Ended HIS Officer

The Job

Health Information System officer  (HIS Officer) Mainly in CO/Sana’a with frequent Field Visit

Position Objectives:

The purpose of this position is to provide technical data management support for epidemiological surveillance and routing health information systems by ensuring all reports are unified and transferred to the higher national levels (HF, DHO, GHO and MOH level) as part of SCI sustainability and exit plan, to assess MOPHP in analyzing the disease thresholds, early detection and action plans to minimize loss of life (Health cluster surveillance system).

Lack of reliable data and grossly inadequate appreciation and use of available information in planning and management of health services were two main weaknesses of the health information systems in health facilities. OFDA funded project began strengthening its health management information system with an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of existing information systems, sharing findings with all stakeholders. With this in mind, automated solutions are needed to operate the desktop computers within each targeted HFs to ensure quality, time bounded and accurate data collection, cleaning, processing and reporting to IMPACT system as well as to reactivation of the MOPHP routing health information system.  The solutions should focus on the following areas: Health Facilities infrastructure information, Health and Nutrition and Pharmaceuticals services data registration, transfer, processing and accurate reporting to the other relevant HIS systems (IMPACT, DHIS…etc), the aim of this step is to enhance and strengthening of the HIS during and after the end of the project. 

Key areas of accountability:

  • Assessing and reviewing the existing MoPHP data collection forms, template and reporting system and pharmaceutical management system. In addition, assist in unifying the designed format for field data collection templates and formats to ensure all health information related to programs are consolidated and represented to facilitate analysis.
  • Assess HFs, Health, Nutrition and pharmaceuticals data requirements and reporting tools.
  • Adapting prior developed HIS formats to improve the quality of primary health care information in the targeted HFs.
  • Discuss with MoPHP on best modality of health information system and its sustainability. In addition, the employee will provide assistant to the field team in coordination with statisticians (HF, DHO, GHO and MOH level) to ensure complete and accurate information is reported by HFs to the higher levels to facilitate timely decision-making and actions.
  • Mentoring and coaching training for the HWs and DHO staff.
  • Close and Remote supervision of HIS implementation in targeted OFDA supported HFs through SCI HIS staff and data flow through HWs.
  • Analyse data per each targeted sites and illustrates the achievement for each month, in addition he/she will aassist the country office MIS in ensuring that all OFDA targeted HFs reports already registered in SC’s Information Management Platform for Action Tool (IMPACT).
  • Provide coaching to key staff on the common mistakes in the reports to be corrected and revise the reports before submission of monthly reports and databases.
  • With support of Health and Nutrition Program Manager, develop individual monthly and or quarterly plans for refresher trainings and on job coaching of SCI and facility staff on data management (data collection, cleaning, processing and reporting).
  • Urgently inform the Senior Roving Health and Nutrition Program Manager of any disease outbreaks and consult on the mitigation plan.
  • Help in Analysing of the IPTT and providing the H&N program manager with a quality data analysis report to be for each indicator of the program to increase the in-depth analysis of the donor reports.
  • Assist in well archiving of the project documentations related to the program achieved activities as per the DIP for each governorate and uploading them to the one drive folder
  • Working effectively as team member and solve data related issues whenever occur.
  • Take up any job related assignment as requested by supervisor.


  • 5 years’ Experience in health and Nutrition information system management.
  • Thorough understanding of data collection methodologies.
  • Strong commitment to capacity building of national staff and partners with willingness to adopt a participatory and consultative management approach.
  • Strong interpersonal, communication skills & Team Spirit
  • Good English is preferred.
  • Previous experience with other INGOs HIS and SPHERE standard indicators.
  • Commitment to SCI mission, values and approach (includes child protection, equal opportunities and health and safety),
How to Apply

 Kindly use this link to apply:


This position is open to Yemeni nationals only

We are looking for both men and women from Yemen with enthusiasm and commitment to improve the protection and promotion of the rights of all children in Yemen All applicants will be subject to Save the Children’s Child safe guardian Policy and Reference Checking Process.

  • Employer: Save The Children
  • Category: Computers/IT
  • Location: Sana'a
  • Posted on: 2 September 2020
  • Deadline: 16 September 2020