Ended Supply Chain Manager

The Job

Action Contre la Faim is an International Humanitarian Organization which is private, non-political, non-denomination and non-profit making. Action Contre la Faim vocation is to save lives by combating hunger, disease and those crises threatening the lives of vulnerable men, women and children. Action Contre la Faim currently operates in 46 countries globally and conduct programs in nutrition, food security, health, water and sanitation.


Location: Hodaidah

Duration: One Year renewable

Assignment: To secure the implementation of the supply management procedures with accordance to ACF KitlogV3.1 procedures, and guarantee the good respect of ACF charter rules and regulation. 

Manage the mission procurements


  • Ensure the proper reception of electronic copies of the procurement requests from the capital department.
  • Ensure the proper the reception of electronic and the signed copies of the PR from the field logisticians. 
  • Ensure the proper checking that all fields of the PRs are correctly filled by the requester before printing & validating the forms.
  • Ensure and manage the supply team toward the proper update and the correct filling of the procurement follow-up.
  • Ensure and manage the supply team toward the proper negotiation to obtain the best prices in parallel with the best quality.
  • Guarantee the quality-price ratios of the purchases are respecting ACF Purchase Terms and Conditions.
  • Develop a bridge of trust adhering absolute transparency professionalism with the suppliers to approach them for cheques and bank transfer payments.
  • Ensure that the deliveries deadlines are respected.
  • Ensure the proper planning of purchasing days within the week in order to group the procurement requests and limit the numbers of the purchase dossiers.
  • Manage the preparation of the supply, work and the framework contracts with coordination with the requesters.
  • Ensure that all suppliers are paid with accordance to the agreed deadlines.
  • Ensure that all the purchases done respecting the finance procedures in terms of advances and the justification.
  • Carry on forecasting for all procurement lines that are not treated in the duly month of the first forecast done by the requesters.  
  • Supervise the generation and the update of the mission catalogue.
  • Ensure the participation and that the project procurement planning is prepared before submitting the proposals.
  • Ensure the provision of correct reference numbers to all the out-going Donation Request and the In Kind Donation received.
  • Make sure that the Donation or the loan Requests are validated only by the Country Director.
  • Ensure the presence of donation certificate including the quantity and prices of the items received.  
  • Manage the assessment of local supplier’s capacities.

Manage the base stock management:


  • Ensure the proper reception of the electronic copy of the stock release orders from the capital requesters.
  • Ensure the proper reception of the electronic and the signed copies of the stock release orders from the field logisticians.
  • Ensure the proper reception checking that all fields of the SROs are correctly filled by the requester before printing and validating the forms.
  • Ensure the proper update and the correct filling of stock cards, the automatic stock follow-up and all the storage forms.
  • Supervise the implementation of the stock management with accordance to ACF KitlogV3 procedures.
  • Ensure the warehouse and the storing conditions are satisfactory & respecting the guideline for each product.
  • Ensure the conduction of monthly stock physical inventory and random inspections in different periods of each month.

Manage the transportation, the quality control


  • Always ensure that the transportation should the supplier’s responsibility for the field procurements and the payment will be after the delivery confirmation.
  • Manage the identification of freight forwarders that have very good reputation.
  • Follow the customs exemption of ACF products when needed.
  • Ensure the quality control of the material is always done before any reception.
  • Ensure involvement of requesters in suppliers or the materials assessment to guarantee the best quality. 

Team management

Activities :

  • Prepare weekly/biweekly objective for the supply team.
  • Support the supply team to prepare their work plan and to adopt the prioritizing techniques.
  • Participate in the recruitment and the disciplinary measures.
  • Conduct the appraisal interview for the department subordinates.
  • Identify the training needs conduct/ arrange the training for them.
  • Provide training and technical support.
  • Ensure that ACF charter, HR rules and regulation are strictly respected.
  • Plan the leave of the supply team ensuring the good running of the department.

Reporting and archiving

Activities :

  • Ensure proper information flow in terms of reporting
  • Participate to the draft of the Logistics monthly reports.
  • Prepare the weekly report for the coordination meeting
  • Collect the monthly closed purchase dossier from the field.
  • Ensure the back-up and the scan of the archives is done on a regular basis.
  • Ensure that all items can be track by procurement line reference on the RN, DN, SC, SRO, SFU and the loss report.


Activities :

  • Conduct a meeting with the supply team to review and to set-up the weekly objectives.
  • Lead the coordination meeting between logistics, technical departments and the finance to validate the PRs, SROs and to provide the necessary feedback.
  • Circulate the SRO on a weekly basis and biweekly PFU to all the requester.
  • Participate in the weekly coordination meeting



  • Any other task might be asked by the line manager according to the department workload.
  • This job description can be modified based on the department activities needs.


  • University Degree in Management, Finance, or high School leaving certificate
  • 2 years professional experience in Logistics field
  • Computer knowledge (Word and Excel) 
  • Negotiating skills;
  • Good organizing capacity
  • Management experience
  • Diplomacy
  • Rigour (on procedures)
  • Team Spirit and communication skills
  • Autonomy
  • Honesty
  • Fluent in both English and Arabic languages.
How to Apply

Qualified candidates meeting the above requirements are requested to send an application comprising a detailed CV and cover letter in English, Clearly mention the position you have applied + the location of the position + your Name in the email’s subject, to recruitment@ye.missions-acf.org latest by 20 January, 2019. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

  • Employer: Action Contre la Faim
  • Category: Logistics
  • Location: Al Hodaida
  • Posted on: 7 January 2019
  • Deadline: 20 January 2019