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Posted on 17 Nov, 2022
Closing on 26 Nov, 2022

Job Description

Media and Communication Officer

About SDF:

The Sustainable Development Foundation (SDF) is a non-governmental, voluntary, independent organization established in March 2015, officially registered at the Ministry of Social Affairs as per license (99). As SDF has been present in Yemen since 2015, it has experience implementing emergency child protection and education responses, including women and youth empowerment. SDF has experience in handling large grants from international donors, such as UNDP, UNHCR, WFP, OCHA, WHO, SCI and ZOA. The Foundation has excellent national-level relations and has experience in coordinating with both national and international NGOs. It has offices, staff and community-based committees in Hajjah, Sana'a, Marib, Ibb, Hudidah, Dhamar, Almahweet, Al-Bayda’a, a6nd Hadramout as well as solid experiences engaging with local communities from whom it gained acceptance and with whom it has collaborated in the past. In addition to that, SDF creates livelihood opportunities and community-based protection.

  • Posted vacancy: Media and Communication Officer
  • Location: Hajjah
  • Employer: Sustainable Development Foundation (SDF) – Yemen.
  • Position Type: Full-time contract.
  • Position reporting to: Project Manager.
  • Starting Date: ASAP.
  • Post date: Nov17th, 2022
  • Closing date: Nov26th, 2022


The media officer is responsible for developing media strategies effectively for the center and managing internal communications and newsletters. Drafting texts in the press releases, the media message, or the Sustainable Development Foundation’s (SDF) website. The job requires a person with competence and experience to manage the communication processes, external and internal communication, and the promotion of a positive public image by controlling the dissemination of information on behalf of SDF. The media officer should be able to communicate and write advertisements.

Main duties of the Media & Communication officer:

  • Developing effective media strategies for the community center.
  • Managing internal communications processes such as electronic bulletins,… etc.
  • Writing draft content such as press releases for the media or the organization’s website.
  • Organizing initiatives and well planning for important events, various events and press conferences.
  • Liaising with the media and handling media interview requests.
  • Improving relations with the targeted public & social figures.
  • Collaborating with marketing professionals to produce ads and articles.
  • Confronting and dealing with negative publicity towards SDF and direct exposure to threats, creative solutions to solve out problems.
  • Facilitating and solving problems with the first public and service providers.
  • Assisting in developing communication strategies and formulating senior leadership messages for SDF.
  • Documenting and covering the events and activities carried out by the community center for IDPs.
  • Helping lead the communication process in times of crisis and responding to emergencies.
  • Activating and supplying SDF’s website and social media sites with news, media coverage and documentation of all the implemented activities.
  • Implementing various designs for publications.
  • Production of media materials, films and others.
  • Preparing information materials for attracting donors.
  • Media monitoring & analyzing of SDF’s news and related news, and developing plans for how to benefit from them.
  • Developing plans for the media perspective.
  • Keeping pace with local trends and implementing in line with the established SDF.
  • Maintaining the SDF’s identity in all media.
  • Coordination of activities related to public relations.

Skills needed for the Media Officer and Communication:

  • Proficiency in dealing with web design and production programs.
  • Proficiency in the use of all different design applications very well.
  • Writing advertisements, editing and drafting texts.
  • Understanding the principles of project management.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs and photo and video editing programs.
  • Proficiency in oral and written communication skills and presentation skills.
  • The ability to plan tasks excellently.
  • Proficiency in Arabic and English.

Requirements for working as a media and communication officer:

  • Obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations and Media.
  • Obtaining certificates in specialized programs in designs.
  • Practical experience in a media specialist.
  • Strong relationships with media organizations.
  • A dynamic, energetic, and interactive personality that takes the initiative with enthusiasm and flexibility to make the necessary change for the sustainability 
  • of the SDF’s work and to show it properly.

Employment Reporting:

  • Direct supervision: He/she reports to the Manager of the Community Center.
  • Work team: with managers, all employees and relevant specialists.

Some of the important performance indicators:

  • Demonstration and media plans for the SDF’s programs are prepared on a timely and qualitative level.
  • Number of press releases, success stories and reports.
  • The number of activities of the SDF’s published in the media and media monitoring of its news.
  • Number of information materials developed for donors and supporters.
  • The website and social networking sites are constantly updated and developed.
  • Number of media materials, such as designs, films, and more.
  • The number of materials related to its financing services and media campaigns.
  • Number of activities related to public relations.
  • Internal reports that do not contain fundamental errors threatening the existence of the foundation, with the correction of all observations contained in the specified time.
  • Responding to the needs of the foundation and sections on time.

Professional Standards: The SDF workers must adhere to the values and principles outlined in SDF Way - Standards for Professional Conduct. These are Integrity, Service, Accountability, and Equity. In accordance with these values, the SDF operates and enforces policies on Beneficiary Protection from Exploitation and Abuse, Child Safeguarding, Anti Workplace Harassment, Fiscal Integrity Anti-Retaliation, and Combating Trafficking in Persons.

How to Apply

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