Ended Livelihood Assistant (9)

The Job

Livelihood - Assistant ( 9 Positions )

Employment category:  Band NMI

Reporting toTeam Leader - Livelihood

Direct reports: N/A

Unit/department: Livelihood                  

Location: Hajjah / Abs

Authorization level: As per IDRA

Overall purpose of the role

The Livelihood assistant (FS-GFA) is responsible for the Food distribution points, well received of the commodities and distribution of the food properly in the General Food Assistance (GFA) project in additional to another livelihood tasks in the northern area.

Geographic scope: Country (Yemen)                                                                                                   

Yemen is caught in the on-going conflict and is facing severe food insecurity in most of Yemen governorates. DRC will carry out WFP General Food Assistance (GFA) to the most vulnerable host/IDP HH in Hajjah governorate in four districts Abs, Haradh, Hayran and Aslem. DRC is announcing Livelihood team leader (FS-GFA) to carry on the project implementation in the areas of intervention based in Hajjah with fully presence in the field within the distribution and any data collection.

Main responsibilities

  • Working closely with the general food assistant Team in Hajjah and with the north area team to organize, conclude, and document monthly Food Distribution to targeted host/IDP households at pre-determined FDP sites;
  • Assist in ensuring that all commodities arriving at any given point, localities, districts and distribution centres are properly accounted.
  • Mainly responsible for monitoring of voucher and food distribution in the FDPs to the proper registered beneficiaries by signing list and vouchers taking in consider the protection perspective of the distribution.
  • Scrutinize waybills for commodities arriving at the destinations for correctness of contents and quantities; Assist in record all quantities delivered short, quantities lost in transit and damages, if any.
  • Work to organize, conclude, and document monthly Food Distribution to targeted host/IDP households at pre-determined FDP sites;
  • Assist in the sensitizing, mobilizing, training, and strengthening Community Based Committees (CBC-with locally accepted opinion leaders) to verify eligible households to receive rations during monthly distributions;
  • Assist in the community awareness, identifying new FDPs and food assistant.
  • Being fully responsible - with support from Livelihood officer - for accurately documenting all recipient households receiving rations during each distribution;
  • Liaise with local community representatives and stakeholders to promote the project mission and activities and overcome any obstacles or issue that may arise in the field.
  • Assisting the in understanding and arriving at security related decisions by supplying filed based information;
  • Assist in any MEAL activities conducted under the GFA project.
  • Attending other related functions as and when assigned by his/her supervisor;

Required experience and competencies                                                                                                                              

All DRC roles require the post-holder to master DRC’s core competencies:  

• Striving for excellence: Focusing on reaching results while ensuring efficient processes.  

• Collaborating: Involving relevant parties and encouraging feedback.  

• Taking the lead: Taking ownership and initiative while aiming for innovation.  

• Communicating: Listening and speaking effectively and honestly.  

• Demonstrating integrity: Upholding and promoting the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct in relation to DRC’s values and Code of Conduct, including safeguarding against sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment.

Essential qualities and experiences: 

  • Secondary school is a minimum education, University degree will be an added advantage
  • At least one year working with humanitarian organization, in the same field general food distribution.
  • Must be proficient Arabic and had good understanding in English.
  • Excellent familiarity to security, programming, and cultural contexts in Hajjah; At least one year experience in the same contexts.
  • Preferable from the same area.
  • Must have thorough knowledge of precautions and security concerns for organizing distributions;
  • Ability to write weekly activity reports;





Striving for excellence




Taking the lead




Demonstrating integrity


Find the definition of DRC’s Core competencies here


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Inventory Specialist

Inventory Controller

MDM SC Requester

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Procurement Officer

Procurement Manager

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  • ¨Basic: I master the essentials, but may at times need help from others
  • ¨Advanced: I can work independently at full professional level.
  • ¨Expert: I am the go-to person when others need help.

Languages: (indicate fluency level)

  • Good English language (written and spoken)
  • Excellent report writing skills including editing the work of others
  • Fluency in Arabic language (written and spoken)
How to Apply

CVs of qualified candidates are invited at the below link by 16th Mar 2019. Due to the urgency of this hiring, interviews will be on a rolling basis; and a candidate might be selected even before the closing date. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Qualified female candidates are encouraged to apply.