Finance Officer

The Job

Job Title: Finance Officer

Status:  Full-time-Roving

Location:  Al-Mukha & Al Khawkhah, Yemen

During: 35 months.

Staff: 1

ADO Overview

Abs Development Organization for woman and Child (ADO) is a well-established national, humanitarian, developmental, non-profitable and non-governmental organization, founded in August1996 by a group of Yemeni girls to provide a better standard of living for woman, Child and youth in Yemen. ADO has been operating in Yemen for more than 25 years with an excellent presence in the deprived rural areas located on the coast of Tehama and various areas in Yemen to get rid of poverty and infectious diseases. Since its inception, it has implemented over 120 development and humanitarian interventions in 10 out of the 22 governorates of Yemen benefiting over 6, 400,000 people. As a result, the organization has established itself among the most effective civil society organizations in Yemen that are working on issues related livelihood, health, education, and WASH in support of women, children, and youth. Operating out of its Headquarter office in Sana’a and its offices in Hodaiedah, Hajjah, Abs, Raymah Taiz and Aden, ADO, provides critical educational, health, livelihood and WASH services to urban and rural communities. ADO believes that a woman is the essence of life, therefore it has devoted all its activities and programs to empower and educate a woman, because the educated and empowered woman will lead to an educated family in which empowered family will ensure a developed society leading to a civil state, good governance and conscious civil society out of oppression. ADO believes that youth are a miraculous energy. If they are enabled, they will build a civil state and good governance, as well as ADO believes that protecting and caring for children will result a beautiful future and free from crime and terrorism.


In partnership with DKH, ADO is planning to implement fish farming project in two governorates (2 coastal districts Al-Mukha, & Al Khawkhah of Hodaiedah and Taiz governorates). The project will make a direct connection to existing livelihoods that are prevalent in the target area, specifically fishery and introduce innovative complementary products and processes.  The fish cage farming builds upon the existing livelihoods of the fisher community as well as its supply chain and local customs. Under the overall objective ADO is planning to establish and operate 8 fish farm cages with one hatchery and one feed plant.

By proving it´s economic viability on the West Coast of Yemen the project will lay a foundation to-scale the innovation along the coastal areas, increasing fishermen income, re-engage fishermen who have been forced to abandon their traditional livelihood, boosting supply of nutritious locally-produced fish in a country on the brink of famine, and increasing resilience.

The project will also have a conditional cash component (during on-the-job vocational training). The income households will earn initially through cash-for-training, and later through (new) livelihoods will increase household food security and community resilience. The project will strengthen the local market by reviving and strengthening first and foremost supply (strengthening/developing new value chains such as fingerling and fish feed production, fish from aquaculture), and secondly demand (cash-for-training measures, strengthening the livelihood of the target group).

Job objectives/ Scop

Responsible for the accuracy and integrity of all the accounting operations of the project and to ensure the integrity of the supervision of all documents and the process of entering the accounting operations of the project, the payment vouchers automatically and manage all financial operations in the project and assume its responsibilities, and to apply sound accounting and financial policies and procedures according to ADO’s Financial Manual.

Job Scale: C

Job Category/ Area: Class (C)

Salary Scale: C(4)

Reported to: Project Manager, Programs Manager and Finance Manager

Supervisor on: None

Duties and Responsibilities and wight

Technical role: (80%)

  1. Ensures to keep complete records of the accounts related to the project, according to the manual organization funding.
  2. Maintains an archive of all original copies of the fixed financial records in a manner (a) easily accessible (b) are kept current and old records (c) should be loaded scanned copies of all financial records on a monthly basis for cooperation with the compliance and risk auditor.
  3. Review documents and review project reports.
  4. Process all check payment for project’s related claims to ensure compliance with ADO policy and donor procedures.
  5. Issuing the check for the salaries of the employees, Volunteers, and workers.
  6. Familiarity with relevant donor rules and regulations in relation to procurement, Finance, HR and Programs as set out in grant agreements.
  7. Prepare of voucher for payment, receive and daily entries..
  8. Monitor and ensure that all project implementation activities require the direct or indirect participation of foreign exchange of suppliers and contractors while ensuring the separation of tasks
  9. Preparing the final reports of the project and preparing the GL and submit it to the direct director for examination and review.
  10. Ensure that costs are allocated to the project in accordance with the cost allocation methodology on a consistent basis.
  11. Prepare the monthly report of the donor on the expenses incurred, based on the donor’s requirements
  12. Participate with Project’s manager, and Procurement Officer on preparing the Procurement plan for the required for implementation of the different project’s activities, and agree on that plan
  13. Prepare Cash-flows for the project disbursements based on donor’s requirements to be submitted to the donor on timely manner.
  14. Issue request for fund as certain levels of spending been reached
  15.  Update project’s spending forecasts based on anticipated/achieved level of spending.
  16. Ensure that project assets and liabilities monthly schedules and settlements are maintained on a consistent basis ensuring that all balances are settled with the financial management system.
  17. Ensure that all internal and external financial reports on the project are submitted in a timely manner and duly verified.
  18. To review the official e - mail messages on a daily basis, and to respond to queries from suppliers and staff and managers of other departments in a timely and appropriate manner, and make sure to raise any problems directly to the Director at the earliest opportunity.
  19. Upload to any financial risk / fraud activities directly to the Field Director / Finance manager / General Manager
  20. Assist the Head of Accounts Section to strengthen internal controls and internal control environment.
  21. Ensure that project advances should be initiated and liquidated in accordance with the guidelines of the ADO Financial Manual or any special guidance provided by the Finance Manager.
  22. Responsible for ensuring that all payments are properly encoded for registration.
  23. Assist the Accounting Manager in preparing the audit balance of the project and periodic reviews of the budget items of the project and monitoring the financing gap.
  24. Work closely with the project manager to understand the financial aspects and fully comply with the donor-funded portfolio to understand the financial compliance requirements of donors.
  25. Monthly reconciliation of the project, inventory of the fund, preparation of the settlement of the bank, review of the general professor and the balance of the monthly audit and raising them to the head of the accounts section and the finance manager.
  26. Prepare the monthly report and submit it to its direct supervisor.
  27. Perform any other tasks determined by the direct supervisor.
  28. Checking entries and ensuring the accuracy of entries and the correct budgetary charging of expenses, and ensuring that Actual expenditures made for each budget line, not exceeds the allowable percentage for transfer percentage indicated on the grant agreement for transfer amount from one budget line to another budget line located in the same activity budget
  29. Ensuring the correctness, and prepare the periodic bank reconciliations for cash-on hand balances “for petty cash disbursements”, and project’s bank accounts
  30. Verifying physical cash count
  31.   Ensure the application of financial controls (Preventive/detective); during execution of  project’s transactions on daily basis.
  32.   Ensure the implementation of financial policies, procedures and applicable regulations/laws.
  33.  Ensure compliance with all donor procedures and guidelines.
  34. Review all payment documents to provide adequate and adequate backups and verify accounts before payment is made by check or cash
  35. Be sure to check and calculate the legal deductions (Tax, Social Security, Health Insurance, and professional Training subscriptions correctly and pay them to the government agencies on time to avoid any penalty.
  36. Delivery of monthly statements of advances and deductions to employees to the employees' affairs in order to make discounts on time.
  37. Reporting, and monitoring of advances balances (Work/ Personal), and verify that all outstanding balances, been properly cleared, prior of issuing of new advances.
  38. Awareness and proper application of ADO and donor fraud and anti-corruption policies, and lead the effective communication of these policies to staff and partners.
  39. Review all project’s contracts made with the third parties, along with any related documents to avoid any anomalies/inconsistences, any instances of conflicts of interest, and instances of override regulations applicable to the Organization, and activities.
  40. Review official e-mails on a daily-basis, respond to queries from suppliers and colleagues in a timely and appropriate manner, and ensure any problematic issues are raised with the Finance manager as soon been received.
  41. Perform any other tasks determined by the direct supervisor

Coordination role: (20%)

  1. Coordination with the review and ensure that all the observations and supporting documents are completed by the competent authorities
  2. Coordination with the logistics department on a monthly basis to complete the quarterly reconciliation of field offices

Training / Development plan

  1.   activities progress report   skill.
  2. Leadership and supervisory skills

Performance appraisal

  • Based on position objectives & competences

Career Path/ Career Cluster

Finance Department

Part (2) person specification for this job

Experience and Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Finance.
  • Work experience of at least 3 years with non-governmental organizations in the field Financial management

Skills / Knowledge

  1. Good knowledge of English and recent writing.
  2. Highly skilled in using Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Arabic and English printing, e-mails)
  3. Experience and  skill on working with Accounting Information System ( ERP systems)
  4. Experience working in a multi-currency environment.
  5. Knowledge in cost allocation
  6. Knowledge of financial regulations
  7. Excellent analytical and numerical skills
  8. High time-management skills
  9. Strong ethics, with an ability to manage confidential data
  10. Commitment to the goals and principles of ADO.

Previous Training

  • Fluency in English and Arabic.
  • Efficient use of Microsoft Office programs.

Accountability& Behavioral Competency Model

  • Holds self-accountable for making decisions, managing resources efficiently, achieving and role modelling DKH and ADO values.
  • Takes responsibility for improving the fullest performance of the team.
  • Ensures delivery on time, accuracy and validity of the reports.
  • Hold responsibility for implementing high standards of internal control and procedures to safeguard the project’s operations and assets.
  • Ensure that ADO policy and procedures are respected, facilitate the work, and be responsible for the implementation of its recommendations.

Age : 27-45

Gender: Male\ Female

Issue Date: 26-01-2021

How to Apply


  • A cover letter including a maximum two pages description of why you are an ideal candidate and what you would bring to the role.
  •  A current curriculum vitae.
  • Names and contacts (telephone, fax, and e-mail addresses) of three professional referees who are familiar with your qualifications and work experience.
  • Your nominated referees ideally should have persons from each of the following category: direct supervisor, internal peer and/or direct report.
  • Screening will start immediately, and will continue until the position is filled.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

If you meet the requirements and interested in this job please fill the Application in the following URL:

Deadline to send your application

Date: (28/2/2021)

  • Employer: ADO
  • Category: Accounting/Finance
  • Location: Al Mukha, Al-Kokhah
  • Posted on: 21 February 2021
  • Deadline: 28 February 2021