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Posted on 27 Apr, 2022
Closing on 18 May, 2022

Job Description

Position: Security Manager                                     
Line Manager:  Head of Mission
Location:  Aden                                         
Duration of contract: 6 months renewable        
Expected hiring date:  May 2022                
Closing date:  May 18,2022  

Security Manager Yemen 

Ensure the security management guaranteeing the safety of national and expatriate teams, equipment and buildings of the SIF in Yemen.
Secours Islamique France (SIF) is a non-governmental organization of international solidarity based in France. Founded in 1992, the SIF is an apolitical non-profit association (law 1901) with the objective of rescuing, providing assistance and protecting victims of natural disasters, armed conflicts or economic crises. The SIF intervenes in more than 15 countries around the world to deploy emergency, post-emergency and development programs. The SIF has been providing assistance to vulnerable communities in Yemen with respect for cultural diversity, without any distinction of origin, religion or gender.
SIF initiated its mission in late 2019 in Yemen and currently are operational in Lahj and in Aden governorates. SIF has a plan to expand its mission in Yemen in the areas which are high in need.

Under the management of: Head of Mission.

Cross-links with:

  • At headquarters: The Emergency desk including the logistician of the Desk, the headquarters security referent.  


In agreement with the HOM and under the technical supervision of the security referent:

The Security Manager is a specialist in security and risk management. He/she is in charge of the safety and security of SIF teams, programs, equipment and buildings in Yemen. He/she:

  • Ensures the implementation of security measures and safety and security protocols throughout the mission
  • Ensures the capitalization and archiving of documents and security management tools throughout the mission
  • Ensures the drafting of the documents of the security pack of the SIF in coordination and technical validation of the security referent of the headquarters.
  • Ensures geopolitical and security monitoring based on a solid formal and informal network allowing him continuous analysis of the situation that he shares with the HOM, the Desk and the security referent of the headquarters.
  • Participates and represents the SIF in meetings dedicated to the security of humanitarian actors and SIF partners.
  • Ensures the writing and regular distribution of weekly and monthly security reports
  • Manages security incidents in collaboration with the HOM, in coordination with the Desk and the Headquarters Security Focal Point.
  • Contributes to the recruitment of staff of the SECURITY DEPARTMENT of the SIF in Yemen in coordination with the HOM and the technical support of the Headquarters Security Referent,
  • Is responsible for the development of the network (other NGOs, national authorities, association, universities, research organization). 


In agreement with the HOM and under the technical supervision of the security referent:

  • Coordinates and ensures the proper implementation of risk mitigation protocols and measures by all SIF staff and teams as well as in all SIF bases;
  • Supervises and coordinates security assessments and the implementation of mitigation measures according to the SIF protocols in all bases and areas of action of the SIF;
  • Supervises and coordinates the security validation of the field missions of the SIF teams by the security assistants in all the bases and areas of activity of the SIF;
  • Ensures the capitalization and archiving of daily security management tools (TOR, Movement Tracking, validation, etc.)
  • Ensures security briefings for any new SIF employee in Yemen (national and expatriate staff);
  • Coordinates the regular updating of security management plans and tools across all SIF bases;
  • Proposes and then ensures the implementation of contingency and evacuation plans for expatriate and national staff relocated;
  • Coordinates the implementation of protocols and preventive measures for crisis management (Hibernation, communication tree, reference health centers, etc.);
  • Sets up and coordinates security information exchange networks for all staff (WhatsApp group, skype group, etc.) 

In agreement with the HOM and under the technical supervision of the security referent: 

  • Contributes to the development of the Mission's security strategy: analysis of the context and its evolution, development of a risk analysis and the solutions envisaged. Proposes measures to mitigate the risks and vulnerabilities of the SIF in Yemen; 
  • Assists and represents the SIF in security management meetings of humanitarian actors (INGO, security referents of other NGOs, OCHA, etc.) and develops an information network with its deputies;
  • Maintain and disseminate up-to-date warden tree for all SIF staff/offices in Yemen
  • In coordination with the implementation teams, participates in the development of projects by giving recommendations on security aspects, in particular acceptance and humanitarian access;
  • In coordination with project teams and support departments, participates in the identification of needs for the implementation of protocols and security measures
  • Report to the HOM, the Desk and the headquarters security referent on security incidents affecting the SIF and participate proactively and constructively in crisis management in compliance with the protocols of the SIF; 
  • Is the focal point at the national level for the HOM in the implementation of crisis management measures on all bases; 


In agreement with the HOM and under the technical supervision of the security referent: 

  • Manages the security guards at the country office, guesthouse and the bases of the SIF: briefing, planning, follow-up, supervision, performance interview, reinforcement of technical knowledge, regular meetings, etc;
  • Evaluates the performance of its team members regularly, before the end of the trial period and before the end of their contract;
  • Defines and updates the training plans of its team and monitors the impact of training;
  • Provides coaching and appraisal of the national security guards;
  • Work closely with HQ to identify learning and development needs in the country program. 
  • Provide regular trainings to SIF staff which address the identified training needs. Trainings may include Standard Operational Procedures; Humanitarian Negotiations; Contextual Understanding; Safety & Security Risk Management; Incident Management & Reporting, humanitarian principles, and safety and security preparedness etc.
  • Coach and mentor, all the teams on emergency preparedness/evacuations, firefighting drills and by doing regular simulation 

In agreement with the HOM and under the technical supervision of the security referent:

  • Regular drafting of monthly reports and supervision of weekly reports to be shared with the HOM and headquarters;
  • Compile and submit regular reports that track incidents and trends in humanitarian access and local security contexts within the SIF’s area of operation.
  • Provide credible information and contextual understanding of localized and country-wide security situations and incidents along with appropriate advice and analysis to the SIF field/program staff, management and HQ.
  • Provide technical input and advice in security assessments for potential new SIF programs in new geographical areas, and regular assessment reviews for existing locations.
  • Monitor and support review of regular Security Risk Assessments (SRA) and share results with Mission Management Team with advisory on how to respond to changing context. He/she is responsible for technical review after the update from the field/program teams, sending to HOM for final validation.
  • Conduct in-person and remote safety and security assessments on a regular basis in each field location to assess the level of adherence to relevant security plans and procedures designed for each geographical area.
  • Within 24 hours after the incident, produce or review incident reports submitted by the field/program staff, provide support to them and share it with HOM and HQ to ensure appropriate incident management is carried out. 


In agreement with the HOM and under the technical supervision of the security referent: 

  • Report to the HOM, the Desk and the headquarters security referent on security incidents affecting the SIF and participate proactively and constructively in crisis management in compliance with the protocols of the SIF;
  • Serves as the focal point at the national level for the HOM in the implementation of crisis management measures on all bases in the event of an incident occurring to SIF teams, equipment, and buildings;
  • Participates in the crisis unit according to the crisis management protocols of the SIF;
  • Depending on the context, promptly proposes to the HOM temporary ad hoc measures to respond to an emergency pending decisions from headquarters;
  • Is the focal point for all SIF staff to report or report an incident, regardless of the time or day of the week.
  • Contacts the teams directly to provide them with support and advice in the event of an incident occurring in the areas of action of the SIF, regardless of the time or day of the week.
  • Participates in post-crisis analysis and identification of lessons learned with the headquarters security referent and ensures that appropriate changes in security plans and tools are implemented if necessary.


  • Participate in program design in close cooperation with the Program Coordinator and HOM.
  • Advise program and field management teams on context-specific risks pertaining humanitarian access, safety, and security, and contribute to the development and implementation of mitigation measures and plans.
  • Pro-actively collaborate with key members of the leadership, operations and program leads to ensure that the humanitarian access and security management strategies are appropriately aligned with response/program priorities across all locations.


  • Contribute to development of country emergency preparedness plans.
  • Coordinate with Program and Operations departments to develop operational and programmatic contingency plans that respond to identified emergency scenarios.
  • Maintain up-to-date evacuation plan for international staff. Update the med evac plan on regular basis in cooperation with HR department.
  • Make sure that the proof of life document/s are up to date and stored in a safe way

 The list of tasks is neither exhaustive nor exhaustive and is evolving


  • Training in the security and risk management with NGO professions.
  • Minimum experience: At least7 years of experience as a field security referent in an NGO.
  • Experience in supporting a national resource is an asset.
  • Knowledge of issues in Yemen is an asset.
  • Language level: Fluent and written competency in English required, and some competency of French is an advantage.
  • Software level: Knowledge of Word, Excel, Outlook and internet search methods.
  • Knowledge of standard security documents: contingency plan, risk analysis.
  • Team spirit.
  • Organizational and writing skills.
  • Knowledge in security assessment, planning and security monitoring tools.
  • Managerial skills concern for exemplarity.
  • Writing skills.
  • Strategic vision. 


  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Openness to different contexts and cultures.
  • Ability to step back and analyze.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Flexibility, patience, diplomacy.
  • Rigor and professionalism.
  • Autonomy, versatility, adaptability.
  • Reactivity.
  • Respect for confidentiality.
  • Availability.

 As the SIF is an association with limited resources, versatility and flexibility are necessary to overcome any temporary and exceptional difficulty. The management may thus ask any employee to perform tasks outside these specifications and corresponding to your qualification or to be available during the campaign periods, outside the hours and/ or working days of the employment contract, in compliance with the legislation in force.
Position located in: Aden
Travel: Travel in the governorates according to the safety rules of the SIF

How to Apply

Condition of application:

If you feel you are the right candidate for this position, kindly send your application along with an up to date CV + a cover letter (including 3 referees with their current official contacts) by email to:   

Mandatory: The email subject line should be marked: “Security Manager".

This non-contractual document is subject to change according to the needs of the service or organization 

Important Notes / مقترحات هامة

Following the instructions on How to apply will always increase your chances of getting your application looked at.
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