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Posted on 15 Jul, 2021
Closing on 25 Jul, 2021

Job Description

Position: Logistics Manager

Job site: Aden

Report to: Log Coordinator, Project Managers, Activity Coordinators, Country Finance Coordinator, Program Coordinator/deputy HOM

Supervises: Logistics officers and logistics assistants drivers, guards and cleaner

Status: Fulltime


Purpose / Objectives:

The Logistics Manager is responsible for supporting INTERSOS management staff for an ethical and efficient implementation of all logistic activities related to the needs of the office and/or project implementation.

The Logistics Officer is responsible for all logistics operations of the INTERSOS Yemen in Aden base for South Yemen: responsible for the management and implementation of the Logistics departments’ activities, including the Logistician officers, assistants and other office support staff:

  • To deliver logistical support to office and program operations in an time and cost efficient way
  • To assure compliance with INTERSOS procedures and governance model: to assure the adherence to INTERSOS guidelines and procedures for admin, finance and procurement, in addition to support on INTERSOS mission security SOPs
  • To ensure the set-up of efficient communication channels and reporting mechanisms with the other stakeholders (Log Coordinator, Project Managers, Activity Coordinators, Country Admin-Fin Officer, Head of Mission)
  • In charge of warehousing, supply chain management, procurement, fleet management and  management of support staff – incl. assure log sheets for vehicles
  • Monitor the correct use of INTERSOS assets and IT equipment, provide technical assistance when needed and update inventory and allocation of assets on weekly and monthly basis including the physical check in all offices in the area of responsibility.
  • Support the ORAO and Liaison officer for security management and liaising with local authorities
  • Support the Liaison to obtain relevant permits for dedicated project staff
  • Management of the support staff (drivers, guards and cleaners) and delegation of daily tasks to maximize the efficiency of the logistical operations incl. and time sheets for support staff supervised


1. Coordination, planning, reporting and team management

  • Assist the teams in all logistic aspects of INTERSOS activities the different offices and related centers in the area of responsibility: ensure weekly & monthly needs mapping per project team, to ensure grouped purchases, where possible and relevant
  • Participate in staff coordination meetings and provide updates per project and per purchase order, especially for competitive negotiated procurements
  • Oversee the planning INTERSOS fleet management and security procedures for the base
  • Supervise daily presence and leave of support staff
  • Report any problem or inconvenience related to logistics immediately and in transparent manner to the line management
  • Ensure timely, detailed and orderly record keeping and filing
  • Monthly delivery of logistics report to line management

2. Procurement

  • Prepare, get approval, make orders and proceed to local purchase according to established INTERSOS and donor procurement procedures, using correct formats and collecting/filing correct documents.
  • Execute and follow up all procurement procedures (bids, offers, appraisals of quality and price) and follow-up with PMs and admin-fin department for the preparation of contracts with awarded suppliers, and accordingly follow-up on contract signing and document/payment delivery and collection
  • Arrange and update all logistic files and documents in proper archives (digital and hard copies)
  • Ensure the establishment and regular updating of the supplier list for INTERSOS, in coordination/upon verification with the procurement officer and admin-fin department for goods, services and suppliers.
  • Organize and supervise all logistic aspects and documentation for good/supplies transport and distributions together with PMs: way-bills, packing lists, final delivery/distribution records
  • Conduct bookings and reservations of events and venues, per INTERSOS procurement procedures
  • Follow up and update regularly (minimum once a month) the inventory of materials and equipment (office and project related, in hard and electronic copies)

3. Warehousing

  • Ensure the proper functioning of warehouse procedures (in/out registration), check of stocks on a regular basis and report to the immediate supervisor
  • Update on daily basis stock cards, bin cards and stock reports, reporting on monthly basis or as when required, to project manager and program managers and Logistics coordinator
  • Set up emergency stock levels for key consumable items and alert the Logistics coordinator and Head of mission to process the purchase requests and avoid shortages.
  • Prepare emergency fuel stocks and report to the logistics coordinator when the levels are below acceptable levels (vehicles and generator)
  • Ensure proper closure and opening of stock inventory per project for hand-over of one project to other project or for donation when required

4. Fleet management

  • Supervise the proper functioning and schedule preventive maintenance of INTERSOS fleet
  • Supervise the proper use of log books for each vehicle, recording fuel consumption and sufficient fuel stock levels
  • Supervise the correct use of the vehicles, only by INTERSOS staff and authorized individuals and strict adherence to no weapons or unauthorized items policy
  • Supervise the travel arrangements to project sites and any other location (check-up vehicles conditions, fuel, radio, drivers, etc.), including movement plan, permits and safe travel
  • Ensure there is on weekly basis the status check of the emergency kits and tool boxes in each vehicle
  • Ensure rented vehicles are matching contract conditions: driver, insurance, technical maintenance and check-up, etc.

5. Premises

  • Ensure continuous checks and maintenance of the offices in the area of responsibility, warehouse and guesthouses conditions (building, electricity, plumbing, equipment etc.) and report eventual problems to the logistics coordinator, IT officer, etc.
  • Pro-actively schedule preventive maintenance works (in office, drop-in centers, warehouse and guesthouse)
  • Ensure regular rent, utilities payments (electricity, water, gas, etc.) and running costs are paid (upon approval of PMs for direct activities related cost & approval of HoM for support costs), per prior approval received on the weekly liquidity planning/cash request

6. Energy

  • Supervise scheduling of preventive maintenance for all generators in the base (oil change, air filter, oil filter, fuel filter)
  • Ensure generator logbooks are updated on daily basis and check the fuel consumption to detect abnormalities.
  • Ensure preventive maintenance to solar systems in DC and at office in consultation with INTERSOS IT officer

7. Security and liaison

  • Be in charge of all custom clearance procedures and maintain relationship with competent authorities
  • Ensure support for the HoM to obtain in a timely and systematic manner to obtain in a transparent way the needed permits for movement for the organisations’ staff to operate in the country
  • Plan and prepare upon request for movement plan and safe travel
  • Check and supervise the proper functioning of communication necessary for safety traveling
  • Ensure the presence and quality of first aid kits and fire extinguishers in office and centers (and cars)

8. Perform any other related duties as required

  • Including driving and running errands upon request

The logistics manger undertakes to fulfil these tasks and to respect and keep any confidential information relating to the local partners and INTERSOS beyond the reach of any third party.

How to Apply

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