HIS Officer

The Job

Job Title: HIS Officer

Classification Level: GRADE - D1

Organizational Unit : Yemen Red Crescent Society (YRCS) HQ

Immediate Supervisor’s Title: Health & Care  Coordinator

Technical Manager’s Title : Health & Care  Coordinator

Duty Station: HQ

Duration of Assignment: Initially 7 Months

Terms of employment: Employment is full time according to YRCS guidelines

Organizational context (where the job is located in the Organization)

Yemen Red Crescent Society (YRCS) became an active member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in 1982 and was admitted to the IFRC in 1983. The organization has its first strategic plan 2016-2020, defining five clear objectives. The current priority  is cross cutting to all the strategic objectives.

Currently, in health facilities patient level data are mainly recorded using a manual system i.e. patient card, clinical notes and register. This information is summarized at the end of the month by health workers and forwarded to health managers at various levels then to the HQ. There are many problems faced due to the current practices of information collection. The information captured is not organized and does not evaluate clinical adherence to recommended clinical guidelines.

The YRCS recognizes that information technology is a major priority that will improve the management of clinical services. Therefore YRCS is currently in the stage of acquiring a Health Information System (HIS):

  • To provide information to the user in a timely manner, in the right format to promote healthcare and follow best practices in all aspects at the PHC (patient care and follow-up).
  • To provide information to meet the needs of all those at the PHC who support clinical services, those who manage the PHC, and those outside the PHC in the HQ (information management to support the services).

The proposed new digital platform will mostly be utilized at first or second level health facilities in YRCS. The development of technologies supporting the project, requires tools and components that are user-friendly, easy to sustain and can possibly be replicated in various other facilities and settings in the future. The developer will interpret and prescribe suitable solutions, considering current industry standards, ease of use and maintenance, as well as the ability to adapt the solution to changing needs in the future.

Purpose of Role

The Yemen Red Crescent HIS Officer will ensure the completion of the HIS Development Project. Completion refers to the development of the HIS to the content, function and standards described in the Development of HIS Project Terms of Reference and Appendix: Technical Specification of the HIS.

To facilitate a capacity and needs assessment of clinics in order to plan human resource needs for the HIS. As the HIS becomes operational, to collate and format data for use by Yemen Red Crescent Society for analysis. The HIS Officer reports directly to the Health and Care Coordinator.

Objective Of Role

Work with the HIS Consultant to assess the capacity (infrastructure and human) and therefore the viability of the proposed HIS and, together, develop recommendations for its scope to inform the Developer.

Work in a supportive role with the Developer and as their focal point in YRCS to:

  1. Ensure that they both gather the information required for the Project; and
  2. Enable them to engage with stakeholders in a waterfall/iterative design process.

Ensure that the Project is on track in terms of its objectives and timeline by communicating with stakeholders and the Developer, identifying and facilitating the removal of obstructions.

Once the HIS is operational, to collate and format HIS data for use by Yemen Red Crescent Society for analysis. Prior to functioning internet connections, this may involve manual collection. Always, while maintaining data protection protocols in place.

Mani Role  responsibilities

  • Develop a monthly update with charts to show progress of the HIS project, and share it with health facilities, branch staff and Headquarters.
  • Support the Health and Care Coordinator and Health Department officers by training branch staff in understanding HIS data entry, querying and reporting. Also, in data management and transmission and protection (patient confidentiality and password protection).
  • After data are recorded by the responsible clinic staff, ensure the accuracy and completeness of data. Produce weekly and monthly reports from the HIS.
  • Inform the Health and Care Coordinator and Health Department officers about mistakes commonly made in clinic data and follow up on efforts to correct these with health clinic staff.
  • Conduct a monthly and quarterly descriptive analysis of HIS data by clinical area, including progress against Program Indicators.
  • Produce a monthly and quarterly report on HIS data and present this in monthly program meetings, sharing with the Health and Care Coordinator, Health Department officers and clinic staff.
  • Assist in conducting health and nutrition surveys (assessment and monitoring), specifically in the planning, data collection, analysis and reporting stages.
  • Work effectively as a team member by troubleshooting problems related to the HIS.

Person Specification



Degree in a health-related subject**


Formal qualification or training in statistics or data management


Experience documentary evidence


Several years’ experience working with relational databases**


Experience managing projects to deadlines**


Experience in working in a supportive role**


Able to conduct data analysis**


Fluent in Microsoft Excel® software**


Experience demonstrable evidence


Understanding of database design (underlying structure, relationships, user interface, queries, reports)


Understanding of health information systems


Skills demonstrable evidence


Excellent (native) spoken and written Arabic


Good spoken and written English


Able to communicate in a sensitive manner across a range of staff from field to headquarters


Personal qualities


Willingness and ability to travel to 4 different governorates of Hajjah, Al-Dhale, Dhamar, and Amran.


Flexible, adaptable and able to work in stressful, volatile environment


Sensitive to the challenges of operating health services in a conflict setting


Ability to work towards objectives, independently and as a team member.


Works in a participatory and consultative way


Understanding, or willingness to know about the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement


Commitment to the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement Fundamental Principles




Arabic written and spoken fluency**


English basic written and spoken


How to Apply

Interested candidates should send their Cover Letter & CVs in English to below email


“Please mention the Position and Duty Station on your email Subject”

  • Employer: YRCS
  • Category: Computers/IT
  • Location: Sana'a
  • Posted on: 28 June 2020
  • Deadline: 11 July 2020