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Posted on 12 Sep, 2023
Closing on 19 Sep, 2023

Job Description

Position: Logistics Assistant

Location: Sana'a and Al-Jawf

Reports to: Operation Manager

Duration: 10 Months

Deadline: 19/09/2023

Reference: HR/Protection/CCM/Education-YHF/23-0029

Job Purpose: The Logistics Assistant is responsible for tasks such as managing inventory, procuring goods and services, organizing transportation and shipment of materials, and ensuring that project equipment and facilities are maintained and repaired as needed. Additionally, the Logistics Assistant may assist with the development and implementation of logistics procedures and systems, which help to ensure that project materials and resources are used effectively and efficiently. The Logistics Assistant may work closely with other project staff, such as the Project Manager or the Operation Manager/Assistant, to ensure effective communication and coordination around logistical matters. He/She may also engage with external stakeholders, such as vendors or contractors, to negotiate and manage contracts and agreements. The Logistics Assistant plays a critical role in ensuring that project materials and resources are available when and where they are needed, and that project activities can be carried out smoothly and effectively.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Receive materials and supplies, store them in assigned locations, and distribute them according to the organization's procedures.
  • Maintain records of all incoming and outgoing materials.
  • Supervise packing, loading, and unloading of all materials.
  • Inform suppliers of short supplies and ensure all over/wrongly consigned goods are returned to suppliers.
  • Ensure availability of storage space and maintain orderliness and cleanliness of the warehouse at all times.
  • Ensure the safety and security of materials.
  • Ensure that only authorized staff are allowed to enter the warehouse and receive supplies or materials.
  • Maintain an up-to-date electronic record of all correspondence related to purchase orders, requisitions, Good Received Notes (GRN), and records.
  • Prepare periodic stock reports and assist in carrying out periodic physical inventory checks.
  • Conduct the Logistic Function to ensure timely and accurate processing and documentation of Procurement as described in the Field Procurement Manual. Support & Supervise future Procurement Officer/Assistant.
  • Oversee the use of the Electronic Operation System found in the Office in a Box.
  • Conduct random checks to ensure accuracy and quality.
  • Facilitate tender openings, as necessary.
  • Work together with finance to ensure compliance and timely processing of payment according to Schedule.
  • Oversee the procurement of goods, commodities, and services against fully approved and financially reviewed purchase requests.
  • Daily coordination with operations and program staff on procurement activities.
  • Ensure that the procurement department supports the programs efficiently and compliantly.
  • Full understanding of the organization's logistic policies and formats.
  • Ensure that the organization's logistic activities are legal and moral.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration or any relevant field is required.
  • Minimum of 3 years' relevant experience.
  • Previous experience with a similar or related entity/organization.
  • Very good communication and reporting skills in written and spoken English.
  • Excellent in using Microsoft Office tools including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and email.


  • English and Arabic

How to Apply

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