Ended Pharmacist Assistant

The Job

Title: Pharmacist Assistant

Duty Station : Hodeidah

Reports to: Pharmacist

Functional relationship: Team Leaders

Announcing Date: 04/03/2019

Closing Date: 16/09/2019

General Information on the Mission

PU-AMI’s strategy/position in the country

PU-AMI intervened in Yemen in the Governorates of Hodeida, where PU-AMI is historically active since 2007, and in Raymah, which is a new administrative division of Yemen, taken apart from the humanitarian assistance up to now.

The core field of intervention for PU-AMI in these Governorates is nutrition (Severe Acute Malnutrition and Moderate Acute Malnutrition) on a community based management approach (OTP/SFP and community mobilization making up the components of the program, within Health Facilities, but also within an outreached approach).

In addition, PU-AMI cover the needs in targeted districts as an integrated approach. Thus food security, mostly consisting in food distribution interventions, primary health care, water, hygiene and sanitation are part of PU-AMI intervention in the targeted areas.

History of the mission and current programs

The Yemen mission is a former AMI mission that operated in Yemen from 2007 to June 2011. Implemented projects were to support the primary health care system, mainly in Hodeidah Governorate, with a special focus on fighting against malnutrition.

PU-AMI is currently implementing an acute malnutrition management project (severe and moderated) with the support from UNICEF and WFP in Al MIghlaf, Al Mansuriah and As Suknah districts in Hodeidah Governorate and in Al Jabin and Al Jafariyah districts in Raymah Governorate. Modus operandi includes support to existing primary health care facilities, outreach teams and close cooperation with Community Health Volunteers (CHVs). In addition, a food distribution program is implemented to support 55 000 IDPS in the two governorates. To complement the impact of our programs, some WASH activities have also been implemented.

PU-AMI current activities focus on:

  • Treatment of Severe Acute Malnourished Children Under 5 (SAM-CU5) through OTP services.
  • Treatment of Moderate Acute Malnourished Children Under 5 (MAM-CU5) through SFP services
  • Treatment of Moderate Acute Malnourished Pregnant and Lactating Women (MAM-PLW) through SFP services
  • Malnutrition prevention for children under 2 through plumpy doz distribution, education to mothers and caregivers, etc.
  • Community mobilization, health and nutrition education
  • Food distribution
  • Capacity building through training and workshops
  • Networking, coordination, advocacy and lobbying

Overall Objective

The Pharmacist Assistant shall, under the guidance and supervision of the Pharmacist, ensure a proper pharmaceutical and nutrition stock management (storage, inventory, distribution and follow-up) of the pharmacy; and provide an adequate supply of quality medicine, consumables and medical equipment to PU-AMI pharmacies in the field.  The supply chain of medicines must be safe, reliable and documented at all levels.

Tasks and Responsibilities

1: 1. Supply management

  • Support the Pharmacist in the calculation of orders.
  • Distribute drugs in close coordination with the Pharmacist and Activity Managers.
  • Ensure receipt and quality control of drugs received. Advise the Pharmacist in case of non-compliance.
  • Store the products received in accordance with PU-AMI stock management procedures.
  • Participate in the daily tracking of drugs and materials consumptions.
  • Anticipate and work with the logistics and program departments for the organization of transport of drugs.

2. Stock Management

  • Support the Pharmacist in setting up of the pharmacy (Classification of drugs, First in First out (FEFO), inventory management).
  • Ensure to use PU-AMI approved pharmacy management tools (inventory records, stock cards, computer tools etc.) in accordance with PU-AMI pharmacy management procedures.
  • Monitor the drugs in order to anticipate nearly expired drugs, ensuring that expired/damaged items are properly stored in quarantine.
  • Support the Pharmacist to conduct a monthly physical inventory, and identify any cases of discrepancies between the theoretical stock and the inventory.
  • Ensure proper storage of drugs (especially the conditions of the temperature, humidity, light and safety), the order (classification, labeling, FEFO) and the security (key access) according to the procedures of PU-AMI.
  • Monitor and record the temperatures of the pharmacy using the Log tags, including cold chain.
  • Support the Pharmacist in the management of the inventory for the first aid kits (guesthouses; offices; and vehicles).
  • Ensure a monthly back up of all computer data.

3. Reporting / Archiving

  • Active in the daily/weekly collection of pharmacy tracking documents from the field (10 essential drugs tracking, consumption tracking).
  • Support the Pharmacist in the monthly reporting.
  • Ensure a proper classification of documents and archives.

4. Other

  • Carry out field monitoring visits into PU-AMI’s facilities.
  • Any other duties as prescribed by the Pharmacist.

Specific objectives and linked activities

Required Profile


Required knowledge and skills





Pharmacy degree or relevant/similar studies.


Professional Experience

Significant professional stock management experience.

Experience with NGO is desired.

Knowledge & Skills







Microsoft office programs


Required Personal Characteristics (fitting into the team, suitability for the job and assignment):

  1. Punctual
  2. Respects confidentiality & safety
  3. Flexible
  4. Professional


Regular movements to the fiel

How to Apply
  • If you believe that you have the qualifications and skills to excel in this position, please send an one-page cover letter and CV in English by email to yem.hod.recruitment@pu-ami.org  with the subject heading "PHARMACIST ASSISTANT’’ no later than 30th MARCH 2019.,
  • (incomplete applications will be not considered), in addition to contact details for minimum 2 reference persons (include position and relation)
  • Do not Apply unless you meet minimum application requirements, otherwise you will not be considered, Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.
  • Working temporarily from Sana'a office and when urgent need .
  • Employer: PU-AMI
  • Category: Health Care
  • Location: Al Hodaida
  • Posted on: 4 March 2019
  • Deadline: 30 March 2019