MEAL Manager

The Job

The Role

To increase Oxfam’s program impact in Yemen country by working closely with country management and   program teams to improve program quality – providing leadership, coordination and strategic support on foundational program quality (design, planning, monitoring, evaluation, learning, social accountability and partnership) with Oxfam’s one program approach, gender, rights-based approach and impact at scale embedded. 

What we are looking for

This role works across the spectrum of long-term development, humanitarian and influencing interventions in close coordination with thematic advisers. The role of the MEAL Manager is firmly grounded in Oxfam’s 2020 vision, in which Oxfam becomes a knowledge-driven organization. The aim is for countries to become self-sufficient in meeting program standards, with learning and feedback influencing program and strategic decision-making, programs working in a synergistic manner with each other, and knowledge being consumed, created, and disseminated.

We offer

This role will give you an opportunity to make a difference in Yemen, to act as key contributor to the country team, to work with a group of passionate people that are specialists in their fields etc, training and development, offers fair pay and competitive benefits package.



  • Promote a programme quality culture and evidence-based decision making: Work with the Country Management team to develop a culture of programme quality and knowledge-driven programming within Oxfam and partners, and actively participate in senior management meetings, providing support to evidence-based decision-making processes.
  • Develop and ensure implementation of country programme quality strategy: Develop, monitor, and ensure the implementation of a country programme quality strategy for foundational aspects (design, MELSA and partnership), ensuring cross-cutting topics are embedded in programme quality.
  • Lead and support management on programme quality review and prioritization: Provide leadership and quality assurance on the planning, preparation, and implementation of annual Programme quality Reviews that inform programme quality improvement plans, and support country and program management to establish programme quality priorities.

- Programme design and planning

  • Provide support in planning for participatory programme/project design: In close collaboration with funding team, guide and support CMT and program teams in planning for programme, project, and proposal design. This includes promoting and supporting early engagement and active participation of partners, primary change agents, and of Oxfam and partner programme quality staff in programme and project identification and design.
  • Influence and guide country team to embed and resource programme quality in programmes/projects: Provide guidance to and support developers and authorizers in ensuring that programme quality is embedded in new programmes and projects - in particular restricted programming - and that developed programs and projects meet Oxfam quality standards. Influence funding and decision-making processes to ensure investment in MELSA at 5% of program spend, and include additional resources for design, partnership and knowledge management.
  • Lead and support quality strategy, programme, and project development processes: Proactively lead/support/contribute to the development of country strategy, programmes, and prioritized strategic proposals in coherence with Oxfam standards, with an emphasis on ensuring sound programme logic and objective setting that is informed by contextual information, learning, and knowledge.
  • Promote and facilitate evidence-based programme design: In close collaboration with thematic advisers and funding staff, promote and facilitate effective use of relevant learning and knowledge for evidence-based programme and project design by Oxfam and partner teams.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning, and Social Accountability

  • Together with the Project Managers, develop and strengthen the participatory MEAL system within the programme and ensure that the defined system incorporate the MEAL principles, aspects and Oxfam minimum standards.
  • Lead and coordinate support to MELSA strategies and plans: Proactively lead and coordinate support for Oxfam and partner teams ensuring the operationalization and implementation of effective and participatory MELSA strategies and plans at all levels in line with Oxfam standards.
  • To guide team to design specific processes, methodologies and tools for MEAL (including indicators tracking) and reporting in line with Oxfam principles and minimum requirements, working closely with Oxfam and partner project teams.
  • Assure quality of programme and project MELSA: Provide assurance and control of the quality of programme and project MELSA that is appropriate to the context and in line with Oxfam standard
  • Support MEAL and project staff in timely implementation of monitoring framework and tools, to ensure quality and consistent information is available on programme performance and impact.
  • Put systems in place to ensure quality assurance of all field data collection exercises, data management, and analysis.
  • Participate in development and/or review of reports with qualitative and quantitative MEAL findings.
  • Participate in initiatives led by Technical Team leads to develop monitoring approaches, methods and tools for relevant sectoral interventions.
  • Provide technical support in the development of beneficiary counting methodology for the programme and lead on the establishment of an improved beneficiary database system (including needs assessment, engaging appropriate technical support, and supporting roll-out across the programme).
  • Advice and support in MELSA system design and implementation: Provide technical advice and support in designing and implementing relevant programme and project MELSA systems in line with priorities agreed with programme and country management teams
  • Work closely with gender advisor in ensuring that all MEAL processes, methodologies and tools are gender sensitive.
  • Lead and support implementation of country knowledge and learning agenda: Lead on the definition of a country knowledge and learning agenda and provide methodological guidance to thematic leads on the design and organization of programme reviews and learning events
  • Contribute in timely and quality reporting on Oxfam projects in the humanitarian & resilience programme, demonstrating accountability and learning.
  • Collate information and prepare a report for Global Output Report (GOR) for the programme, which will feed into the annual country GOR report.
  • Work with project teams to develop and train partners on MEAL tools and systems.
  • Oversee quality and relevance of programme MIS data: Provide oversight in ensuring that Programme Management Information Systems are up to date and contain accurate information that facilitates decision-making at the strategic and operational level


  • Provide technical supervision of MEAL staff of field offices and ensure that staff receives adequate training, mentoring and coaching.
  • Contribute to managing technical performance of MEAL staff including to objective setting, personal development plans, and performance appraisal.
  • Evaluation, Review, and learning:
  • Work closely with project Technical teams to ensure that planned internal surveys/reviews are undertaken and meet the expected standards.
  • Plan for and ensure external evaluations for the projects and initiatives and ensure that learning from these processes is disseminated.
  • Share and support teams to share relevant MEAL findings with country team, project teams, partners and stakeholders in appropriate format to ensure the whole programme benefits from and applies the learning.
  • Support Project Managers in conducting monitoring/learning reviews as per standards.
  • Support the project team and partners in extracting lessons learnt and good practices, and documenting case studies which demonstrate qualitative and quantitative changes over the period.


  • Develop guidelines and provide technical support to the programme team and partners to design, implement, and monitor accountability strategy and mechanisms in accordance with Oxfam minimum standards of accountability.
  • Review of the accountability reports and ensure quality assurance of feedback and complaint mechanisms.
  • Support project teams and partners to draw learning from accountability findings and share with senior management.

Capacity building for partner and Oxfam staff:

  • Facilitate capacity building process of partners and Oxfam staff on knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for effective MEAL through training and coaching.
  • Provide high-quality advice to programme managers and partner staff as required.
  • Train project teams on using analysed data to inform program quality control, document lessons leant and future project development
  • Train project focal points on Oxfam’s Programme Accountability and Learning (OPAL) system for managing information and provide technical support to the focal points to support teams in the projects.
  • Share quality standards in tools and processes with the programme team to enhance Oxfam’s humanitarian/resilience response


  • Ensure proper programme quality coordination and streamlining structures between Oxfam and partners are in place.
  • Ensure that Oxfam’s programme quality system is linked to wider inter-agency M&E initiatives and developments and informed with industry standards and developments.
  • Delivering any other responsibility assigned by the line manager.
How to Apply

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  • Employer: Oxfam
  • Category: Development/Non-Profit
  • Location: Sana'a
  • Posted on: 19 November 2020
  • Deadline: 3 January 2021