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Posted on 03 Aug, 2022
Closing on 15 Aug, 2022
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Job Description

(Financial Accountant and HR officer)

Title:  (Financial Accountant and Human Rescores officer)
Accountant & HR officer – Assistant of  Head of the financial and administrative department.
Project: Yemen Integrated Urban Services Emergency Project II (YIUSEP II)
Duty station:  Aden, Yemen
Section/Unit: Project Management
Supervisor: Project Implementation Unit Manager


Created in 2005, the RMF-IU has considerable experience in contract management. It had implemented several road maintenance and road rehabilitation contracts with funding from the road maintenance budget as well as from various donors, including the World Bank. For these contracts, the unit had managed all procurement activities for goods, works and consulting services. It had accumulated extensive experience in preparing bids, requests for proposals from consultants, and tender documents. The RMF-IU was headquartered in Sana'a since 2005, and in 2018 it has been transferred to be headquartered in Aden city based on cabinet decision No. (45) of (2018) regarding the transfer of the main centers of the funds to the temporary capital of Aden, Yemen.


With funds received from the World Bank (IDA Grant YIUSEP II) for a period of two years, the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) will implement a project aiming at restoring critical urban areas within the Republic of Yemen. The project targets some cities in Yemen that have an estimated pre-crisis population of 50,000 people or more, or that have been covered in the Yemen Damage and Needs Assessment.

Under a direct project cooperation agreement between UNOPS and RMF-IU, the subprojects to be implemented by RMF-IU will be all under the urban roads/transport sector targeting the rehabilitation of selected primary and secondary urban roads including those at the entrances to the cities. RMF-IU will perform all necessary activities towards the design and implementation of each sub-project until completion to the satisfaction of UNOPS. The tasks will be planned in close coordination with UNOPS to ensure delivery to the agreed level of quality, those tasks are project selection, community engagement, design of works, procurement of consultants, procurement of contractors and works, contract administration, and quality management.

Under the direct supervision of the road maintenance project implementation unit manager and in close collaboration with the project team, the Design Engineer will be responsible for the effective technical and operational management for the project in compliance with RMF-IU and UNOPS rules and regulations throughout all the project components and phases. The incumbent is responsible to abide by security policies, administrative instructions, plans and procedures of the RMF-IU and UNOPS.


The Financial Accountant & HR officer is an assistant of the head of the financial and administrative department,  HE is a financial accounting specialist and has full knowledge of human resources regulations, laws and procedures. And Works under the supervision and management of both of RMF-IU /SFA 'Senior Financial and Administrative' &  the RMF-IU general manager, and accordingly, it is the responsibility of  the financial and human resources procedures of the unit  
He is the assistant of the 'head of the department', Accordingly, the following duties and responsibilities  :

  • Financial and administrative preparation of most of the financial duties and administrative department's works.
  • Responsible for the proper application of financial and administrative regulations and systems,  job performance and job discipline of employees.
  • Participation with the relevant departments in preparing the unit's annual estimated budget draft in coordination with both of RMF-IU/ SFA 'Senior Financial and Administrative' & the RMF-IU general manager,
  • Signing /upon requested and as per related composites of Accountant position/ all financial transactions and documents of exchange and receipt orders in cash or checks, and approving the accounting guidance for all types of expenditures, receipts, and settlement entries, as well as those authorized to sign these documents.
  • Participating with RMF-IU/ SFA 'Senior Financial and Administrative' of the direct responsibilities for operating expenses (salaries - bonuses - additional work - travel allowance .... etc.).
  • Preparing annual budgets every three months, and comparing them with the actual expenditure, which is reviewed by the RMF-IU/ SFA or RMF-IU general manager.
  • Ensure that recording all financial transactions on a timely basis and ensures the integrity of the application of documentary and accounting courses.
  • Participating with RMF-IU/ SFA for all documents of the project's assets, including equipment, devices, means of transportation, and others.
  •  Periodic and annual inventory.
  • Responsible for preparing all financial or any related data and information requested by RMF-IU General Manager.
  • Prepare, review and Ensure the organization of the archive of the financial & Administrative department and Preserve the confidentiality of the documents it contains.
  • Preparing and Signing all the amended accounting settlements for final approval the project RMF-IU/ SFA  & auditor.
  • Executing the work issued - within the limits of his competence - for the benefit of the work.
  • Responsible for preparing annual job performance evaluation reports for the unit's employees.
  •  Preservation of analytical record of documentary credits in which he records all the data related to the approval and informs the custodian of opening a file for each credit.
  • Preparing the necessary receipts and bonds for all guarantees and withdrawal requests and recording them through the approved accounting systems and programs.
  • Participating with the  related departments, Accountant Makes a monthly settlement for the private account and registers all kinds of tenders, whether they are goods, works or services.
  • Monthly report for a monthly settlement for the own account or any other accounts, if any, and closing a monthly account by the financial department. Should be submitted to RMF-IU general manager
  • Ensure that all financial procedures, withdrawal requests and claims are appropriate and easy to obtain on demand.
  • Documenting administrative procedures through the automated system for human resources for all activities of the unit's employees.
  • Applying mechanisms and systems for monitoring administrative performance and submitting proposals and financial and administrative reports to the unit's general manager.
  • Assisting in any tasks related to the specialization requested by RMF-IU  general manager or  RMF-IUSFA  in following up on all the unit's projects.

Details of duties :

  • Preparing the accounting entry according to the chart of accounts, ensuring the correctness of the accounting guidance, and recording and posting the financial statements According to the accounting system approved in the unit, using the automated financial system.
  • Registering all the accounting entries received on a timely basis, after ensuring that signatures on them are completed and approved.
  • Preparing documents for issuing withdrawal requests and editing checks issuance documents in accordance with the supporting documents and documents.
  • Preparing subsidiary trial balances and matching them with the applicable general trial balance according to the unit's financing terms.
  • Preparing payroll, forms and lists of expenditures for all expenses.
  • Monthly reconciliation with bank account statements.
  • Keeping the employee leave record - working hours (automatically).
  • Preservation of a register of fixed assets (automatically) that includes recording all items of fixed assets with proof of any additions or exclusions.
  • Based on the supporting documents.

Ensure the safety of the fund's daily movement by matching the fund's account with the cashier's journal.

  • Preparing settlement entries based on the supporting documents.
  • Reconciliation with the statements of accounts of the financier (the World Bank).
  • Preparing settlement notes with the financing banks.
  • Registering in the general journal and matching its balances with the auxiliary diaries (automatically).
  • Preparing the quarterly statement (every three months) on the financial obligations and presenting it to the head of the financial department.
  • Participation in the work of the cash inventory committees in the Fund.
  • Preparing the dues of the tax authority and certifying them from the head of the financial department and transferring them to the account of the tax authority
  • The party of the Central Bank of Yemen - receiving all correspondence from extracts, invoices and any other financial correspondence.
  • Handing over the documents according to the sequence of their numbers with the attachments after completing the registration to the archive for keeping the documents.
  • Keeping a record of guarantees, including (guarantee number, date of guarantee, bank issuing the letter of guarantee,
  • The purpose of the letter of guarantee, the amount of the guarantee, the expiry date of the guarantee, renewals, other data).
  • Preparing the lists of the final accounts and the balance sheet (monthly - quarterly - annually).
  • Answering the questions and inquiries of auditors and auditors and presenting this to the head of the financial department.
  • Preservation of the contracting contract register, including the data of the first page (contract number, contractor's name and full address,
  • The date of signing the contract, the purpose of the contract, the duration of the contract, the value of the contract, the government’s contribution (%), the financing entity’s contribution (%), the value of the final insurance, the date of the initial receipt, the period of delay in executing the contract, the amounts of fines imposed
  • The Contractor shall, the final date of receipt (and the data on the next page include) the payments delivered to the Contractor according to the form
  • Approved in the unit, amounts supplied to the account on the debit side, supply notice number, date, details,
  • Amounts disbursed from the account on the credit side, check number, beneficiary, date of payment.
  • Clearing the custody and following up the work of settlements for the restricted amounts as a trust on the unit.  


  • Shares knowledge and experience;
  • Actively works towards continuing personal learning, acts on learning plan and applies newly acquired skills;
  • Support on the RMF-IU of training and learning initiatives for personnel on relevant topics.
  • Provide sound contributions to knowledge networks and communities of practice by synthesizing lessons learnt and dissemination of best practices in project management;
  • Share feedback, ideas, and internal knowledge about processes and best practices and utilize productively;
  • Perform other duties as may be reasonably required and in line with the incumbent’s scope of services above. 


a.    Education 

  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting / Financial administration or any related specialty to the field of work, from an accredited university.
  • Qualification certificates in modern (accounting systems + HR system) such as Yemen-Soft or similar systems such as Onyx pro , and  
  • TOFEL Certificate or (advanced levels) in English language from accredited institutes, and
  • International Computer Driving License Certificate.

b.    Work Experience 

  • Experience certificate with at least Five  years of total sufficient background on the financial and administrative procedures required by the donor In such units , and
  • Experience certificates of more than three years of experience in the financial Accounting of internationally funded projects or similar  implementation units , and
  • Experience certificates of more than tow years of experience in the Human resources.
  • Experience in the following business:
  • The integrity of the application of financial and administrative regulations and systems, and job control.
  • Preparing the annual estimated budget draft or reviewing the budget every three months
  • Preparing financial reports from the reality of project time plans and experience in preparing and reviewing cash flow and expenditure indicators and comparing them with the flowing revenues
  • Experience in modeling financial transactions, including documents of exchange and receipt orders, in cash or checks, and operating expenses (salaries - bonuses - additional work - travel allowance....etc). And all forms of the documentary financial cycle, and the administrative documentary cycle.
  • All accounting work or accounting adjustments, reviewing, documenting, recording and ensuring the integrity of the application of documentary, accounting and administrative courses, and periodic and annual inventory.
  • Organizing the archive of the financial department, maintaining the confidentiality of data, and maintaining all documents of the project's assets, including equipment, devices, means of transportation, and others.
  • Follow up and prepare the data and information requested by the funders.
  • Preparing and participating in annual employee performance evaluation reports
  • Procedures for recording and recording the analytical record of documentary credits
  • Financial review of the monthly extracts, whether they are goods, works or services.
  • Preparing, recording, keeping and releasing guarantees and withdrawal requests
  • Monthly or annual settlements of accounts and registration of all types of tenders, whether they are goods, works or services.
  • Preparing the annual account through the external account supervisor
  • Documenting administrative procedures through the automated human resources system
  • Developing mechanisms and systems for controlling administrative performance.
  • Full proficiency in computer programs is required, especially " Onyx pro , Microsoft Office - Word - Excel - PowerPoint - ... etc."
  • Full proficiency in the English language, spoken and written, and correspondence proficiency in English, in addition to Arabic, is required.
  • Experience working in an international NGO, UN agency or other international technical cooperation agency is required

c. Key Competencies

  • Treats all individuals with respect; responds sensitively to differences and encourages others to do the same. Upholds organizational and ethical norms. Maintains high standards of trustworthiness. Role model for diversity and inclusion.
  • Acts as a positive role model contributing to the team spirit. Collaborates and supports the development of others. For people managers only: Acts as positive leadership role model, motivates, directs and inspires others to succeed, utilizing appropriate leadership styles.
  • Demonstrates understanding of the impact of own role on all partners and always puts the end beneficiary first. Builds and maintains strong external relationships and is a competent partner for others. (If relevant to the role)
  • Efficiently establishes an appropriate course of action for self and/or others to accomplish a goal. Actions lead to total task accomplishment through concern for quality in all areas. Sees opportunities and takes the initiative to act on them. Understands that responsible use of resources maximizes our impact on our beneficiaries.
  • Open to change and flexible in a fast-paced environment. Effectively adapts own approach to suit changing circumstances or requirements. Reflects on experiences and modifies own behavior. Performance is consistent, even under pressure. Always pursues continuous improvements.
  • Evaluates data and courses of action to reach logical, pragmatic decisions. Takes an unbiased, rational approach with calculated risks. Applies innovation and creativity to problem-solving.
  • Expresses ideas or facts in a clear, concise and open manner. Communication indicates a consideration for the feelings and needs of others. Actively listens and proactively shares knowledge. Handles conflict effectively, by overcoming differences of opinion and finding common ground.


  • Ability to work under extreme pressure, on occasion in a highly stressful environment (e.g. civil strife, natural hazards and humanitarian crisis).
  • Cope effectively with competing demands and work under pressure of frequent and non-negotiable deadlines.

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