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Electrical Engineering

Job Overview

Electrical Maintenance engineer duties and responsibilities:

The prerequisite for becoming an Electrical  maintenance engineer is achieving a degree in electrical engineering. Accumulating a few years of experience in the field of maintenance increases your chances of getting a job and being a successful engineer at the same time.The overall responsibility of all maintenance engineers is to ensure that all machines in the workplace and processes run smoothly.Therefore, this engineer performs preventive maintenance or emergency maintenance tasks in his workplace.

*Conduct periodic inspections:

One of the primary tasks of any Electrical maintenance engineer is to conduct periodic maintenance inspections of equipment, tools, and machines in the workplace. Some checks are performed only when the equipment or machines are not in use. Other inspections can be made of machines while they are running, especially for production lines, as stopping the machine can cause losses to the company. During inspection, the engineer looks for worn, damaged or defective parts and assesses the efficiency of the production system.

*System improvements and changes:

The Electrical maintenance engineer recommends to the company management any improvements and changes needed to improve the performance of equipment and systems. These recommendations are usually based on research and studies of modern systems and technology. The maintenance engineer also outlines the equipment that needs to be changed depending on the results of the inspections performed on it.

* Troubleshooting

The Electrical maintenance engineer plays another major role in troubleshooting and repairing failing systems. Corporate bosses expect him to know by heart everything about their company's technical systems. Therefore, after identifying the problem, the maintenance engineer should infer its causes as soon as possible. After the engineer finds the cause, measures are put in place to prevent the same problem from recurring.

*Repair and replacement

The Electrical maintenance engineer fixes any problems that exist after inspection or troubleshooting. He can either fix mistakes himself, or supervise other employees who do so, as his situation sometimes requires leading a team, especially in companies where one person cannot handle the amount of work. In the event that some parts need replacement, the maintenance engineer will order the correct spare parts needed and ensure correct installation. After the new installations, the maintenance engineer performs a performance test to evaluate the efficiency and system of operation of the new parts.

Organizational Relationships:

  • Supervised by: Maintenance Supervisor
  • Work relations: workers in the Department of Maintenance, Quality and Production.

Conditions of employment:

* Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering

* Work experience:

  • practical experience of not less than two years.

Knowledge, abilities and skills:

  • High physical and mental fitness.
  • The ability to take responsibility.
  • The ability to use a computer.
  • Good command of the English language at a high level.
  • General culture and high professional culture.

The main purpose of the job:

Carrying out maintenance of machinery and equipment in the department according to work instructions and supervisor directives.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1- Carry out preventive maintenance.

2 - Carry out maintenance work for the machines as instructed by the maintenance supervisor.

3 - Paying attention to the maintenance of equipment and tools through the optimal use of them and carrying out the necessary maintenance to maintain them in an excellent condition at all times.

4 - Preparing a list of consumed spare parts and following the instructions for the replacement period of spare parts.

5 - Ensure that the process of repair and maintenance of machines is completed successfully by conducting some experiments on the machines under the supervision of the maintenance supervisor before handing them over to production personnel.

6 - Cooperating with colleagues in order to complete the tasks assigned to him.

7- Carry out periodic inspection of the machines in order to avoid sudden stops of the machines during production.

8- Maintaining the cleanliness of the workplace and the general appearance.

9- Contribute to the treatment of energy waste of any kind and report it to the direct supervisor.

10-Follow security and safety instructions during the implementation of the work.

11- To carry out any work entrusted to him within the scope of his work.

How to Apply

To apply please send your CV to the following email: Ahmed.Alasbahi@hsa.com.ye

Please mention the job title in the subject line of the email.