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ZOA is an International Netherlands based NGO which offers RELIEF to people who are affected by conflict or natural disasters in 17 Countries worldwide. ZOA wants to contribute to a new perspective of HOPE in which people work together for a promising future in dignity and mutual trust. Together with the affected communities, we work on their RECOVERY until they can take care of their livelihoods.

ZOA International has been operational in Yemen since 2012, mainly focusing on WASH and Food security & Livelihoods interventions in Sana’a, Hajjah, Hodeidah and Al Mahwit Governorates.

Rationale for the Cash for Work Programming Training

Cash transfers are a mechanism or tool for providing people with resources in disasters. Cash transfers are used to address social and economic vulnerabilities such as poverty, old age, disability or unemployment and to complement household income in times of exposure to shock. A key advantage is that unlike in-kind aid, cash allows households flexibility in deciding their spending needs, promote dignity and in some instances, will be quicker and more cost-efficient than providing in-kind commodities. Cash can help generate local market activity and restart livelihoods. It is often a more empowering and dignified form of support. This can have positive results for children through its impacts on nutrition, health and education. Items purchased by households will be culturally appropriate and suit their specific needs.

Over the last few years, we have implemented CfW Programmes in our humanitarian WASH and FSL activities in Yemen. However, we have always done so with limited knowledge of the best practices around CfW programming. The training will therefore aim at providing the staffs with the what, why, who, when and how of Cash for Work Programming. By the end of the training, ZOA International Yemen staffs should be able to implement CfW programmes in line with Cluster Standards and Humanitarian Best Practices.

Key tasks of the consultancy

ZOA International Yemen is seeking for an experienced CfW Trainer who will provide 2-days training to its staffs on various aspects of CfW including but not limited to;

  • Definition of key concepts and background of CfW
  • Benefits and Risks of Cash for Work programming
  • Factors to be considered before implementing CfW programmes in Yemeni Governorates
  • Implementing CfW Programmes
    • Recommended wage levels in Yemen for Skilled and Unskilled labour
    • How to select communities and beneficiaries for CfW activities
    • How to select which community projects to support with CfW activities
    • Selecting a reliable method of cash distribution/payments
    • Supervision of cash for work activities.
  • Phasing out cash for work programmes
  • Challenges and solutions to Cash for Work Programming in Yemen

Expected outputs from the training

  • Training Materials developed and shared in line with Cluster standards.
  • Training Report summarizing all the key issues covered and ZOA Yemen’s CfW mechanism in line with Best Practice.

Person Specifications

  • Graduate qualifications in any field
  • Experience of not less than 7 years in CfW implementation.
  • Experience of working with INGOs or UN agencies in providing CfW programming training in Yemen.
  • Availability to complete the task within 7 working days (or a maximum of 14 days) from the date of offer.                           
How to Apply

Interested persons should submit a Cover letter, CVs, detailed work schedule and financial proposal (in USD $) to zoayemenvacancies@gmail.com not later than April 23, 2018 2:00Pm.

  • Employer: ZOA
  • Category: Consultant
  • Location: Sana'a
  • Posted on: 16 April 2018
  • Deadline: 23 April 2018