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Posted on 24 May, 2023
Closing on 07 Jun, 2023

Job Description

JOB TITLE: Project Assistant
LINE MANAGER JOB TITLE: Project Coordinator (BPY )
LOCATION: Aden, Abyan and Hadramout
DIRECT REPORTS JOB TITLE(S): Project Coordinator
DATE: 24 May 2023


ARK is a social enterprise, empowering local communities through the provision of agile and sustainable interventions to create greater stability, opportunity, and hope for the future.

We believe that strong, resilient communities are the foundation of local, national, regional and international development and stability – and ultimately a safer, peaceful and more prosperous world. At ARK, we have delivered research and programmatic interventions validating this approach in over twenty countries since 2008. As a social enterprise we work in partnership with communities, our donors, and other implementers to build local capacities, generate opportunity and bring about sustainable change.

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Building Peace in Yemen ( BPY ) aims to adopt a People-to-People approach to advance conflict prevention, mitigation, and support to community-level conflict resolution mechanisms in targeted governorates in the South of Yemen (Aden, Abyan and Hadramout). Through a participatory community-engagement model, the program will bring together vulnerable and marginalized groups, including representatives of conflicting groups, on activities that address issues of common concern and that foster engagement, trust, empathy, and interdependency, thus strengthening community cohesion and reducing the likelihood of violence.
BPY will focus on prevention and mitigation of land and water disputes, and promotion of mechanisms for the resolution of such disputes, through the following components: a) technical support to rehabilitation of arable land, access to water and sustainable natural resource management; b) skills provision, capacity-building and economic empowerment activities based on sustainable agriculture, water and natural resource management, and adaptation to climate change; c) support to and coordination with local authorities and community-vetted bodies such as community councils or tribal reconciliation councils focused on management/resolution of land and water disputes/challenges surrounding land tenure; d) empowerment of youth-led volunteer activities around issues related to land and water disputes, natural resource management and other environmental issues, e.g. pollution and waste management; and e) utilization of a tailored social media platform(s)—with established reach—to amplify the visibility/magnify the impact of the activities and engage members (especially youth and women) of different groups to promote content that fosters tolerance, coexistence and acceptance and that counters hate speech, misinformation, discrimination and patterns of exclusion.
The Project Assistants will play key role in climate change, participate in establishing Community Councils ( CCs ) , sustainable of water resources management ,BPY in Yemen emphasizes on agricultural adaptation, resolve conflict, participate in developing mechanism of resolution conflict water, and land dispute, as well as addressing the impacts caused by climate change. Or through community-based mechanisms, this part aims to improve the management and governance of natural resources and other issues such as water and land dispute. The key players will be involved at various levels of implementation.
Furthermore, Project assistant will collaborate directly with the project coordinator. In order to ensure planning activities such as distributing corps, water and land dispute, technical training, good corps, coordination meetings, addressing climate change, and farmers' practices wether through CCs or Local partner. Additionally, he or she will be monitoring the local partner on the ground to ensure that the project is progressing smoothly in terms of delivery, quality, requirements, sharing challenges and share update on daily basis.


  • Support on supervising activities, local partners activities, in the field regarding water and land dispute, natural resources management and establishment of CCs.
  • Support climate-resilient agricultural practices, including technical and material support to farmers including but not limited to: The rehabilitation of arable land with techniques that include crop rotation, irrigation management, organic fertilization, and controlling erosion,
  • the plantation of drought-resilient crops can also conserve soil moisture, using natural composites and livestock manure to improve land productivity by integrating livestock and crop production and the activation of agricultural cooperatives.
  • Support the targeted communities in sustainable water resources management. The activities of these grants will include technical and material support for rainwater harvesting and water reservoirs. 
  • Activate or establish inclusive local councils that lead in scanning the outstanding land and water disputes, analyzing them, and resolving them through the existing community conflict resolution mechanisms.
  • Build the capacity of the local councils and the existing conflict resolution mechanisms on conflict analysis, resolution, and mediation.
  • Coordinated with CCs / CBOs / COSs / governmental bodies / community member and partner at field level.
  • Supporting climate-sensitive peacebuilding initiatives that promote equal sharing and management and propose any recommendations as a consequence of exchanging ideas, new suggestions, and any issues to be taken into consideration.
  • Maintain positive working relationships with all parties involved in the project, including local authorities, line-ministry offices and institutions, CCs, CBOs, CSOs, community leaders, and vulnerable groups (women and youth).
  • Collaborates closely with the project team to share themes related to advocacy in advance and makes sure that initiatives and messages related to community awareness and advocacy are well-informed.
  • Boosts the understanding of project team and stakeholders of what is working, what the challenges are and where there are gaps in addressing challenges and requirement interventions/activities.
  • Undertake any other tasks as assigned by the relevant line manager.



  • A bachelor's degree in agriculture, environmental studies, or related field scope.
  • Solid understanding of the various types of corps, appropriate environments, and requirements for corps during growth.
  • Good understanding of the main challenges facing farmers and agricultural stakeholders background (Aden, Abyan and Hadramout) 
  • Provide capacity building and facilitate training to different stakeholders along with good presentation skills.


  • Previous background about FSL, WASH, Waste management, Resolution conflict mechanism is valuable.
  • Experience working in the corporate developing or research industries (related to agricultural) is strongly desired.
  • Knowledge/experience of Yemen’s environment, geographic, community, requirement of agricultural is advantage.
  • Able to Work under pressure, keen to learn and work extra time when needed.
  • Arabic is a requirement, and English is desirable (but not necessary).


We believe that strong, resilient communities are the foundation of local, national, regional and international development and stability – and ultimately a safer, peaceful and more prosperous world. At ARK, we have delivered research and programmatic interventions validating this approach in over twenty countries since 2008. As a social enterprise we work in partnership with communities, our donors, and other implementers to build local capacities, generate opportunity and bring about sustainable change.

Our People 

Our team covers a diverse range of professional backgrounds, from diplomacy, humanitarian, development and the military, to the UN, civil society groups, multilateral organisations, journalism and the private sector.

An ARK Person Is: 

Smart: We think deeply about things. We’re proud of our institutional knowledge and our grounding in rigorous research, which we use to make informed decisions.

Humble: Our work leaves little room for pride or arrogance. Our operating environment is constantly evolving, and we recognise our limitations. We believe in and rely on the education and experiences of others while remaining quick to read, invite feedback, and ask sensible questions.

Accountable: Each of us want ARK, its partners, and beneficiaries to succeed. This means taking initiative, assuming ownership when necessary and never giving up on our beneficiaries. We are committed and accountable, to both our donors and the communities we serve.

Collegiate: We know we are stronger together, and that every contribution counts. We trust each other and always support each other.

Outspoken: We tackle diverse challenges, and we always want to find the best solution to a problem. We aren’t afraid to share our opinions and we want to hear those of others too.

ARK Group is an equal opportunity employer. We actively seek a diverse applicant pool and encourage candidates of all backgrounds to apply. ARK Group does not discriminate on the basis of ability, age, gender identity and expression, national origin, race and ethnicity, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. We welcome all kinds of diversity. ARK Group places human dignity at the centre of its development and stabilisation work and is thus committed to the protection from sexual exploitation and abuse of children and adults. All ARK Group employees and related-personnel are expected to share this commitment, and only those who also uphold these values will be recruited as part of our team. This vacancy is therefore subject to a range of due diligence checks.

How to Apply

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