Yemen Humanitarian Coordinator

The Job

Yemen Humanitarian Coordinator

Location: Taiz

Salary: Competitive (based on experience)

Reports to: Global Humanitarian Response Coordinator




Approximate % of time


To work with local partners to manage and co-ordinate effective and efficient development, implementation and management of Penny Appeal’s emergency response projects in Yemen.



To engage with a broad and balanced range of internal and external stakeholders and represent the organisation in donor, coordination/cluster and NGO meetings.



To gather media content including images and videos of distributions, case studies, marketing materials and any other media content to support the Yemen Emergency Appeal.



To grow and develop Penny Appeal’s programmes by leading the process of proposal development



Develop Penny Appeal’s linkages with donors and partner organisations to capture and diversify funding opportunities.



The successful consultant must manage a portfolio of projects and partners for Penny Appeal in Yemen and focus on establishing systems and processes in country. The content and decisions of the vision, goals and outcomes will be owned by the organisation. The appointee must work closely with the Global Humanitarian Response Coordinator and the Middle East team at HQ and will be reporting back at agreed intervals.

Key responsibilities

  • Identify opportunities for collaboration and coordination with local and international partners
  • Conduct partnership engagement meetings with INGOs and local NGOs to market Penny Appeal work Yemen and building relationships.
  • Participate in cluster and sub cluster meetings effectively and regularly
  • Represent the organization in meetings, conferences and networks as assigned
  • Establish and provide overall oversight on monitoring at both output and outcome levels of the projects implemented by PA partners
  • Support all efforts at accountability to local communities and other beneficiaries, engaging all relevant actors in participatory design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of programming
  • Contribute to Penny Appeal’s project cycle management, including needs assessments, formulation of concept notes, proposals and budget.
  • Ensure that project implementation by Penny Appeal partners is timely and of excellent quality and accurately achieves project outcomes and goals.
  • Work with partners to ensure beneficiary participation and contribution in the implementation of project activities.
  • Ensure that feedback and complain mechanism is effectively managed and meeting beneficiary satisfaction.
  • Conduct partner mapping and assessment for potential partnerships with PA
  • Ensure timely submission of quality periodic sitreps
  • Maintain partner relations and coordinates planning and reporting to PA
  • Review the reports from partners, collate lessons learnt, success factors and facilitate dissemination as necessary
  • Review partner progress and financial reports and highlights areas of concern vis-à-vis the performance indicators agreed upon
  • Maintain records of partner requests and/or complaints and makes follow ups to ensure they are addressed
  • Maintain effective interface with government authorities and partners as well as broader network of stakeholders
  • Develop content for proposals, project concepts and communication materials for visibility and fundraising

Person Specification

Penny Appeal is looking for a humanitarian coordinator with the following competencies:

1. A strong understanding of the international development sector including current thinking and practice around humanitarian response.

2. Proven experience working internationally in development and/or humanitarian sector, especially in the Yemen context.

3. Experience of multiple donor grant management and reporting to major donors.

4. Proven knowledge of programme design, development and implementation.

5. Ability to network with key stakeholders particularly for fundraising and advocacy.

6. Proven experience in monitoring and evaluation of programmes; use of quantitative and qualitative research data collection in support of programme development.

7. Permission to work in Yemen and fluent in Arabic (Yemeni Dialect) and English

8. Proven experience of developing and implementing security plans and high-level risk assessments

8. Excellent communication skills.

9. Commitment to Penny Appeal’s safeguarding policy



  1. Understanding of humanitarian contexts and applying humanitarian principles and standards:
    • Demonstrates understanding of the phases of humanitarian response, including preparedness and contingency, disaster risk reduction, response and recovery.
    • Demonstrates understanding of the gender, diversity and inclusion dimensions of humanitarian situations.
    • Takes into account the needs, skills, capacities and experience of crisis-affected people and applies these in the response.
  2. Achieving results:
    • Demonstrates understanding of project cycle management.
    • Demonstrates understanding of when a decision can be taken and when to involve others.
    • Considers the wider impact of decisions in order to achieve results.
  3. Developing and maintaining collaborative relationships:
    • Actively listens to new and different perspectives and experiences of crisis-affected people, stakeholders and team members.
    • Displays empathy, respect and compassion towards crisis-affected population.
    • Communicates regularly and responsibly using suitable channels and technologies with consistent messaging.
    • Actively participates in networks to access and contribute to good practice.
  4. Operating safely and securely at all times:
    • Champions the importance of safety and keeps the safety of colleagues and team members in mind at all times.
    • Recognises different vulnerabilities and reduces vulnerability by complying with safety and security protocols set by an organisation and adapting them to the local context.
  5. Managing in a pressured and changing environment:
    • Adapts calmly to changing situations and constraints.
    • Recognises personal stress and takes steps to reduce it.
    • Takes responsibility for own work and its impact on others.
  6. Demonstrating leadership:
    • Demonstrates understanding of skills and how they complement those of others to build team effectiveness.
    • Communicates humanitarian values and encourages others to share them.
    • Inspires confidence in others.improvements and better ways of working

























  1. Commitment to Penny Appeal’s mission, visions and values.
  2. Commitment to Penny Appeal’s ethos.
  3. Commitment to equality of opportunity and diversity.
  4. Hard working and self-motivated.




How to Apply

Apply for this role by emailing a personal statement and CV to


  • Employer: Penny Appeal
  • Category: Development/Non-Profit
  • Location: Taiz
  • Posted on: 8 September 2020
  • Deadline: 8 October 2020