Ended Health Project Coordinator

The Job

Job title: Project Coordinating Officer/program officer.

  1. Direct supervisor: program and Info executive manager
  2. Place  of work; Hodaedah with regular field visit.
  3. The MAIN task of the job: Managing the Integrated project management for health, and coordination with full management of the project.
  4. The SUB task of the job: Preparing a health, and relief projects proposals and marketing them to international Donors and following up the required surveys in the field.

Job objectives:

Planning and implementation of the tasks and activities required for the success of the projects in accordance with the policy of the donor, follow-up the work in the fixed health centers with direct supervision,  preparing timed implementation plan, follow-up evaluate of the activities of the project, including the preparation of the work plans monthly in details. And document the project activities including the monthly and detailed plans.

tasks and responsibilities:

  • Preparing proposals for health and relief projects, surveys and field studies, and submitting them to the program and projects department.
  • The continuous presence in the place of a project implementation or at the detected place of work as required by the work priorities.
  • Adhering to the Code of Conduct at the work which is considered a part of the contract and ensure that the safety and security conditions are applied in the project locations.
  • Conducting the Media documentation during project implementation for field activities.
  • Archive all documents related to the project in special files kept in the foundation.
  • Coordinate with the decision makers in the health offices and the governorate and district executive unit to ensure the implementation of the project in its planned time.
  • Coordinating with the Director General of the Health office in Hodeida and in the targeted district on a regular basis, visiting and providing him with regular update about the project work.
  • Coordination with: Director of EPI - Nutrition -Reproductive Health-family health care and all other departments at Hodeida Health Office and the targeted districts regularly.
  • Assess the gap in the health facilities in all services required to activate the work in the health facilities and ensure the sustainability of work (like nutrition, health, wash supplies) and follow the providing of these supplies either for Hodeida Health Offices or the foundation according to the proposal.
  • Conduct regular meetings with nutrition and health managers in the health offices of the targeted districts and share with them any requested data.
  • discuss any complaints causing by the health office managers and rise them to the program department in the foundation to be solved and give feedback to them.
  • Compiling the monthly data required for the preparation of the monthly reports for the donor and follow up the clearance with them and ensure their satisfaction financially, administratively and technically.
  • Prepare the required reports and compare the data with the health centers and ensure that the number of cases matches the amount of food and supplies and medicines required.
  • Collecting Data from health centers detailed as: males, females, and new and Follow it up in the first half and in the second half (repetition) as well as cured cases and missing cases and ensure that they are collected on a daily basis and correctly. Creating ways to count the data collection in cooperation with the logistics officer.
  • Follow-up the warehouses manager and matching the distribution with the number of cases, whether  medicines.
  • Conducting regular Field visit to all health facilities at least one visit per as follow:
    • Address any mistake from the health workers and provide the on job training for them and ensure the application for the national quidelines and protocols of the Ministry of Public Health and Population.
    • Supervising the work of the community health volunteer’s supervisors.
    • Conduct regular meeting with the beneficiaries and community key persons and consider any complaints made to them regarding the services provided by the health facilities.
    • Solving difficulties or conflicts between employees and health workers.
  • Submit a biweekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports in English and Arabic on the following:
    • Workflow during the two weeks
    • Weekly statistics
  • Ensuring that teams are committed to documenting cases before and after treatment and preparing success stories on a regular basis
  • Supervising, monitoring and reviewing the monthly reports and entering the data into the database on a monthly basis.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the data monthly reports and rise the data in the foundation data base regularly and share it with the different clusters.
  • Follow buying stationery and operating expenses of the Office and signing the purchase orders before purchase and after discussing with the head of the program in Sana'a regarding all projects.
  • Direct supervision of all project staff and follow-up of their tasks according to job description.
  • Contribute to the development of work and Prepare a regular work plan
  • The possibility of coming to Sana'a at the rate of one week per month according to the need.
  • Attend the meetings of the Clusters for Health and others in coordination with the coordinator of MMF Project coordinator.
  • carry out any tasks entrusted to him by The Projects and program department in Sana'a
  •  Application of financial and administrative regulations as well as penalties and violations polysies.
  • Ensure availability of logo of the donor with the teams during the implementation of all activities of the project as well as the logo for free service and the hot number line of complaints.
  • Coordination for any survey or assessment required.
  • Receiving the weekly reports from the financial officer, warehouse manager, volunteer supervisor and team supervisor.
  • Follow-up of the liquidation process with the financial officer.
  • Follow-up of charging the employees' phones with the financial officer in belong of the project officer.
  • Pay attention to the problems of employees and seek to solve them and respect the staff.
  • Keeping up on teamwork and sharing responsibility among team members and not to blame others.
  • Guiding the financial officer to pay salaries and prepare financial reports of the donor.
  • Follow-up inventory and ordering quantities before the quantity finish at least two weeks to be able to submit a request for nutrition and medicines before any shortage.
  • Evaluate staff regularly.
  • Monitor and facilitate the conduction of any central, health offices or Executive Unit supervision visit to the targeted districts.
  • Continuous coordination with the executive unit.
  •  Preparation of quarter reports on the progress of work in Arabic and English.
  •  Implementation of any other tasks offered by the program.
  • Evaluate the status of the targeted health centers at the beginning of the project and prepare a detailed report on the needs of the entire centers, including necessary rehabilitation, required training and medicines needed by the health facilities for work, as well as availability of health workers and all technical support needed for implementation.
  • Direct supervision and monitoring of health workers in the targeted facilities in all practical, financial and administrative aspects to ensure the continuity of work on a daily basis.
  • Prepare regular Distribution plan for medicines according to the need and ensure rational distribution.
  • Design forms to follow the process of distribution of medicines rationally and ensure that they match the written diagnosis.
  • Collecting data in cooperation with the Responsible for Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E Officer) on a daily and monthly basis, while providing technical support and on job training in the process of preparing the required data.
  •  Follow up the rehabilitation process of the health facilities and supplying the equipment required according to need and request.
  • Coordination for the work of tenders for the purchase of materials required in the project
  •  Implementation of all water and environmental sanitation activities mentioned in the project.

Terms and Qualifications:

  •  The applicant must have a bachelor's degree in medicine or another specialization in the same field.
  • Have at least four two years of experience in the field of management and coordination of health, nutrition, wash and food security projects.
  • fluent in English and Arabic languages.
  • Experience in preparing project proposals and marketing with international donors
  •  Experience in health and nutrition projects.

Required skills:

  • Communication and negotiation skills, managing the team and interaction with others.
  • Ability to build strong relationship with international and local NGOs and UN agency.
  • Ability to work in team, good communication and time management skills.
  • Excellent experience in using software programs of computer.
  • Proficiency in preparing and writing reports in Arabic and English.
  • Archiving skills.
  • Excellent skill in monitoring and evaluation
  • Work skills under stress.

Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Project implementation Officer
  2. Beneficiaries Number of projects
  3. Direct officer 's report
  4. Level of f
  5. Punctuality and flexibility
  6.  The quality of periodic reports submitted to the funded organization and head of the program
  7. the level of achievement of periodic, routine and emergency tasks.
How to Apply
  • Files and CVs with cover letter are received via e-mail : yemenhr@mmf-ye.org
  •  For the rest of the jobs visit us at website  http://www.medmercy.org
  • Or on our Facebook page  مؤسسة التراحم الطبية  https://www.facebook.com/AltrahmAltbyt/?ref=ts&fref=ts
  • Please write the address of the position in the subject of email
  • Employer: MMF
  • Category: Health Care
  • Location: Al Hodaida
  • Posted on: 3 November 2018
  • Deadline: 10 November 2018