Ended Finance & Admin Officer

The Job

Job title: - financial and administrative officer of the project.

Direct Officer: - Project Manager in Hodeidah - General Manager of Projects' Sector

Horizontal Relation:- Warehouses - Logistics – M&E.

Scope of supervision: - registries, documents, securities, covenants and fingerprint system.

The overall objective of the job: - Supervising the registration of expenses in all its forms daily with the direction of the project manager according to the items approved in the budget. And preparing financial reports.

Tasks and Responsibilities: -

  • To register daily expenses on the computer under manual and approved handouts according to the model prepared on a regular basis and not to delay it.
  • Participation with the audit in the work of periodic and non-periodic reports.
  • Prepare, review and ensure that donor funds are accepted and processed promptly and ready in case of sudden donor evaluation.
  • Supervising the financial matters of the legislator and the payment of dues for all activities of different programs.
  • Build a good relationship with donor accounts and follow up on remittances regularly.
  • Negotiation with donors on financial matters, remittances, and any problems.
  • Calculating the employees' advances to the project, raising the payroll and calculating the sanctions, as well as disbursing and monitoring the financial covenant.
  • Receiving the financial correspondence contained in the project and dealing with it positively.
  • Work on the processing and safety of the vacancy required by the administration and according to the amounts required and to ensure the completion of all attachments required for requests for disbursement in a manner incompatible with the agreement with the grantor.
  • Ensure the possibility of disbursement of the advances or the Covenant and ensure the evacuation on time according to financial regulations.
  • Follow-up of contracts and all procurement documents and ensure their legal preparation and availability
  • Direct supervision of the Fund and follow-up movement.
  • Communicate financially and complete all procedures.
  • Provide all financial matters and follow up the budgets of the project and follow up the implementation of the project according to budgets agreed with them.
  • Solving the financial problems facing the foundation.
  • Supervision and implementation of emergency and annual inventory of funds and stores.
  • Supervision of tenders and quotations.
  • Verify that the proper financial procedures are followed by employees.
  • Payment of dues of teams and employees on time in cooperation with the treasurer.
  • Effective internal communication with different departments.
  • Performing any other tasks assigned by the main management.
  • Provide emergency financial facilities necessary for the success of the project at any time and the completion of financial solutions that ensure the success of the project and not obstructed for financial reasons.
  • Monitoring liquidity and ensuring that the project does not remain without financial expenses and put a financial reserve in the fund.
  • Submit a work report every two weeks to the project manager shows all that was accomplished in two weeks.
  • Prepare a plan for the project monthly or quarterly or semi-annual or annual as it deems appropriate, the grantor

In the administrative side:

• Set time sheets and ensure functional discipline using the organization's functional controls.

• Follow-up of employee leave plans and leave monitoring

• Follow-up absences and raids according to the list of penalties

• Follow-up of absences and raids according to the list of penalties for the institution

• Follow up the rights and duties of employees and follow up their entitlements and allowances and extra if any.

• Contribute to the development of ideas such as the development of work and staff development

• Representing staff before senior management in any requirements or needs

• Contribute to the development of the regulations and regulations of the institution in the field of administrative and financial affairs.


  • Signing administrative sanctions, payroll, bonuses  for workers.
  • Prepare organizational regulations that aim to improve performance and improve the results of the business in its own area and within its responsibility after studying the organizational and legal dimensions of these regulations.

Functional Terms:

  1. At least a Bachelor of Accounting and recognized by university internationally.
  2.  Experience of specialization not less than three years in the field.
  3.  Holds a diploma in secretariat.
  4. English language proficiency written and verbal oral ability to understand with donors in e - mail special activities, especially foreigners.

Skills required for the job: -

  • Psychological skills: - Accurate, keen of  observation
  • Management Skills: - Working in one team
  • social skills: - dealing with people associated with the foundation.
  • Financial and accounting skills: - Ability to financial analysis. The use of accounting systems and financial reporting.
How to Apply

For those who are interested send the CV with cover letter to  h.r@medmercy.org

The subject  should be the name of the post.

  • Employer: MMF
  • Category: Accounting/Finance
  • Location: Al Hodaida
  • Posted on: 3 November 2018
  • Deadline: 10 November 2018