Ended Data Collection Survey Consultant

The Job

Data Collection for: Enabling Effective and Conflict-Sensitive Responses to COVID-19 to Preserve Social Cohesion in Fragile Contexts in the Middle East

1. Context

Search for Common Ground

Search for Common Ground (Search) is a non-governmental organization working to transform the way the world deals with conflict. We have acquired over 35 years of experience in peacebuilding and are based in over 30 countries around the world. In each project we seek to engage all stakeholders to work together to address shared challenges and develop joint solutions. We have led programmes around the world to help societies channel their differences away from adversarial approaches and towards collaborative solutions with activities that range from conflict mediation and peace education to stabilization and women’s empowerment.

The Project

The overall objective of the project is: To support an effective, conflict-sensitive response to COVID-19, in a way that prevents further deterioration of social cohesion in fragile contexts.

In order to achieve this overall objective, the project has the following specific objectives:

  • Objective One: Increase the effectiveness, gender- and conflict-sensitivity of the COVID-19 response.
  • Objective Two: Mitigate the harmful effects of the COVID-19 crisis on social cohesion, stability, and ongoing conflict prevention efforts.

2. Goal and Objectives of the Consultancy

Along with other activities, Search will launch a media campaign which includes a radio drama that elevate stories of unity and cohesion, and address conflict issues of growing concern, such as the rapid increase in incidences of violence against women and girls (VaWG) during Covid-19 lockdown, or rumours targeting and scapegoating al-Muhamasheen, and other underlying conflicts (such as tensions between host communities and IDPs, health workers and communities, Covid-19 survivors, divisions between people from different socio-economic or ethnic groups, etc.).

The consultant will conduct a minimum 400-person randomized, representative sample telephone survey of people within the target districts. . They will then build a raw database of the results of the survey. The survey tool is pre-designed by the Search team and will be shared with the consultant once selected. Additionally, the consultant will be responsible for cleaning the database to be prepared for conducting the analysis.

Objectives of the survey:

  • Assess level of reach and response to media programming (Agency, Ownership)
  • Assess level of satisfaction of the Covid response (Institutional legitimacy)
  • Assess level of trust in media/information (Polarization)
  • Indirectly assess media influence on social cohesion (Polarization)

Search plans to conduct four more identical quarterly surveys as part of this project. Successful delivery of this survey has the potential to lead to follow-on contracts.

3. Geographic Locations

Target locations include two districts each in Lahj, Taiz, and Ibb, a total of 6 districts, with a focus on urban areas where the spread of COVID-19 has been more pronounced.

5. Methodology and Data Collection Tools

The consultant will translate a questionnaire that has been developed by Search and is ready to use.  The consultant will work closely with Search during data collection to ensure the sampling frame is representative of the population. Enumerators will record survey responses in Kobo Toolbox, with training and setup to be provided by Search.
Before formal data collection, the consultant will launch a one-day rapid testing process of the survey form with a cohort of at least 20 respondents. The results will be used to finalize the tools.


Search expects the following deliverables from the consultant:

  • A finalized sampling methodology, to be approved by Search;
  • A translated form of the survey into Arabic prior to conducting the survey, to be approved by Search;
  • Any necessary training of data collectors or set-up of systems for data collection;
  • A brief report (<5 pages) introducing the result of the testing day;
  • Draft report incorporating findings from the survey;
  • All original data submitted to Search;
  • Final report

6. Ethical Considerations

Data collection should be conflict-sensitive and consider Do No Harm policy. All respondents should give their informed consent before responding to the survey.

The consultant is required to respect the following Ethical Principles:

  • Comprehensive and systematic inquiry: Consultant should make the most of the existing information and full range of stakeholders available at the time of the review. Consultant should conduct systematic, data-based inquiries. He or she should communicate his or her methods and approaches accurately and in sufficient detail to allow others to understand, interpret and critique his or her work. He or she should make clear the limitations of the review and its results.
  • Competence: Consultant should possess the abilities and skills and experience appropriate to undertake the tasks proposed and should practice within the limits of his or her professional training and competence.
  • Honesty and integrity: Consultant should be transparent with the contractor/constituent about: any conflict of interest, any change made in the negotiated project plan and the reasons why those changes were made, any risk that certain procedures or activities produce misleading review information.
  • Respect for people: Consultant respect the security, dignity and self-worth of respondents, program participants. Consultant has the responsibility to be sensitive to and respect differences amongst participants in culture, religion, gender, disability, age and ethnicity.

In addition, the consultant will respect SFCG’s monitoring and evaluations standards.

Additionally, due to COVID-19 transmission risk and the discovered cases in Yemen, Search requires that the consultant follow comprehensive safety and security measures during data collection and consider the methods that minimize transmission risk and avoid gatherings of people.

7. Data Quality Assurance and Management

All studies will be reviewed and approved by our country office and global Institutional Learning Team prior to acceptance of the final product.

The consultant will report directly to the M&E unit at Search Yemen country office.

8. Timeline

The duration of the contract will be up to 4 weeks depending on the agreed deliverables, this might be reduced to 2 weeks. The duration starts from the time of signing the contract. Specific dates will be agreed upon at the beginning of the consultancy.

9. Budget

The total budget available for this study is $5,000 USD. A detailed budget should be provided, including daily rates for personnel, and costs related to data collection (per total number of people sampled, sites for collection, etc.), analysis, and production of deliverables. The consultant should use the attached financial proposal template to indicate the financial offer per deliverable as described in the tables included. The template asks for extra information that might require more budget than the available amount. Search will need this information to forecast the required budget for future planning for the same project.

10. Requirements of Consultant

The following skills and experience are expected by Search for the consultant:

  • Proficiency in English and Arabic;
  • More than 5 years of experience in project evaluation, including collecting data in interviews, surveys and focus groups;
  • Experience in conflict analysis and working with justice and civil society sectors;
  • Experience working with international organizations;
  • Experience conducting quantitative surveys and analysis;
  • Evaluation methods and data collection skills;
  • Familiarity and experience with contextual challenges in the geographic location(s) where the study will take place.

Selection Criteria

Consultant proposals will be selected for:

  1. Qualifications of the candidate(s).
  2. Proposed budget in relation to proposed methodology, deliverables and team.
  3. Timeline for proposed activities.
How to Apply

To apply, interested candidates (individuals or teams) are requested to submit the following two documents:

  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Technical proposal including a sampling methodology describing the approach the consultant will follow to secure a randomized, representative 400-person sampling frame
  • A financial proposal, use the Financial Proposal Template for the completion of the aforementioned deliverables and a short cover letter. (You can download it by clicking on the below link)
  • All mentioned requirement should be sent to procurement-yemen@sfcg.org

Deadline for applying: September 20th, 2020.

  • Employer: SFCG
  • Category: Consultant
  • Location: Sana'a
  • Posted on: 9 September 2020
  • Deadline: 20 September 2020