Ended Consultant, OB/GYNECOLOGY

The Job

Reporting to: Manager Of Health Facility             

Liaises with: Consultants of different Specialties, Dept. Heads      

Supervising: All medical, para-medical and support services staff assigned other than the Senior and Chief Consultants

Location :YRCS Hajja governorate branch                           

Job description defined as:   new

1.0. JOB SUMMARY:    Provides consultation and administer treatments and procedures using full range of agents, methods, and techniques for effective results.  Maintains high-level and professional performance according to YRCS standards.  Assists the manager of health facility by assuming responsibilities in his/her absence or as designated.  Receives professional and administrative direction from the manager of health facility to ensure adherence to existing health facility and Department policies.  Works independently without professional supervision.

2.0. PRINCIPAL CONTACTS:   Daily contact with nursing staff, physician, operating room personnel, patients, families in carrying out duties.


  1. Provides consultations, examinations, treatments including procedures with full range of agents, methods, and techniques, observing quality and safety standards.
  2. Provides technical advice and guidance to colleagues and nursing staff as part of orientation or training in new techniques and procedures.
  3. Conducts rounds to inpatients under care to assess patient’s condition and treatment progress; develop treatment care plans; order treatment regimens; establish rapport with the patient and relatives; and answer patient’s queries.
  4. Sees patients pre-operatively to evaluate patient’s condition and suitability prior to any procedures.
  5. Examines the patient post-operatively to assess complications, order further treatment or referral to other specialty as indicated.
  6. Participates in the Q.P.S. programs in collaboration with manager of health facility. Must be active member of health facility -wide committees like Code Blue Committee in a position designated or elected by committee members.
  7. Provides continuing education, training, and demonstration by sharing new procedures and techniques to colleagues, nurses, and technicians assigned within the department
  8. Attends to work and on-call schedules on time and performs duties completely before ending the shift.
    1. Endorses to the next shift any uncompleted task to be continued and/or completed.
    2. Responses to emergencies in the health facility without delay during on-call duty.
  9. Attends to scheduled or unscheduled meetings to discuss and resolve problems.
  10. Assists the manager of health facility as required like assuming administrative responsibility in the absence of the manager of health facility or looking after his patients as requested.
  11. Performs other duties necessary to effect efficient services in the department without hesitation.


  1. Education: 
  2. 1.  Essential: 
    1. MBBS or MBBCH (or its equivalent from country of origin) plus one (1) year Internship
    2. Msc followed by M.D. or board or equivalent in the specialty.
  3. In case of sub-specialty, the candidate should have an appropriate training in this sub-specialty at least one (1) year in a reputable health institution.


  1. Minimum three (3) years experience as Consultant after qualification

With broad knowledge of his/her area of specialty and hospital or healthcare administration including policies, procedures, and standard medical practices applicable to area of specialization.  Thorough knowledge of medical and professional ethics.  Demonstrated knowledge of theoretical, clinical and technical aspects in both ambulatory and hospital setting.  Ability to solve problems of patients and personnel of varied nationalities under supervision.

  1. Equipment Operated: Diagnostic and medical equipment related to specialty.
  2. Licensure:  Registered Medical Doctor under Consultant Category
  3. Languages:  Proficiency both in English and Arabic is preferred.
  4. Personal Requirement:   Possess integrity, initiative, and evidence of good health and grooming, good moral character and right conduct, strong and pleasing personality.
  5. Job Requirement:  Participates actively in organization-wide   activities without hesitance or personal reservation.   Can adapt to unusual job-related circumstances.  Works effectively under stressful condition.  Willing to work extended hours to attend to emergency cases.  Willing to relocate in other YRCS health facility in order to fill in gap, if needed.
  6. Travel:  Willing and fit to travel for business and medical  purposes

4.10.  Job experience (years)



11 and above





4.11.  Salary Range (Y.R.)




How to Apply

Interested candidates should send their Cover Letter & CVs in English to both email


“Please mention the Position and Duty Station on your email Subject”

  • Employer: YRCS
  • Category: Consultant
  • Location: Hajjah
  • Posted on: 11 April 2019
  • Deadline: 16 April 2019