Ended Logistics/IT Assistant

The Job

Under the supervision of the Senior Logistic officer, the IT Assistant is in charge of providing IT support to all users in the Yemen mission and following up all assets at a country level.
accountable to:
Under the authority of: Senior Logistic Officer
Responsible for: IT support both H/W & S/W, Asset management at capital level, Asset follow up country level

Working Relations
Internal Relations: All ACTED staff in field and capital logistics offices
External Relations: Suppliers, contractors
1.    Asset management:

The IT assistant is in charge of assets at the country level for ACTED in Yemen and his key responsibilities listed but not limited below:

Capital level – Asset management
-    To receive, tag and register all new assets across the mission
-    Followup with both purchasing and finance to complete all relevant documents for compliance purposes
-    Conduct periodic spot checks to ensure accuracy of the inventory
-    Maintain assets in good working order and to followup on the repair/ replacement of assets

Country level – Asset follow up
-    Conduct periodic  inventory controls across the bases to ensure assets are correctly managed & registered 
-    Spot checks on individual users assets to cross check state of assets and verify the lists

Country level - other property follow up
-    Conduct periodic inventory controls across the bases and capital to ensure assets are correctly managed & registered.
-    Quarterly checks to be conducted for all common assets and properties

2.    IT support:
The IT assistant is in charge of providing support to all users at the country level for ACTED in Yemen and his key responsibilities listed but not limited below:

Organisation and enforcement of procedures
-    To create maintenance schedules for both shared IT resources as well as user issues equipment
-    Periodic checks of key configurations (local backups, anti-virus, firewalls, etc.)
-    Enforcement of exit procedures and data handovers (files, email backups)
-    Data protection

HQ managed services/ purchases
-    Liaise with HQ for email creation, management & removal
-    Follow up on software purchases and licensing
-    Local enforcement of global IT policy.

Common equipment maintenance &  configuration
-    Rationalisation IT purchases (printers, UPS, etc)
-    Cost investigations and optimisation of consumables and running costs
-    Ensure breakdowns/ replacements are enacted quickly and cost effectively
-    Connectivity is assured – both for LAN and WAN connectivity
-    Server configurations and maintenance

H/W maintenance
-    Conduct preventative maintenance as far as is possible to minimise outages and cost
-    Identification and replacement of failed components
-    Data to be preserved as far is practical and cost effective
-    Periodic formatting of computers to be carried out

S/W maintenance
-    Monitor access permissions making the appropriate changes to enforce policy
-    Maintain repositories of both drivers and software to keep equipment updated and functional

3.    Reporting & Filing
The IT assistant is required to enforce the rules that are required for country reporting on all assets at a country level:
-    Record keeping both digital and hardcopies
-    Accuracy of reporting and enforcement of required controls
-    Working with FLAT to ensure compliance to both ACTED and donor requirements
-    Monthly IT report 

How to Apply

Interested candidates can send their CV to acted.sanaa.hr@gmail.com

Please mention the job title in the Subject Line

  • Employer: ACTED
  • Category: Computers/IT
  • Location: Sana'a
  • Posted on: 3 January 2017
  • Deadline: 15 January 2017
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