Ended Internal Auditor

The Job

Internal Auditor

Location: Head Quarter

Reporting to: Board of Trustees

Start date: February 2021

Contract Duration: 11 Months

The National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response (NFDHR) is a not-for-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO) that was established June 2012 in Yemen. Our vision is a peaceful and stable Yemen free of poverty, in which all people have equal access to basic needs and human rights, and our mission is to provide an integrated humanitarian and development response to aid Yemen and other conflict-affected countries through a professional, neutral, and transparent approach.

We aim to achieve our overall vision and mission by working to enhance local communities' development and stability through identifying structural causes of poverty, raising awareness, increasing access to basic services, and focusing on building citizens' capacities, especially women and youth, so as to enable their participation in the decision-making process that leads to sustainable development and a peaceful society within their developing and conflict-affected countries. NFDHR aims to accomplish these goals through its seven core programs: Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL); Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH); Health and Nutrition; Education; Gender and Protection; Shelter and Non-food items (NFIs); and Peace building and Governance.

Internal auditor Job Description

Internal auditor is responsible for internal audits to ensure the foundation meets its financial, operational and compliance objectives, supporting the development of an assurance planning reporting process, reporting on control deficiencies to management and making recommendations to mitigate risk and add value and Playing an active role in the maintenance and review of policies and procedures, including ensuring they are up to date with all legislation and best practices.

Main Tasks

Technical Support and Management:

  • Working with other department through NFDHR Computerized Systems in preparing the following:
  • Annual Risk Assessment Plan
  • Project Risk Assessments Plans
  • Risks Mitigation Plans
  • Prepare the Annual Audit Plan & Projects Audit Plans through NFDHR Computerized Systems and based on risk assessment and aim to ensure the correctness and integrity of the operations performed by the management at all levels of administrative and functional (finance - management - training - projects ... etc).
  • Prepare Monthly Audit Reports stating Audit Observations, Recommendations and Actions to be taken and submit them to the  BoT and update NFDHR computerized systems accordingly
  • Ensure timely follow up for the recommendations and agreed actions implementation and report the results to the BoT and update NFDHR computerized systems accordingly
  • Through NFDHR’s Compliance Audit Checklist and Computerized Systems, ensure compliance with Internal Policies & Procedures, Local Laws, Donors Requirements, Agreements and Contracts when implementing The Internal Audit tasks and responsibilities.
  • Ensure full audit for the closed projects’ documents in term of documents (completeness, accuracy, compliance to donor requirement) and report the results with recommendations and actions to be taken to the BoT
  • Ensure the proper archiving for the closed projects documents (Softcopies and Hardcopies)
  • Perform internal audit work accompanying and subsequent audits for financial and administrative operations carried out at the foundation and at all administrative levels.
  • Reviewing and continuously evaluating the internal control system and procedures used in the work of NFDHR and raising its reports and judging the adequacy of the internal control procedures in achieving a good control environment, and relying on the principle of interest and cost when evaluating the control systems should not increase the cost of the desired benefit. In addition, the design of control systems in a way that does not affect the performance of NFDHR operations in all functions, and provide NFDHR management and executive director with professional opinion on the adequacy of the internal control system.
  • Design and implement audit procedures in accordance with a sound professional methodology and apply them according the best international professional standards for internal auditing.
  • Commitment to the implementation of internal audit departments and projects do not affect the functioning of NFDHR and its operations. In addition, to follow the style of pre-reporting to NFDHR departments about schedule of audit work and objectives of the review process and what is the required documents or the processes that would be covered by the audit, which should be available during the visit procedures.
  • Proposing measures that will correct imbalances or raise the efficiency of work and saving resources for management and discussed with the departments that have been audit, and look at possible solutions.
  • Conduct a report on the results of the audit and discuss with the management and propose solutions and recommendations, and submit these reports to the BoT in accordance with an objective distinction of the relative importance of different results reached.
  • Follow-up of the administration's implementation of the corrective actions and recommendations proposed in previous audit reports.
  • Assist in the external audit of financial statements.                                                           

Administrative and Reporting Duties:

  • Reviewing the financial operations and verifying their completion of the procedures and the validity of the guidance and integrity of the annexes and in accordance with the policies, procedures and regulations followed, as well as in accordance with best local and international customary practices.
  • Reviewing the periodic financial reports and verifying their correctness and the extent of their reversal of reality and their response to the needs of senior management.
  • Check orders and bonds payment cash and check in order to ensure the correctness and conformity of disbursements to approved financial policies and delegated authority.
  • Review the recruitment procedures and ensure that they are in accordance with the policies and procedures adopted and the selection of the best-advanced sources.
  • Examine the files of the employees and ensure the integrity of the evaluation procedures and complete all the conditions and not to violate the laws and procedures in force.
  • Ensure the policies and procedures of receipt, disbursement and retention of such funds, materials and assets and that they are done completed according to reports and records.
  • Prepare reports pertaining audit results and make recommendations to the BoT to support the integrity and efficiency of the internal control system and detect any deviations in performance or procedures at any administrative level.
  • Review the reports prepared by the external inspection and control bodies and ponies and analyse any observations provided, and follow-up implementation by the departments concerned.
  • Perform any other work that maybe assigned by the BoT.

The role of the internal auditor is not limited to the specific duties mentioned above. It is subject to change with the evolution of the conflict and in accordance with NFDHR’s vision and mission. As such, the internal auditor is required to manage all unforeseen issues and circumstances in relation to NFDHR and should remain adaptable to perform responsibilities that may not be mentioned above, as and when required.

Experiences, Qualifications and Abilities


  • University degree in Accounting, CPA, CIA, ACCA is preferred.
  • At least 5 years’ experience working in internal audit.
  • Excellent knowledge about the IFRS, ISA, IAS
  • Proven Experience in Donors’ Requirements such as UN Agencies, ECHO, DFID.
  • Excellent Knowledge about the Local Laws and Regulations
  • Risks Assessment, Management and Mitigation Skills
  • Ability to work on computerized systems and applications, preferably (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems)
  • English and Arabic language proficiency (speaking, reading, writing)

  • Strategic and Proactive Planning Skills
  • Excellent interpersonal, representative and communication skills (written, oral, cross - cultural)
  • Ability to take initiative where appropriate to deal with difficulties encountered in daily work.
  • Ability to adapt, change priorities according to the changing situation within a mission or the organization.
  • Ability to conduct work in a professional and mature manner
  • Flexible and able to work well under pressure
  • Capable of working collaborative with team members to achieve results
How to Apply

If you meet the requirements stated above, please apply through the below link

Link: http://erp.nfdhr.info/IA

Deadline: 14/01/2021

Only Shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

  • Employer: NFDHR
  • Category: Accounting/Finance
  • Location: Sana'a
  • Posted on: 4 January 2021
  • Deadline: 14 January 2021