Ended HR Coordinator Assistant

The Job

Report to: Human Resources Coordinator
Report to functional: Human Resources Coordinator
Area: Administration, Human Resources and Finance
Location: Sana’a
Level: 7

Main purpose
Implement general administrative procedures in order to ensure documentary traceability as well as compliance with local labour and fiscal regulations, under the HR Coordinator’s supervision.


•    Following the HRCo’s instructions, supervise that the internal regulations are followed in the mission in order to ensure both tax and labour regulation compliance 
•    Execute recruitment activities ensuring transparency and equity and issuing job offers conveniently in order to meet HR needs. 
•    Inform all the new staff on Staff Regulations, HR policies and regulations and/or living conditions in order to facilitate staff integration and their security. 
•    Execute, under the HR Coordinator supervision, employee contract related activities (file opening and formal documentation archiving, personal data updating, amendments, termination dates supervision, etc.) in order to ensure legal compliance. 
•    Present and explain contract terms and the content of Internal Regulation (rights and obligations) to newly recruited personnel in order to ensure legal compliance and local integration. 
•    Collect the variable pay slip elements on Homere (paid holidays, sick leave, unpaid leave, etc.) in order to ensure accurate and on-time payroll payment 
•    Supervise the payroll process, checking the list of employees and amounts payable (variable pay, taxes, social securities contributions, etc.) in order to ensure accuracy and on time payroll payment. 
•    Follow-up cost of living on a regular basis in order to update salary references conveniently to keep acquisition power. 
•    Register applicants to training activities and help the HR Coordinator to evaluate the results in order to improve return on training expenditures. 
•    Support the HR Coordinator to draw up annual holiday planning in order to schedule staff shifts and cover operational needs. 
•    Organizes travel and files of all Staff arriving/departing the Mission, including International Staff documentation (visas, MSF card, Mission Orders, etc.), booking and purchasing plane tickets, keeping / renewing passports and organizing briefings / induction. 
•    Ensure that all staff have valid work, stay, travel permits
•    Ensures staff travelling through the capital is picked up, has appropriate papers and a place to stay
•    Staff are not allowed to chew QAT during working hours.
•    Under no circumstances are firearms/weapons allowed in MSF vehicles or on MSF premises.
•    The above-mentioned activities and responsibilities are not exhaustive, and staff may be assigned additional responsibilities or tasks as required.



  • Desirable, degree in finance, business or administration related studies.


  • Essential, working experience of at least two years in relevant jobs. 
  • Desirable experience with MSF or other NGOs in developing countries 


  • English and Arabic essential


  • Essential computer literacy (word, excel, internet, Homère)


•    Results
•    Teamwork
•    Flexibility
•    Commitment
•    Stress Management 

How to Apply

Qualified and Interested individuals must submit their CVs to :  msf.jobs.yemen@gmail.com

It is important that applicants should write the Job Title in the Subject field of the Email they will send

  • Employer: MSF
  • Category: Human Resources
  • Location: Sana'a
  • Posted on: 4 January 2017
  • Deadline: 11 January 2017