Ended Financial Officer

The Job

Summary about the Organization:

  • (Health Organization of Yemen) is a licensed health organization (No. 764) of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Health and Population, specializing in the field of health and training

Organization’s failed work

  • Field of nutrition and food security
  • Water and environmental sanitation
  • Protection area

Job / Financial Officer

Place / IBB

Key Responsibilities

  • Preparation of account entries and their transfer to automated and manual records, preparation of arrest and disbursement documents, preparation of annual accounts and maintenance of procurement records
  • Responsible for the preparation and processing of YHO reports.
  • Provide all information and requirements for internal and external auditors to conduct the audit, providing all required documentation.
  • Participation in the preparation of final accounts
  • Prepare and audit the record of financial obligations.
  • Prepare bank balance sheets monthly.
  • Review and sign all purchase orders according to the budget.
  • Restriction of assets, movement control and provisioning
  • Documenting and archiving all documents and financial documents manually and electronically
  • Periodic reports (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly) for all YHO accounts.
  • Registration of all fund receipts from donors
  • Submit a report to close the month and fiscal year of projects and print attachments from the system.
  • Verify the accuracy and accuracy of payroll and benefits.
  • Responsible for preparing reports to handle payroll records.
  • Audit payrolls prepared by human resources
  • Prepare the monthly expenditure reports as required which are reviewed by the financial auditors
  • Budgeting projects for the organization.
  • Full knowledge in supervising the preparation of the registration bonds and the validation of these bonds and their adoption before the process of registration in the books of accounting of the Organization and the registration of bills of entry books and then deported.
  • Experience in the supervision and supervision of all documents that come and exit from the office, and ensure the integrity of these documents in the form of the right and legal after completion.
  • Experience implementation of all financial and accounting matters by senior management.
  • Knowledge in supervising the annual inventory that is obtained each year and verifying the authenticity of the inventory through the documents in the accounting office.
  • Experience in supervising all special matters related to the settlement of banks monthly, finding all the differences, if any, and informing the financial manager to review the affairs of the banks and giving the financial manager the right to prepare all the registration bonds related to the bank.
  • Know how to keep all the books and documents of the organization related to accounting until it is applied in the subsequent time and rely on them and make sure if there are problems in accounting matters such as annual inventory, and monthly salaries of employees.
  • Experience in supervising all employees' payrolls and schedules, and ensuring that tables are correct for salaries of employees and overtime and working hours.
  • Knowledge in the preparation of all financial reports related to the organization.
  • Knowledge of all matters related to the financial irregularities of the financial manager.
  • Experience in preparing all documents and matters related to official data for timely delivery to the official authorities.
  • Experience in supervising and studying all matters related to audit balances and financial reports and analysis
  • Perform any work or task assigned to him by the direct supervisor

• Bachelor or Master Accounting

  • • Experience of not less than (4/5) years in the field of working with organizations.
  • • Experience in preserving the rights of important documents
  • • Cash management experience
  • • Proficiency in dealing with Microsoft programs and accounting systems.
  • • High skills in dealing with others and patience.
  • • Knowledge in English.
How to Apply

Interested applicants must send a CV (Arabic or English) to https://bit.ly/2BAwFpL

under the title (Financial Officer - IBB). By December 10, 2018, applications will be completed and the list of candidates will be contacted only.

  • Employer: YHO
  • Category: Accounting/Finance
  • Location: Ibb
  • Posted on: 28 November 2018
  • Deadline: 10 December 2018