Systems Analyst 

The Job

Position: System Analyst

Department: Information Management

Report to: Development Manager

Location: Sana’a

Job Purpose:

Systems Analyst performs complex, advanced work of a professional nature and coordinates and with company managers and clients to clearly identify their needs  to come out with complex systems architectures and models to develop and enhancement projects, utilizing skills that require an understanding of business/project processes and the development of applications life cycle to streamline/automate processes and develop technical solutions. Systems Analyst should have a solid understanding of the client’s existing business processes, solid understanding of up-to-date technologies, the key drivers and measures of success and the short- and long-term direction of their business and technology.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Research and evaluate new technologies to adapt it to current development environment to decide if they offer improvements..
  • Work closely with organization’s business leaders, users and clients to clearly  identify their needs.
  • Identify the organizational needs of IT systems in general annual plan.
  • Create needed data modeling and flowcharts for business processes using standard data modeling technologies.
  • Develops the architecture, processes flowcharts, data models and designs of analyzed systems.
  • Analyze pros and cons of each change in a running system.
  • Analyze the current situation of running systems to come out with new functionalities for existing systems to serve new purposes or improve work flow.
  • Oversee installations
  • Run tests and diagnose problems in order to make sure that critical requirements are met.
  • Create system documentation, user manuals, training manuals and train users.
  • Help management team decide if IT systems and infrastructure upgrades make business sense.
  • Oversee new system installation and setup, and customize them for business needs.
  • Identifies opportunities for service delivery improvements; analyzes and evaluates techniques for the implementation of new applications, hardware, and peripheral equipment.
  • Acts as a liaison with employees to define technical and operational requirements; provides assistance and problems resolution related to softwares.
  • Performs related duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Work Experience:

At least 3 years’ experience of progressively more responsible demonstrated hands-on experience in analyzing, designing and developing software as well as administering single-user, multi-user, and server-based computer/mobile systems.


A bachelor’s or master degree in Information Technology or equivalent, business administration with major in information systems.   

Ability and skills:

  • Solid knowledge of business process modeling tools and technics.
  • Demonstrate strong knowledge in web development technology.
  • Knowledge sufficient knowledge in mobile application design & development
  • Demonstrate proficiency in UML.
  • Demonstrate proficiency DFDs.
  • Demonstrate proficiency Database design, E-R diagraming and analyzing.
  • Strong knowledge of innovative technologies and keep his/her skills competitive.
  • Sufficient knowledge in object oriented modeling & design.
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking: To identify problems and then evaluate alternative solutions. 
  • Communication: Excellent listening skills  to understand clients' or colleagues' needs. Strong verbal communication skills make it easier to convey information effectively.
  • Reading comprehension: Read manuals and technical reports to keep up with advances and implement new technology that meets employers’ or clients’ needs.
  • Writing: Expect to produce written reports of recommendations.
  • Analytical skills: The ability to analyze large amounts of client requirements quickly and efficiently is necessary.
  • Creativity: Be able to continually generate new ideas.
  •  Perform business rule and process analyses and apply critical thinking skills to reach sound, logical conclusions regarding user client needs and business requirements for complex assignments with a broad scope
  • Demonstrate proficiency in specific programing languages.
  • Plan and organize his work.
  • Excellent English language.
How to Apply

Interested candidates are invited to apply via the following link:

Mention all Information should be written in English. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

  • Employer: Prodigy Systems
  • Category: Computers/IT
  • Location: Sana'a
  • Posted on: 30 June 2020
  • Deadline: 7 July 2020