Ended Quality Inspection Officer

The Job

Position Title: Quality Inspection Officer

Purpose and Objective of the Position:

Ensure the quality of the services provided has been achieved within the site, starting with guest rooms inside the housing, restaurant, health club, and other front and back facilities. All services are running properly in accordance with international service standards and criteria. 

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure commitment and implementation of H.K services according to the quality standards and SOPs criteria in all rooms and residential facilities within the site.
  • Ensure commitment and implementation of F&B services according to the quality standards and SOPs criteria at the restaurant, kitchen, cafeteria, and its other facilities.
  • Ensure commitment and implementation of entertainment and sports according to the quality standards and criteria at the health club, swimming pool, tennis courts, and other playgrounds.
  • Ensure commitment and implementation of safety and security measures according to the quality standards and criteria in daily tasks and works.
  • Ensure commitment and implementation of the personal hygiene standards and criteria by the personnel and staff working within the site.
  • Ensure commitment and adherence to wearing company’s Uniforms and IDs by all staff during working hours within the site. 
  • Ensure that all driveways, entrances, exits, main gates, and roads leading to the guesthouse are clean and free from any hurdles, dirt, or boxes.
  • Check the overall cleanliness condition (overall cleanliness) for all sites, facilities, and entrances with no exception.
  • Ensure that all rooms’ supplies are clean and fully provided without any remarks.
  • Ensure that all waste is collected and disposed regularly into the right place.
  • Ensure that all spaces and green areas are getting daily care and reflecting an attractive scene.
  • Ensure that the personnel and staff are available at the site according to the agreed deployment and as per the needs.
  • Ensure that supervisors are using checklists, forms, and tables, and conducting continuous monitoring for the staff following the SOPs and the company personnel’s hygiene.
  • Ensure that the rodent control, cats, and insects…etc is done regularly ( the process of controlling rodents, cats, and insects…etc. periodically).
  • Ensure that clients are getting enough attention and care and they have no complaints or remarks to be reflected. 
  • Receive all suggestions, complaints, and comments regularly (in a timely manner) and forward them to the line manager.
  • Make sure that all service managers and supervisors are using checklists daily and in periodically.
  • Check through attending parties, events, and activities that all preparation, equipment, and staff are in place.


Quality Inspection Officer must have a bachelor’s degree or a High diploma in the hotel services.   

Experience and Knowledge:

  1. Must have enough experience of at least 5 years in the standards and SOPs criteria of 5-star hotel services.
  2. Be aware enough about the nature and SOPs of providing hospitality and hotel services producers.
  3. Be aware enough about the nature of quality inspection work and the methods of using forms, reports, and checklists. 
  4. Capable of providing training courses in the field of hotel services.

Working Time:

Quality Inspection officer is required to be present during and outside official working hours.  

Applicant Gender:

Both male and female applicants can apply to the post, and male applicants are more preferable due to the nature of the work until late working hours.


  • Fluency in spoken and written Arabic language.
  • Fluency in spoken and written English language.


  • Sufficient capacity to spotting the quality of the services.
  • Sufficient capacity to monitor the observations and infractions and to distinguish them according to the nature of the work.
  •  Computer literate in Microsoft Office (Word & Excel).  
  • Ability to absorb (cope with) work pressure at different times.

Personal Characteristics:

Must have the following Characteristics (qualities):

  • Punctual to his work.
  • A Good listener and taciturn. 
  • Sharp observation.
How to Apply

To apply, please click on the following link:


  • Employer: Confidential
  • Category: Development/Non-Profit
  • Location: Sana'a
  • Posted on: 11 June 2020
  • Deadline: 11 July 2020