Ended Sales Administrator/Coordinator

The Job

URGENTLY REQUIRED TO WORK IN RIYADH - SAUDI ARABIA : Sales Administrator / Coordinator   for a trading firm in the field of Pipes, Fittings, Valves , and associated products with Bachelors Degree in Engineering , Computer or else and good command of English language , both written and Communication. Able to work with minimum of supervision. Minimum 5 Years experience as  Sales Administrator / Coordinator  in trading firm.


  1. Prepare quotation based on price list / suppliers quotation.
  2.  contacting and obtain prices for items not in price list and making necessary enquiries to our suppliers for items not available with us and make comparison sheets of prices.
  3. Invoicing, receiving and registering the order in our data base.
  4. Coordinating with customers requesting for payment.
  5. Mantaining customers and suppliers database.
  6. Study all tenders and making necessary enquires to suppliers and comparision of prices.
  7. Involved in tender documents analysis from tender documents purchase to final stages of tender submittal including:
  1. Studing tender specification and boq and finding out misconceptions committed and contacting the tender authority for clarification.
  2. Contacting local manufacturers and suppliers, sending them the specifications, requesting quotations, regularly following with them for rock bottom and competitive prices.
  3. Differentiating / sifting proposal and quotes, comparing the specifications provided by the suppliers with that of the gov. / const. Specifications and selecting the best quotes, forwarding for the approval.
  4. Arranging and finalizing the tender documents providing required support for data filling up, getting ready of required legal and financial papers and finalizing the bid package.
  5. Upon bid awarding, coordinating with the suppliers and manufacturers regarding materials availability, arranging the payment through wire transfer, cheques, cash or letter of credit.
  6. Checking with transporting agents for best transportation prices, comparing different quotes and finalizing with best agent for fastest consignment movement and delivery.
  7. Contacting local clearing agents arranging for them required documents or clearance purpose, following with them regularly in order to avoid the demurrages and unnecessary delay.
  8. After materials submitted to the customer, coordinate in regards to payment and cheque collection.
  9. Making contribution sheet to visualize our profit for the concerned tenders after deducting all expenses made for that.
  10. Preparation of export documents like certificates of origin, re-exporting certificates, backing list and dispatch notes.
  1. Initiating letters of credit terms, negotiating and submitting requisites in accordance with the lc terms and conditions.
  2. Keeping record summary for quotations, purchase orders, invoices, dispatch notes, packing lists, outgoing letters, payment and receipt vouchers.
  3. Doing all promotion communication (tele & e-marketing) needs for prospective customers.
  4. Act temporarily on behalf of sales coordinator / estimator and secretary while having their vacation or absence.
  5. Response to all customer telephone enquiries with regard to prices or any other clarifications required.
  6. Follow-up pending quotations jointly with salesmen and with the coordination with the executive manager.
  7. Prepare purchase order and distribute copies to relevant files after sending them to suppliers.
  8. Analysis and follow-up pending customers orders and suppliers purchase orders balances control.
  9. Maintain & updating sales and order reports on weekly and monthly basis.
  10. Maintain enquiries / quotations and orders logs.
  11. Help in quotation making with sales estimator / coordinator.
  12. Maintain lost sales list/report.
  13. Follow-up and maintain pending matters file with customers and suppliers.
  14. Assist in forecasting.
  15. Prepare contribution sheet for customers and suppliers  purchase orders.
  16. Attending to counter sales.
  17. Collection of data from customers/suppliers and updating the lists.
  18. Mass mailing of letters/circulars/ sending and receiving e-mails
  19. Preparation of proforma invoices, contribution sheets for local & overseas customers.
  20. Preparation of local and overseas purchase orders and special instructions to suppliers.
  21. Monitoring all lc matters such as preparation of lc terms, amendment requests etc. And lc invoices and other documents if necessary.
  22. Correspondence with local & overseas suppliers and customers and follow-up for ensuring their response.
  23. Preparation of trailors loading information if necessary.
  24. Perform other duties as assigned by the executive manager.
How to Apply