Ended Health Facility Activity Manager

The Job

Announcing Date :    31.01.2019
Closing Date :    13.02.2019
Contract duration:    3 months (renewable) with probation period

General Information on the Mission

Throughout the first decade of the 21st century, Yemen has been ranked as the poorest country in the Middle East and North Africa region and one of the poorest in the world. In 2011, it was ranked 154 out of 187 countries in the UNDP Human Development Index and held to be “off track” or “seriously off track” in four of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) targets. 
Al Hodeidah Governorate has 2.15 million people located on the coast of the Red Sea. It is Yemen’s seventh largest governorate and about two thirds of its population live in rural areas. Administratively, the governorate consists of 26 districts, 135 sub-districts and 2,304 villages. The latest SMART survey by UNICEF /MoPHP says that the prevalence of acute malnutrition is above the critical emergency threshold (=15%), GAM, SAM, and MAM rates are 31.7%, 9.9% and 21.8% respectively. 
Raymah is the most newly created governorate in Yemen, bordered by governorates of Hodeidah, Dhamar and Sana’a, with population size of about 500,000. Administratively. The SMART survey in Raymah indicates that GAM rate is 10.8%, which is above the WHO serious threshold. The MUAC cut offs of 115 mm and 125 mm estimated that proxy GAM 13.1% and proxy SAM is 3%, which classifies as critical according to FAO.

PU-AMI’s strategy/position in the country
PUI intervenes in Yemen in Governorates of Hodeida, where PUI is historically active since 2007, and Raymah, which is a new administrative division of Yemen, taken apart from the humanitarian assistance up to now. 
The core field of intervention for PUI in these Governorates is nutrition (severe acute malnutrition and moderated acute malnutrition) on a community-based approach (OTP/SFP and community mobilization as a strong component of the program, within health facilities, but also within an outreached approach and mobile clinics). 

History of the mission and current programs
The Yemen mission is a former AMI mission that operated in Yemen from 2007 to June 2011. Implemented projects were to support the primary health system, mainly in Hodeidah Governorate with a special focus on fighting against malnutrition. 
PUI is currently implementing malnutrition management project (severe and moderated) with the support from ECHO and WFP in Ad Durayhimi, Al Mansoreah and As Sukhnah districts in Hodeidah Governorate and in Al Jabin, Al Jafariyah and Mazhar districts in Raymah Governorate. Modus operandi include support to existing primary health care centres, mobiles clinics and close cooperation with CHW. In addition, a food distribution program is implemented to support 120 000 people in the two governorates. 

PU-AMI current activities focused on:
•    Treatment of Severely Acute Malnourished children under 5 (SAM) through OTP services. 
•    Treatment of Moderate Acute Malnourished children under 5 (MAM) through SFP services
•    Treatment of Moderate Acute Malnourished Pregnant and lactating women (MAM-PLW) through SFP services
•    Malnutrition prevention for children under 2 through plumpy doz distribution, education to mothers and caregivers, etc.
•    Community mobilization, health nutrition education
•    Food distribution
•    Capacity building through training, workshops
•    Networking, coordination, advocacy and lobbying

Overall Objective
Ensure the proper functioning of the health activities in all PU-AMI supported facilities under his/her responsibility, in order to improve health conditions of the target population.

Tasks and Responsibilities
1.    Providing technical support to health facility (HF) medical and paramedics staff with outreach teams
2.    Collection and analysis of health & pharmaceutical data

Specific objectives and linked activities

1:  Providing technical support to health facility (HF) medical and paramedics staff
•    Coordinate, supervise, coach and support HFs medical staff including MoPHP staff members’ performance to improve the medical components of the project and ensure the proper functioning of the medical activities according the PU-AMI Protocol (MAM and SAM treatment).
•    Ensure proper referral of cases to the adequate Health facilities (Stabilization Center, Hospital…) and participate in the coordination of follow up of defaulting cases with the Community Health Volunteers through the Community Program Manager and HF medical staff.
•    Conduct weekly field visits for supervision and monitoring (frequency can increase according to the need).
•    Prepare the medical orders needed to implement the medical activities under his/her responsibility, and identifies non-medical support needs (material, infrastructure, food commodities ,.. etc.), reporting them to the line manager, in coordination with the logistics department.
•    Ensure an efficient pharmacy and medical equipment management and monitor the rational use of them. 
•    Participate in the programs / project follow-up, supervise and ensure that medical activities objectives under his/her responsibility are achieved and report to the technical referent any problem arising in the service.
•    Monitor the budget of his/her activity: plan and follow up closely activities and related expenses (Cash Request/Financial Follow Up) Participate in the coordination and/or implementation of emergency assessments and interventions in other districts or governorates.

 2. Collection and analysis of health & pharmaceutical data.
•     Collection of consumption data and analysis of medical consumption in comparison with morbidities. Responsible for HF monthly requests in collaboration with facility/ department/ nursing supervisors and   storekeeper.
•    Keep daily records of cases admitted and treated in all HF activities.
•    Analyze trends in admission, discharges, and epidemiology.
•    Provide weekly/monthly data on caseload, drugs and nutrition commodities with accuracy and completeness.
•    Provide proper drugs and nutrition commodities requests based on anticipated caseload.

In General,  HF Activity Manager to be flexible in performing his/her duties to ensure that beneficiaries are getting good quality services and Perform other additional duties on request of the Health and Nutrition Program Manager 
Hierarchical link: 
    Direct management: HFs medical staff
    Indirect management: None 
    Directly Reports to: Health and Nutrition Program Manager
    Indirectly Reports to: Deputy Field Coordinator and Field Coordinator

Required knowledge and skills





Medical Doctor (Bachelor’s Degree)

Public health, integrated approach

Professional Experience

At least one year experience in INGO in relevant position

At least one year working or management experience in Health and Nutrition activities (IMCI,CMAM) or any similar program.

Knowledge & Skills

IMCI, ANC/PNC, Vaccination

Treatment of SAM through OTP

CMAM approach

Knowledge of logistics (drugs storage, transport, quality control)


Both Arabic and English (writing and speaking)




Microsoft office programs


Required Personal Characteristics (fitting into the team, suitability for the job and assignment)
    Capacity to organize the work and supervise the team
    Good human relations and communication skills
    Analytical capacity 
    Initiative and proactivity
    Experience in problems linked with humanitarian crises 
    Capacity to work under stressful situations
    Willing to work in challenging environment and extra-hours if and when required.
    Availability to work in rural areas.
    Regular movement in the field.
    Leadership/supervisory Skills

How to Apply

If you believe that you have the qualifications and skills to excel in this position, please send an one-page cover letter and CV in English by email to yem.hod.recruitment@pu-ami.org  with the subject heading "HEALTH FACILITY ACTIVITY MANAGER’’ no later than 13th FEBRUARY 2019.,