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Posted on 08 Nov, 2021
Closing on 08 Dec, 2021
تم تمديد الاعلان الى تاريخ 8 ديسمبر 2021

Job Description

Project Coordinator

This position is entitled for executing the project's objectives and support in monitoring the project's activities.


- Bachelor Degree ( Business Administration,Civil Engineering, Agriculture, Livestock,or food production specialist)


- Minimum of Two Years of Professional Experience

- Labor-intensive Projects (Preferable)

- Development Projects

Must Have

- Fluent in Arabic & English languages

- Professional at Using MS Office

- Excellent Communication Skills

Tasks Description:

  • Preparing the operational plans for the activities and their estimated budget in accordance with the project documents and the organization's operations manual.
  • Organizing all administrative and field work for the project's activities and coordinating with the various departments in the organization in accordance with the tasks assigned to each department and its role.
  • Supervising the preparation and review of all documents (administrative, financial and technical) to ensure that the data is complete and conforms to the approved procedures.
  • Contracting with consultants in accordance with the approved controls, and setting terms of reference for the tasks assigned to them.
  • Reviewing and approving community and technical studies, in partnership with the component officer, and handing over project sites.
  • Follow-up and carry out field and community visits to prepare the community, start implementing activities, follow up on a periodic basis, monitor and evaluate the level of performance and the efficiency of implementing activities, correct imbalances and resolve conflicts, if any.
  • Continuous communication with the project officer and keeping him informed of developments first-hand, raising the difficulties and obstacles that affect the implementation of field activities, proposing appropriate and creative solutions to overcome and solving them, following them up until their completion and working to improve the outputs based on the lessons learned.
  • Documenting all data related to the implemented activities, including achievements, success stories, initiatives and lessons learned, and automatically reflecting them in the required applications and programs as well as in the agency’s database so that it is easy to extract, provide all capabilities and perform work that facilitates the documentation process with high quality.
  • Preparing the required periodic reports (monthly - quarterly - annually) and upon request and submitting them to the project supervisor.
  • Follow-up the levels of disbursement of funds according to the plan in the various activities and at the appropriate time.
  • Follow up on raising the monthly eligibility statements for the workers and following up on the exchange process.
  • Follow-up documentation of the beneficiaries’ occupational health and safety awareness procedures.
  • Entering project data into the MIS system and reviewing it on a regular basis.
  • Promote the project and participate in the meetings of the blocs and stakeholders in the governorates in which work is taking place, in coordination with the project supervisor.
  • Coordination with all relevant authorities before the start of any activity, such as official, popular and security authorities, in a way that overcomes difficulties and facilitates the implementation of project activities in a timely manner.
  • Adhere to the organization's regulations, policies, procedures and regulations and the specific controls, not to deviate from them, adhere to them, respond to them, and implement them accurately.
  • Executing any other tasks related to the project entrusted to it by the direct manager.

How to Apply

How to apply has been removed becuase this job has ended. If this is a special case, please contact us and we will help. By the way, copying this and pasting it was a smart move ;)

Important Notes / مقترحات هامة

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