Ended Head of Compliance & Internal Audit

The Job

Job Title: Head of Compliance & Internal Audit

Location: Sana’a, Yemen

Family: Compliance, Risk Management and Internal Control

Salary: As per global salary scale.

Level: B2 Global

Oxfam GB Purpose: Oxfam GB works with others to overcome poverty and sufferings.

Job Purpose: To lead the country office compliance, counter fraud and internal audit to prevent and address issues related to misappropriation of Oxfam resources and promote a culture of Oxfam values, accountability and zero tolerance on fraud and corruption.

Reporting Lines

Post holder reports to: Country Director.

Staff reporting to this post:  Compliance Manager & Internal Auditor.

Collaboration with: Finance, Program Support, Logistics, HR, Programs, Partnership, Funding, and Field Program Management.

NB: Due to the complexity of this large-scale emergency response, reporting lines and responsibilities may change.

Job Summary

The head of compliance & internal audit (HCIA) is responsible for assessment, evaluation and strengthening of the governance, compliance, internal control and risk management systems and procedures. The incumbent will provide leadership to the country office (CO) efforts in designated areas. S/he will lead the process of developing CO strategy and operation plans to assess and evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness, and strengthen systems and procedures regarding compliance, risk management and internal control, and capacity building of staff and offices. S/he will ensure systems in place for regular internal auditing, spot checking and a corrective plan for further improvement. The incumbent will be the custodian of Global Assurance (GA) Audit Findings and guide the Compliance Manager in this. S/he will enhance CO capacity in compliance, fraud reporting, prevention of fraud and oversee the investigation processes. S/he will be working with colleagues in areas of compliance and counter fraud in the RP, MENA Node and OGB on key issues and opportunities, including fraud investigation to find and implement solutions at the CO level. S/he will be stewardship of Oxfam assets and reputation by ensuring compliance with local laws, regulations, member/donor requirements, Oxfam policies and procedures, demonstrating exemplary financial leadership to the country finance teams.

Being a member of the CMT, the incumbent will offer sound business intelligence to management, other CO functions and Oxfam Global Assurance team. S/he will guide the Compliance Manager on partners’ compliance, risk management and internal control issues.

Key Responsibilities:

Strategic Guidance and Oversight

  • Plan and lead the process of  a  comprehensive assessment of  systems, procedures and practices for all FOs and CO in areas of compliance, risk management, fraud prevention and reporting, investigation and internal control
  • Develop country strategy and annual operation plan (AOP) for addressing the  gaps and strengthening the systems, procedures and practices identified through the assessment.
  • Lead the implementation of the AOP in improving areas
  • Guide the Compliance Manager so that overall legal, country, internal and donor policies, procedures and regulations are adhered
  • Being a member of the CMT, offer business intelligence to the team, CD and other functions.

Compliance Management

  • Work with the CD and guide the Compliance Manager to develop and operationalize the internal reviews to be implemented by the compliance team
  • Hold compliance team accountable for quarterly reviews, spot checks, partner reviews, and support visits across all FOs and CO in Yemen
  • As  a  custodian  of  the  Global  Assurance  (GA)  Audit  Findings,  ensure  that  all  audit recommendations are addressed and closed accordingly
  • Assist the Compliance Manager to ensure that update on GA audit report is prepared, shared with the CMT for comments and submitted to OGB and RP
  • Ensure support to the country team on financial management and ensure that countries comply with Oxfam financial policies and procedures
  • Working  with  the  compliance  team,  ensure  insightful  management  reports  periodically, reflecting the CO status in complying regional and global needs and standard
  • Ensure that donors’ compliance requirements are discussed in the award kick-off meeting and check lists for budget holders on donors’ compliance requirements are developed
  • Ensure that that the internal control mechanisms are known, applied and adhered to
  • Work with the MEAL team to monitor the feedback and complaints systems and ensure any substantial complaints are followed up on and are reported to the CMT.

Fraud Management

  • Work with the counter fraud team to develop a plan for fraud reporting and investigation within a stipulated timeline
  • Ensure that fraud reporting mechanism – whistleblowing is working properly
  • Lead the process of fair and impartial investigation of all alleged and reported fraud, negligence of duties, corruption and misappropriate of Oxfam resources cases
  • Ensure that proper fraud investigation and management procedure is followed and cases concluded on time, and suggest corrective actions in line with Oxfam Counter Fraud Policy
  • Update CMT on any current fraud issues on-going in the programme.
  • Through proper channel, ensure reporting of ongoing fraud cases to concerned donor(s).

Risk Management

  • Ensure that function/department leads are aware of critical internal and external policies, and support them in developing plans and measures to mitigate risks
  • Ensure effective monitoring of the policy and regulatory environment in all areas of operation and collaborate with relevant function/department leads to develop effective response and mitigation measure
  • Lead in identifying risks and mitigation measures (RMP) impacting Oxfam operations Yemen, and documenting this. On a quarterly basis share the updated RMP with the RP
  • Ensure that the risk register is managed properly: ensure that top key risks are identified by the CMT and that these are reviewed in CMT meeting
  • Provide leadership and supportive management to any staff appointed to the compliance and internal control team ensuring that they have clear annual objectives and that performance is reviewed regularly continuously and through a formal midyear and annual procedures as per Oxfam policy.

Strengthening CO Capacity and Promoting a Culture of Oxfam Values and Accountability

  • Ensure fraud awareness training for all staff and partner organizations
  • Train staff on fraud, bribery, corruption aid diversion and terrorism financing/money laundry policies and procedures
  • Guide the compliance and IA team in raising awareness and enhancing staff understanding and ability to (i) ensure proper use of Oxfam resources, (ii) prevent fraud, corruption and misappropriation of resources, (iii) introduce appropriate tools and materials to strengthen the system, (iv) ensure proper investigation of reported fraud, and (iv) report cases related to fraud, corruption, nepotism, abuse of power, and promote a culture of Oxfam values and zero tolerance to fraud and corruption
  • Ensure training for and enhance the capacity of key staff on fraud investigation
  • Engage CMT, FO SMT and other senior staff in promoting and nurturing a culture of Oxfam values and accountability, counter fraud and zero tolerance to fraud and misappropriation of Oxfam resources
  • Guide and support the CD and CMT and Global Fraud Team in promoting Oxfam’s zero tolerance approach to fraud by leading prevention, detection and response to fraud and corruption.

Essential Skills and Competencies

  • Masters in finance, accounting or equivalent, along with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or ACCA or FCA accreditation or degree
  • Minimum 7 years of relevant experience, with 2 + years spent in a country office
  • An unquestionably high level of integrity and ethics
  • Experience in fraud awareness and case investigation management
  • Ability to work independently and proactively to manage and recommend control measures
  • Hold leadership quality and people management expertise to provide clear direction and effective support
  • Able to challenge decisions based on an independent assessment of control environment
  • Strong relationship builder and influencer with a proven track record in forming good business partnerships, sharp business acumen and sound judgment
  • Available to travel frequently to all field locations
  • Strong cultural awareness to be able to work in the Middle East
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and initiative
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines, be self-driven, bring about change and work independently
  • As a self-starter, promote excellence.

Desired Skills

  • Significant experience in fraud and corruption prevention
  • Knowledge of the local and international control and legal framework, affecting operations in Yemen
  • Experience of working in a remote management context
  • Experience with Oxfam award management and financial systems
  • Experience in audit management
  • Experience in preparing both financial and management accounts, including overseas offices (knowledge of working with charity is preferred).


  • Sound understanding of the Yemen culture and socio-political context.
How to Apply

Qualified and Interested candidates must apply through the following link;


  • Employer: Oxfam
  • Category: Development/Non-Profit
  • Location: Sana'a
  • Posted on: 13 March 2019
  • Deadline: 25 March 2019