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Posted on 23 Nov, 2021
Closing on 04 Dec, 2021

Job Description

Case Management Agent

Program Background:
The Unconditional Cash Transfer Program (UCTP) is a recently established programme in the Social Fund for Development under the supervision of the Executive Director of the Social Fund for Development (SFD), which currently aims to receive and implement the tasks of the UNICEF Emergency Cash Transfer Programme to the Social Welfare Fund's (SWF) list of beneficiaries. UCTP works closely with UNICEF, SWF and other service providers to ensure the smooth transition of the programme from UNICEF to the Social Fund for Development during the period (June 2021-March 2022). The Case Management Agent will work closely with the GRM to achieve the objectives of the program by implementing the tasks and responsibilities assigned to it at all stages of the the programme implementation.

JOB TITLE: Case Management Agent
DURATION: until end of March 2022 - Extendable subject to availability of the fund.
TYPE of Contract: Temporary / Fixed.
OPENING DATE: 23rd of November, 2021
CLOSING DATE: 4th of December, 2021
REPORTS TO: Case Management Supervisor.

Scope of work | Depending on the specificities and requirements of the programme, the Case Management Agent will be required to perform the activities detailed below:

1.    Call back beneficiaries to provide information, clarifications, or obtain additional information which may be required to redress their grievances;
2.    Analyze all grievance and beneficiary data available in the MIS to identify the protocol to be implemented;
3.    Apply the concerned protocol. This may include:
a.    Seek approval from the Case Management Supervisors on the protocol to be applied for each case, and regularly brief them on progress and challenges seeking their advice as needed; 
b.    Contacting the beneficiary within 48 hours after the case has been assigned to them and ensure that the beneficiary is kept up to date on any progress or challenges related to his/her case;
c.    For assigned cases that require an intervention from field-based Case Management Assistants, Case Management Agents will (1) liaise with the Case Management Assistant deployed in the designated area to provide him/her with the necessary information on the case and the protocol to be applied, (2) send him/her a request for field intervention through the case management tool and (3) maintain continual follow-up and updates through the case management tool until the case is closed.
d.    Analyzing all the information shared by the beneficiary and/or collected by the Case Management Assistant; advise the Case Management Supervisor on the outcome of the case accordingly.
e.    Generate the case management code which will be communicated to the Case Management Assistant for filing the Case Management Form.
4.    Assist the Case Management Supervisor to prepare the field work plan for Case Management Assistants considering the workload, distances between villages, etc;
5.    Supervise the work of the Case Management Assistants, providing them with direct guidance so they can perform their tasks on an accurate manner;
6.    Validate the entitlements of Case Management Assistants against number and type of field cases handled;
7.    Review the beneficiary documentation to ensure its accuracy, authenticity and completeness;
8.    Ensure that all relevant data concerning the case is correctly entered in the MIS, Issues Log or other case management tool;
9.    Assist beneficiaries in filing grievances as required, ensuring that all beneficiary information is correctly entered in the MIS;
10.    Support PMU monitoring activities by conducting follow-up calls with beneficiaries to obtain their feedback on the support received;
11.    Any other task as assigned by their supervisor.


●    Bachelor Degree in business administration, social science, economics, or other discipline relevant to grievance collection and redressal area;
●    Experience in working on similar tasks and duties.
●    Commitment to and understanding of SFD’s aims, values and principles.
Key Competencies 
●    Fluency in Arabic and basic command in English (required). Familiarity with dialects spoken in Yemen is an asset. 
●    Excellent reporting skills.
●    Empathy and excellent communication skills.
●    Attention to detail and organizational skills.
●    Good knowledge and experience in Microsoft office tools.
●    Respect for diversity and different ethnicities and backgrounds. 
●    Patience and ability to handle work pressure.
●    Enthusiasm and ability to learn.


Follow SFD Professional Ethics.

How to Apply

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