on monitoring and evaluation activities to Program Managers in line with ACF guidelines and with support from the MEAL HoD
  • Review Term of Reference for monitoring and evaluation activities  to ensure technical soundness of the exercises with support from the MEAL HoD
  • Review monitoring and evaluation questionnaires in line with ACF guidelines and with support from the MEAL HoD to ensure technical quality.
  • Provide support to field teams on methodology, sampling, data quality checks, collection/analysis of data, and review of reports with support from MEAL HoD
  • Facilitate kick-off meetings for every new project at base level for MEAL aspects in coordination with program departments
  • Facilitate monthly/quarterly review meetings with program teams at base level to review MEAL plan and track progress against indicators
  • Provide trainings to field teams on Monitoring and Evaluation in coordination with and with support of the MEAL HoD
  • Ensure appropriate documentation of program implementation and activities in line with donor requirements, including visibility requirements
  • Provide support to field teams on archiving and storage of program and monitoring documents in line with donor requirements and ACF policy

Mission 3: Implement mission accountability framework and manage the feedback and complaint mechanism on the base

The MEAL Manager is responsible for:

  • Training field teams on Yemen Accountability and Mission Accountability frameworks with support from MEAL HoD and under the supervision of the Field Coordinator
  • Supporting field teams in identifying/updating best means for collecting feedback and complaints through active engagement with communities
  • Supporting the Field Coordinator and MEAL HoD for developing base-specific standard operating procedures for implementing the feedback and complaint mechanism
  • Communicating with targeted communities/authorities on ACF feedback and complaint mechanism to ensure buy in/uptake/use of the system, when delegated to do so by the Field Coordinator
  • Collecting, consolidating, and analyzing complaints and feedbacks received using existing tools; and follow up with relevant departments for action
  • Handling complaints received at base level under the delegation and supervision of the Field Coordinator and in coordination with MEAL HoD and ensure proper documentation and reporting
  • Continuously reviewing performance of feedback & complaint mechanism and provide recommendations for improvement
  • Producing monthly reports for the base level feedback and complaint mechanism with recommendations for actions/improvement
  • Conducting regular field visits and organize Focus Group Discussions/Key Informant Interviews to collect communities’ feedback and complaint on ACF intervention
  • Provide trainings and orientation to field teams on community engagement, participation, and information sharing

Mission 4: Implement mission learning framework and facilitate capitalization and lesson learning exercises at base level

The MEAL Manager is responsible for:

  • Reviewing monitoring reports, consolidating results and extracting best practices/gaps/lessons learnt for improvement of future interventions
  • Facilitating closing and lesson learning workshop at base level for every project and documenting best practices/ensuring proper capitalization
  • Establish processes to facilitate capitalization at base level in coordination with program departments and Field Coordinator and with support from MEAL HoD
  • Ensure proper and timely dissemination of ACF capitalization documents when relevant
  • Support field teams for developing case studies/human interest stories including field visits, interviews with beneficiaries and collecting pictorial evidence

Mission 5: External Representation

The MEAL Manager is responsible for:  

  • Upon request, when approved by the Field Coordinator or his/her Deputy, represent ACF in cluster meetings or authority meetings and participate in meetings related to monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning;
  • Upon request, in coordination with the Field Coordinator, his/her Deputy and program teams, represent ACF towards communities, communicating about ACF mandate, eligibility criteria for projects, and humanitarian principles;
  • Information sharing, experience sharing with other NGOs working in the area on MEAL aspects of programming.

Professional relationships and their purpose:


  • Deputy Field Coordinator: Hierarchical relationship
  • MEAL HoD/DHoD: Functional relationship
  • Program Managers: Coordination, support, information sharing
  • Field Coordinator: Coordination, support, information sharing


  • Other NGOs: Collection and sharing of information, best practices, etc.
  • Clusters: attendance upon requirement
  • Information Management working groups: participation
  • This document is non-contractual and may be modified to reflect the changing needs of the mission.


This job description may be subject to permanent modifications resulting from developments in the Organisation's activities. These modifications will be defined and discussed by the employee in question and Action Contre la Faim.

Non-compliance with the terms of this job description will be sanctioned according to the disciplinary measures stipulated in the ACF Rules and Regulations.

Furthermore, as this is a generic job description, applicable across the entire Organisation, it may include an annexe that takes into consideration the specific context.

Finally, the job description may be accompanied by an individual action plan to support the employee in the fulfilment of a number of objectives therein specified. The time intervals for achieving these objectives are determined in function of the experience of the person recruited or promoted.

How to Apply

“Send application comprising a detailed CV and Cover Letter in English, clearly in Subject mention Your Name, the position you have applied + the location of the position, to recruitment-ad@ye-actioncontrelafaim.org latest by 6/June/2020.”

  • Employer: Action Contre la Faim
  • Category: Programs
  • Location: Aden
  • Posted on: 20 May 2020
  • Deadline: 6 June 2020